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  1. I just get "Whoops, looks like something went wrong."
  2. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for me. In case anyone's interested, I found a different free invoice software that can be used in a Docker container. It's called Crater. There isn't a pre-made image for it on DockerHub, though, so, despite messing with it for an hour or two, I have no idea how to install it... They provide instructions but I'm nervous about following them instead of using the UnRaid UI.
  3. Very cool! Now, if only we could have auto checkout. 🤩
  4. Unfortunately, the issue has resurfaced. It is certainly connected to the temperature of the controller. Moving the SSD away from the graphics cards and installing a heat sink did help, but ultimately did not eliminate the problem. Certain activities can cause the temperature of the controller to spike suddenly, and when it does, it's lights out. To anyone who reads this in the future, do not buy a Crucial P1 NVME SSD for UnRaid, or for a gaming PC for that matter. It cannot tolerate even moderate heat.
  5. For posterity, I'd like to report that I solved the problem. Using the smartctl / nvme, I discovered that even though the disk's main temperature was within the acceptable range, one of the disk's secondary temperature sensors (labeled Temperature Sensor 5) was reading 60-64c at idle and 70c or higher under load. This is most likely the temperature of the controller. Apparently, most nvme controllers begin throttling at 70c, so the I/O errors make sense. I moved the disk from the M.2 slot to a PCI-e adapter and installed a metal heatsink. The controller now runs 20 degr
  6. Thanks Updating the firmware seemed promising at first, but ultimately made no difference. Since it's clear to me now that this is an issue with the disk itself, I'm going to make a new thread in hardware to get some more opinions.
  7. Did you ever discover what was wrong? I'm having the same issue as we speak.
  8. Nope, it's still happening. Seems to be that whenever it seems stable with a VM running, all I need to do is start a few docker containers and that will cause it to fail. Basically, heavier I/O causes it.
  9. Thanks, I've done so. Seems to be working normally now. I'll report back if I have more issues.
  10. Not to revive an old thread, but is there no option to have a share operate strictly from the cache, but be backed up on the array? In case of cache drive failure, having the system, appdata, domains shares backed up on the array would be convenient. This needs to be done manually?
  11. I've suddenly started having problems whenever I try to launch a VM. My server was rock solid for well over a year until now. When I launch a VM, shortly after the guest OS boots, the web UI shows 6 or 7 CPU threads (random ones, not necessarily the ones pinned to the VM) spiking and staying at redline. Seconds later, the web UI becomes unresponsive, the entire system locks up, and you've got no choice but to power-cycle. I've attached my diagnostic file and a couple of persistent log files that may be helpful. I have noticed these worrying messages: May 26 1
  12. Hey guys, Currently running a Ryzen 1600x (full system specs in my signature). Thinking about an upgrade to a 3900x and 64GB memory. Yet, I'm cautious because my current setup is so freaking stable. Mainly, I'm concerned about updating my motherboard's firmware. Before my board was on AGESA F10, there were issues. Since F10, no problems whatsoever. Stepping up to Ryzen 2 requires a much newer BIOS version, so I wonder how it will behave. Anyone experiencing problems with VMs, GPU and SSD passthrough, etc. with the latest AMD hardware and firmware?
  13. Yikes. I must be grandfathered into the original price. I've been using it since 2014.
  14. Oh, the emails aren't even a feature I use. I manually send invoices to my clients. But as I start to take on more, I can see how that would come in handy. You can count me as one person who would get use from a working docker image. Like I said, I'm paying InvoiceNinja $50 a year to use their online service. I'd love to host it on my own server instead and cross off that expense.
  15. Wow. I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, but... that's a lot of effort to get one app running. Though, couldn't an UnRaid-specific docker file be created using your findings?