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  1. thx mate, and sry for my disability to read
  2. I get an error when installing: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='todoMini' --net='bridge' -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -p '8047:80/tcp' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/minitodo/stardust.png':'/var/www/public/img/stardust.png':'ro' 'brettdocker/minitodo' 0a9527db26321aeaf7bf3fb2a2558ba59291d3b12e6ae6915bf4cb44849658c5 docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:367: starting container process caused: process_linux.go:495: container init caused: rootfs_linux.go:60: mounting "/mnt/user/appdata/minitodo/stardust.png" to rootfs at "/var/lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes/abfff6b0417d497b5697b1ac8cb858e97b494eca230dfda9c6f8b9b18b934232/var/www/public/img/stardust.png" caused: not a directory: unknown: Are you trying to mount a directory onto a file (or vice-versa)? Check if the specified host path exists and is the expected type. The command failed. Maybe the stardust.png should be removed by default from this field
  3. Yes it sounds pretty much like my problems here... But I also have very little time to mess with it so I mostly use this machine while doing something else and just click from time to time I'll let you know when I find out someting.
  4. Ok - thank you for making me a little smarter and the honor of taking care of my problems much appreciated! I will then take care of the other ones involved - maybe i'll spot the villain sometime ^^
  5. Yes, sorry for my bad expressions 🙈 correct that's what i thought, too, but for example: If i go to speedtest dot net, the page builds up veeeery slowly but then, once the test is started, it is running at full speed. Is what i did even meaningful? Because i only entered a proxy for http/https thanks and sorry in advance 😅
  6. yes, you're right. I forgot to mention, that i also set set deluge up as proxy in the browser's settings... tested with both, chrome and firefox. BUT: If I set Firefox to 'Use System Proxy Settings', vpn is active, Firefox is slow and it show the foreign ip when checked online If I set Firefox to 'No Proxy', vpn is inactive and Firefox is fast If I set Firefox to 'Manual Proxy Config', it's the same as 'Use System Proxy Settings'... So there must be some sort of proxy on OS level here, right?
  7. Hey yall, i have some weird speed problems with the Proxy functionality of delugevpn... The problem is, that within my browser, everything is ultra slow, but as soon as i start a download, the speed is maxed out (speedtest maxed out aswell). Config is: Delugevpn with openVPN settings and Proxy enabled ( is the provider here. I tested with different countries) Ubuntu VM with Proxy set up in system settings, so that every application uses the VPN Has anybody an idea how this can be fixed? Also, it worked well at the beginning and then switched to this mystic behavior without any changes made to the system. Thx in advance!
  8. Hey everybody, yesterday I added two drives to my array and when I chose to use 'xfs - encrypted', unRAID didnt ask for a password... So I am wondering now, what the password has been set to. Can anybody clarify?
  9. Ok, so after removing the .bak file, it worked ty very much
  10. Hmm.. I did that.. but I try again tomorrow. Thx so far for your time!
  11. is it the 'serverconfig.txt'? Don't see config.cfg Tried to change it there with no luck...
  12. Sadly it didn't work 😪 Still same Error msg. after Container restart 'Only Non-Journey characters may enter a Non-Journey server.' I guess it won't work then - right?
  13. Sorry, 'version' is the wrong wording here - it's a mode
  14. Hi, is there a way to play the Journey-version of Terraria on the Docker container? Is says it wasn't possible to play Journey on a non-Journey server
  15. Ok, cool. So if I was to enable the communication to my router only, it would be what I need, I guess... Thanks for your reply
  16. Hey guys, I am a new unRAID user and somehow can't seem to find a solution for my problem. I want to setup a VM dedicated to running a VITE (crypto currency) full-node. Therefor it needs to be quite exposed and i am afraid of intruders So here's the plan, I was trying to find a realisation for but unfortunately could not: - I have 3 NICs (1 onboard + dual NIC PCIe card) - I like to dedicate 1 NIC to the (ubuntu server) VM - I like to configure the VM so that it can access WAN but not LAN Is there a possibility for my wishes to become reality or is it too much of config and care? Thanks in advance 😘
  17. Hi, sorry for grave robbing on this one, but did you have success with your link to the container? If yes, could you provide your solution? Greets