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  1. Hey everybody, yesterday I added two drives to my array and when I chose to use 'xfs - encrypted', unRAID didnt ask for a password... So I am wondering now, what the password has been set to. Can anybody clarify?
  2. Ok, so after removing the .bak file, it worked ty very much
  3. Hmm.. I did that.. but I try again tomorrow. Thx so far for your time!
  4. is it the 'serverconfig.txt'? Don't see config.cfg Tried to change it there with no luck...
  5. Sadly it didn't work 😪 Still same Error msg. after Container restart 'Only Non-Journey characters may enter a Non-Journey server.' I guess it won't work then - right?
  6. Ok nice, will give it a try ty bud
  7. Sorry, 'version' is the wrong wording here - it's a mode
  8. Hi, is there a way to play the Journey-version of Terraria on the Docker container? Is says it wasn't possible to play Journey on a non-Journey server
  9. Ok, cool. So if I was to enable the communication to my router only, it would be what I need, I guess... Thanks for your reply
  10. Hey guys, I am a new unRAID user and somehow can't seem to find a solution for my problem. I want to setup a VM dedicated to running a VITE (crypto currency) full-node. Therefor it needs to be quite exposed and i am afraid of intruders So here's the plan, I was trying to find a realisation for but unfortunately could not: - I have 3 NICs (1 onboard + dual NIC PCIe card) - I like to dedicate 1 NIC to the (ubuntu server) VM - I like to configure the VM so that it can access WAN but not LAN Is there a possibility for my wishes to become reality or is it too much of config and care? Thanks in advance 😘
  11. Hi, sorry for grave robbing on this one, but did you have success with your link to the container? If yes, could you provide your solution? Greets