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  1. I see how I was misunderstanding the file paths. Thanks for the explanations. 👍 @Squid, you were right, this was the problem that prevented the mover from moving these files off my cache. I changed the share to split at any directory, and the mover's now moving these files over. Thank you!
  2. The shares have always been set to cache:yes, but the mover isn't moving them. Making up an example, I have the following: On my cache drive, /storage/cache/media/tv/seinfeld/season01/seinfeld.s01e04.mp4, taking up 802mb On my share, /media/tv/seinfeld/season01/seinfeld.s01e04.mp4, also taking up 802mb Deleting either seinfeld.s01e04.mp4 file deletes the other, freeing up 802mb on the share, and 802mb on the cache. This is what made me reason they were hardlinked. Looking for a way to delete the cache versions. I've attached my diagnostics log to this post. city6-diagnostics-20211209-1542.zip
  3. [EDIT: I totally misunderstood the problem: mover wasn't moving because of Split Level. Resolution at or near the end.] My cache has filled up with files that also exist on a share (same paths). But they're hardlinked, it seems, and deleting the files on cache deletes the same file on the share. Is there a way to manually remove the cache items without affecting the share items?