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  1. I've just found the solution...
  2. Hi team I've the same issue a disk has been marked as failed due to bad conexion on an splitter power cable. The splitter has been replaced, and the smart looks fine. But that disk is still in emulated state. The link provided by @JorgeB to the troubleshotting wiki does not work as the Re-enable_the_drive section does not exists in the page. Where can we find that procedure? Thanks and regards
  3. Hi mate Can't find it would you mind to share a link Thank you
  4. Thanks mate, got the message. But I'm still having issues with Windows 10 PRO Creators Update 1703 (10.0.15063). I0ve the issues both with 6.3.5 and 6.4.0-RC6 I'm unable to authenticate in the Unraid box via Samba. The option sugested to disable SMB 3.x and SMB 2.x it's not posible to prevent ramsoware atacks that usually spread via SMB 1.0 Thanks
  5. Hi RobJ Since the change of the forums, all the links in old format doesn't work. Would you mind update the links? Thank you.
  6. Hi mates. I'm having a temperature issue with my HP Microserver G7 box. After diging a bit trying to acces the sensors I0ve found that there is a bug in the currently implemented SMBUS / I2C driver, that avoids the correct access to the chip (Nuvotem/Winbond W83795ADG). The pacth that solves the issue was now merged into the kernel 4.5 branch, but a developer has provided a driver that can be build in other versions of the kernel. Here you have a bit more information about the issue Please can be this driver be build as a module in the kernel? Can any body provide that modules for unraid 6.2.4 or a guide how to build modules for unraid? Thanks in advance, and regards. Pd: edited as now I've migrated from unraid 6.1.9 to 6.2.4
  7. Hi mate To enable your board in JBOD you need to flash it to IT mode. Your HBA, LSI 9266-4i is based on a SAS2208 chip as you can check in this Server@home post. So you can flash it to IT mode following the procedure for SAS2208 chips in this link
  8. Hi neilt0, Please would you mind to explain where you have added the seventh drive inside the case? Thank you.
  9. Hi mates, And what about vyatta ( )? I've several vm running vyatta to simulate a complex enterprise architecture in our lab.
  10. Hi mates The new G8 microsever processor can be upgraded to a better one. At the end ot that post you have a list of the processor working or supposed to work with it. My new G8 will arrive at early september, so I will write a review for unraid forums. After googling a bit for pictures the CPU heatstink looks farely tall, so probably it should be possible to attach a slim cpu cooler like the Noctua NH-L9i with only 37mm wich can alllow up to 65W TDP Other option could be this cablematic VU81 cpu cooler with only 15mm tall, remmenber that coolers for LGA-1156 and LGA-1155 are full compatible between them. I Known that there are only one Fan take in the motherboard, but you can split the cable and connect a second one whitout connecting the pwn wire.
  11. I will check it, and if I write and start and stop script i'll share it in The forum.
  12. Hi mates. I use my unraid box apart from the usual NAS usage as a linux jump box to my seedbox. I've intalled ssh, and have a pair of distributed keys so not need to type secure passwords each time I make SCP / RSYNC / ... from and to my seedbox. But every time I need to reboot, or when the power comes dowm I loose all the /root/.ssh content and a few scripts I've have in the root's home directory. There are any way to preserve all the content inside /root directory or there are any prebuilt script that makes it? Thanks
  13. I've made my self a bracket for a IBM BR10i with a piece of alumium from an old computer case.