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  1. Looks like I resolved my own issue by cloning the Nginx 443 block to the 80 block. I did not expose port 80 to the internet but now it allows me to make insecure HTTP calls internally between my docker containers.
  2. Hello, I have LSIO Nextcloud Container installed on my Unraid 6.9.2. I want my PhotoPrism Docker containers to be able to make INTERNAL HTTP calls across my local Docker network to the Nextcloud container's WebDav endpoint. Currently the NextCloud and PhotoPrism docker containers can see/ping/curl each other internally, but all requests to unsecure http://<nextcloud_docker_container>/remote.php/dav/files/user/ is getting redirected to secure https://<nextcloud_docker_container>/remote.php/dav/files/user/ by Nextcloud Nginx config I think. How do I allow LSIO Nextcloud container to receive unsecure HTTP requests from other internal docker containers?
  3. Success! That worked! You sir, are a genius. FYI my folder path was a bit different. I ran the below command and then installed UD again. rm /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/*.tgz
  4. Attached. Thanks very much for help @dlandon!
  5. Tried that already. No dice. I've kinda tried all the obvious things. I can confirm the `Legacy.php` file the template is looking for is straight up missing. Not sure how this happened and not sure how to get it back. - Attempted rebooting Unraid multiple times - Attempted reinstalling Unassigned Devices I'll be attempting to boot into safe mode later today to see what happens. Would appreciate anyone's guidance on where to look.
  6. Unassigned Devices UI can no longer load. See the screenshot to observe the php include error I'm seeing? And ideas how to resolve?
  7. Small update to my current status. The Unassigned Devices feature is in the UI, but I can't figure out how to mount/un-mount disks. If I installed the Unassigned Devices plugin again, I'm back to my original issue (see screenshot). I'm going to try backing up and replacing network.cfg now.
  8. Thanks @Frank1940, that's helpful. Whats odd is that I solved my issue and got the Unassigned Devices UI back online by doing the following: 1) Uninstalled both "Unassigned Devices" & "Unassigned Devices Plus (Addon)" plug-ins. 2) Reboot Server 3) UI works correctly now. How is the Unassigned Devices feature still present in my Unraid if I uninstalled the plugin? Should I only install the "Unassigned Devices Plus (Addon)" now?
  9. Would you mind elaborating on your solution @Mat1987? Where are the network.cfg files? How did you get the "fresh files"? Thanks..This exact issue has happened to me as of 48 hours ago.
  10. 10-4. Short & sweet answer. Thanks for the guidance! Cheers.
  11. Hey all. I need your guidance on how to prepare for two possible real world scenarios. Scenario 1: I'm in another country. My Unraid Server has seized up for some reason, and I can't ssh into the server or access the web gui. What do I do? Please note: I do have a SuperMicro Server w/ IPMI, but I've read everywhere not to expose that to the internet. So.... how do I reboot my server? Scenario 2: I'm in another country at an internet café and I don't have my phone/laptop with Wireguard VPN access and my web gui isn't accessible remotely. My server has a dynamic IP and I want to quickly SSH into my server. Is it really a terrible idea to setup ssh via port forwarding so I can access my server via: ssh -p <unique_ssh_port>
  12. I can't explain why this fixed it (and honestly it concerns me that it did) but here's what I did: 1) Stop the OnlyOfficeDocumentServer container 2) Delete all the folders in `/appData/openofficeds` *EXCEPT* `/Data/certs` 3) Start the OnlyOfficeDocumentServer container and let it rebuild everything 4) Go back into Nextcloud --> Settings--> ONLYOFFICE and add `https://<ds_subdomain>.<your_domain>.com/` 5) Click "Save". Profit! Now.. why was this necessary??