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  1. Alright, seems strange that it does show the possibility to use hardware encoding but does end up with the CPU. GTX 1080 Plex is running as well but it is not trans coding. I tried also with Plex container off. One thing I was missing was the hardware acceleration on the NDI source but even with this option enabled only the CPU is used.
  2. Perhaps I miss something but it seems that the recording does not really uses the GPU? I have everything set - same as for Plex for the Docker run statements. But the GPU is barely in use. The settings are just an example. I have tried a lot of different settings. The output from my main computer is 1080p 60FPS. On the Docker I reach only max 40FPS recording.
  3. I am currently fighting with the situation that I have multiple docker containers which I would like to open with simple hostnames. The current setup is: I have a local domain, for simplicity purpose I will call it LOCALDOMAIN Unraid is reachable via unraid.LOCALDOMAIN from my internal network pfSense is running on dedicated hardware, DHCP & DNS services are used Docker container is started with the extra parameter --hostname dockername.unraid.LOCALDOMAIN Container webGUI is reachable via TCP port 80 Container is set to have a fixed IP address on my local network pfSense is configured to link the docker FQDN to the container's fixed IP address When I lookup the FQDN I also get back the correct IP address. However, when I try to access the FQDN I am simply redirected to my unraid webGUI (sure it also runs on TCP port 80). As long as I directly open the IP address everything is fine. I would like to get the solution working that rather opening my unraid FQDN + specific ports, I will be able to open my Docker containers via dedicated FQDNs. I am pretty sure that I am overseeing some basic routing/network fact that actually prevents what I want but as said, I am for sure just blind to it.
  4. For some reason the linkace image is not running properly. I get it up and running to the point where it tries to connect to the included DB but cannot reach it.
  5. Awesome project! Perhaps I am a bit blind but how do I add additional users? I do not have the "+ Add" option here.