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  1. Cheers, will update our article links. I did Google for this before asking, and searched the site but didn't find any results. Thanks for the assist!
  2. We just finished producing a video on picking parts for a NAS using Unraid, but now the Unraid blog post we're linking to is returning a 404. Ha ha, it's Joey. Here's the link: So far, really liking Unraid, though had a few hiccups getting it running, even though we made our Unraid USB with the creation tool, we still had to make the USB bootable in Win10- this cost a few hours of troubleshooting. Also, the Define R5's stock case fans are WOEFULLY inadequate for a 8 HDD array behind a closed front panel, wow. Hope you can get this guide back up soon, thanks! -Rick, Techspin Review
  3. Any instructions/documentation to make things easier for the end user is always better, especially if that can be -inside- the software itself. We're covering unRaid for a NAS-building episode, and how to back up an array is actually pretty daunting even with the Rsync setup- how about an easy backup to local array button? I'm no good with Linux at all, so simplifying backups/making local backups easy would be great for the end user. Personally, we'll use some Win10 sync software over the network with a GUI, it won't operate at on-server speeds but it's a cinch to use. Hopefully the unRaid team can look at this, and this functionality can be improved going forward! -Rick