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  1. rsync: [receiver] failed to set times on "/mnt/disks/External_USB/Public/.alarm.xlsx.HqszfT": Operation not permitted (1) after exiting back to root, it works. you should also know that because the date/time can not be set it forces a recopy of the files until the date/time is set.
  2. it dose works from the luckybackup console and UNRAID root console.
  3. The times are not being set. so I guess errors, I am not in front of it right now. I tried your from earlier in the thread. is there something more like changing the UUID, GUID on the container?
  4. Yes, I have done this. I should also mention the the USB drive is through unassigned devices. currently mounted to docker as RW slave(I have tried the others RW, RW Shared).
  5. Hi, I am running luckybackup to backup files to an external USB drive. everything works but I keep getting errors that it cannot set the time on the files. I am using NTFS and I have tried exfat. I have used the rsync command created by luckybackup directly on the host and it works. any ideas on the time setting problem?