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  1. I can also confirm this is now working correctly! My unraid is still 6.9.1 but running the "plexpass" version or Plex.
  2. If you have an issue HDR to SDR tonemapping then downgrade plex to version There's a bug in plex, they are currently working on fixing it but until then downgrade is best solution.
  3. Run this in unraid terminal to create the empty file: touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf Then edit your go file and remove the last 2 lines. Then downgrade plex to version
  4. The bottom of page 11, post by craigr has the modifications you need to do for 6.9.1 and later. For some reason the official link is dead but he quoted it. Then you need to downgrade to Plex
  5. Yes I have lifetime plex pass. i3-10100 , from intel's documentation supports codecs even up to h265 10bit.
  6. Eureka! First, I am sorry for so many posts. So I disabled "Enable HDR tone mapping" and tada, every 4K video now uses hw perfectly. Newbie, can you test and report back? So either unraid or plex broke the HDR tone mapping, how can I figure out which to report it? Edit: This seems to be the exact issue reported to Plex if anyone else is interested:
  7. Of course just as I posted that I have somewhat of a positive result.... I tried playing a different "test 4K video", this time avatar instead of finding dory and... ITS WORKING? But not on other 4K files? Finding dory still doesn't work, how/why would it work on some files and not others? Check out the screenshots. Both movies are MKV containers.
  8. I did some more diagnostics... 1. Upgrade back to 6.9.1 No change 2. Mobo BIOS video was set to "AUTO", changed to "iGPU". No change 3. Connected physical monitor and keyboard (in case mobo needs to see HDMI? Worked fine before) No change 4. I read how I should be using linuxserver plex container, so I installed that container, copied my plex data over, gave it container device: "/dev/dri". No change 5. Quadruple checked all other settings: go file is clear, i915.conf file exists. ls in /dev/dri correctly reports "card0 renderD128". Plex set
  9. I installed the "intel-gpu-tools" docker app and ran it to see if I could spot any activity. I noticed that when I started a stream that should be a HW transcode, the first second or two showed light activity, then immediately back to 0%.
  10. So I tried that, rebooted, confirmed it "stuck" but no change. I wonder if something in PMS has become corrupt? Here's my go file: GNU nano 5.3 /boot/config/go #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & chmod -R 777 /dev/dri
  11. Little update. I downgraded unraid from 6.9.1 back to 6.9.0 RC2, then added everything back to my go file, deleted the i915.conf file, rebooted, and it still isn't working🤦‍♂️ Maybe latest version of PMS is causing this?
  12. Hey guys. With this thread I've had hw transcode working great on my intel i3 10100. Recently I stupidly upgraded unraid from 6.9.0 to 6.9.1 (those upgrade banners will get ya) and noticed HW transcode stopped working. I came back to this thread and thanks to @craigr and @simonf for pointing out the fix. So I removed the 2 lines from my go file: modprobe i915 gpu chmod -R 777 /dev/dri ran the touch command: touch \flash\config\modprobe.d\i915.conf And rebooted my server. Unfortunately it still isn't working. So I shutdown the server and check