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  1. johnnie.black Thanks again for all you help.I get a warm fuzzy feeling with a reiserfs repair. I can't say that about my xfs repair experience.
  2. johnnie.black attachment Don't what to make of the last section in the log,but it looks good after the repair. disk5_riserfs_repair1.txt
  3. johnnie.black This disk seems OK,Continuing with disk5 disk4.txt
  4. johnnie.black attached disk 5 check I am assuming a --fix-fixable switch is in order for this disk? disk5.txt
  5. johnnie.black Stop array first.Do reiserfsck --check on the CLI? Wasn't aware of for reiserfsck.
  6. johnnie.black,trurl Attached are the results of the procedure which I assume has now corrected the disk issues.Zero parity errors reported. Thank you
  7. johnnie.black Current state attached - after powering on. Ran a SMART short self-test: no issues Do I proceed as instructed? Thanks
  8. Thank you johnnie.black.replacing sata cables and will continue with procedure.
  9. trurl Shutdown down the server to replace data and power on parity one Attached main and array operation pics
  10. johnnie.black I have attached the diagnostics. Thanks towering-diagnostics-20050118-1715.zip
  11. bjp999 Which stage in the process were you referring to? How would the disks be read offline? Would that come as a new feature or request to LT or in the current unassigned devices tab?
  12. johnnie.black I did as prescribed and I have my data back.On my first array start I noticed all drives were marked green. In emulated mode I could see disk 4,5 disk data. johnnie.black is your option supposed to be checked only for the first stop and start of the array? I have attached a pic of the current state.Is it normal to have so many parity errors now?
  13. johnnie.black did that but did not assign any drives thank you.I will confirm results
  14. trurl I had a 2 port Vantec SATA card running the affected disks(2TB)
  15. Yes bjp999 .The disks are still in their original positions. Yes I selected a used instead of removed array disk on the Adaptec card. Yes. Could a rebuild be possible of these "incorrectly configured Adaptec migrated" disks?(only 2)