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  1. Having a very strange issue. Currently I have it running fine for the most part. I can access the app via the local IP and port ( and it loads fine. I CANNOT access it via the domain set up in NPM (invoice.example.com) on a machine that is on the same network as the server hosting it. I CAN access it via the domain on a machine that is not on the same network, so if I VPN or remote into my home machine, the domain works fine. Any idea as to why that might be?
  2. Okay, back again with a new issue. I have the domain working correctly but none of the buttons on the organization page work through the domain. They work fine if I access it through the local IP. For example, when I visit remote.example.com and go to Organization and type in "Test" to the add new device group, then click add - nothing happens. Same with reset password, delete group etc. None of those buttons work now. Do you happen to have any config under advanced on NPM?
  3. I'm having the same issue as Joz. Any update or info regarding this?
  4. I'm not at work so I don't have access to that unRAID instance, but currently I'm getting a CloudFlare 502 or NPM bad gateway. NPM settings: http, (unraid IP) port 5000 Websocket support enabled, Block Common Exploits enabled, and everything on the SSL tab enabled. I should've included all this in my response initially but I was frustrated from toying with it for a long while. When I get back to work on Monday I will updated with any further relevant logs and information. Edit: I appreciate your willingness to help. When I got to work today, it just worked fine. I didn't change anything and it didn't work on Friday. No idea. Thank you though, very much appreciated for your time.
  5. For the life of me, I cannot get this running behind Nginx Proxy Manager. Does anybody happen to have a working setup behind NPM that they would be willing to share?