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  1. 4k no problem at all. I only do 1 stream remotely with now issue!
  2. Thank you. I'll check when I get home.
  3. Ok so I finally figured it out. Any folder I created or file I uploaded with the new built-in dynamic file explorer was causing my issue. I had to delete the folders and create them from windows explorer and drop and drag the iso file over from windows and now it works.
  4. Need assistance on getting unRAID to boot after shutdown. I have to go into my ASUS bios and select my USB drive after every shutdown. It won't automatically boot from USB after shutdown I have to go into the bios and select my USB drive to get it to boot from USB. This is a pain... Any assistance I would appreciate it. Asus z690 proart motherboard Thanks
  5. I need some assistance on how to install a VM. I downloaded windows 10 iso. I created a folder called iso and place the windows 10 iso in that folder. I went to VM and hit created Windows 10 VM. I downloaded the driver's in the same folder and selected my settings. When it's ready to boot and it ask me to hit any keep to boot nothing happens. I just get what's shown in the screenshot I attached. Not sure why it won't launch windows 10 setup. Thanks
  6. So I was able to figure it out. I had to delete the folders I created in unRAID and create them from windows explorer. now I'm able to map the folders... Thanks for your assistance!
  7. Ok so this wired. I can add folders under data that was created by NZBGET, but not the folders I created in unRAID...
  8. File structure data is the main share
  9. Sorry I don't understand. There isn't anything in the TV folder if that's what your asking
  10. . Now I'm having an issue with sonarr. I made a directory Data Media Tv But when I try and add it to sonarr I get the error on the screenshot. Thanks for your assistance
  11. Change /data/usenet in the container template to the array share location you want to download to, like /mnt/user/downloads or similar, then change the NZBGet MainDir to /data
  12. I'm having issues downloading. I guess I'm not sure where NZBGET is downloading my files. My Docker container keeps filling up and I can't locate the download files. I created a share downloads/usenet Also I found that it downloaded a file to path below in the screenshot
  13. When I hit ESC I can get to the bios
  14. Yes I pressed the keys asap, but when I hit the key it goes straight to shell.
  15. Yes it works once it's in the shell.
  16. Here's my issue windows 10 VM. I downloaded windows 10 iso 64bit and setup the VM to boot windows. I get the message hit any key to boot windows, but windows won't launch for me to install. It just shows a command line. I deleted the VM and redownload the iso but I continue to have the same issue. Thanks
  17. Here's my issue. I set up Mariadb and then when trying to setup nextcloud I keeps receiving this error 504 gateway time out Picture attached. I've deleted and reinstalled with the same issues. Thanks
  18. What will that do? Thanks
  19. As the title states I'm unable to boot unRAID. I pulled my USB stick from my old build that boots with no issues, but I can't get my new server to boot. I have an Asus Z690 proart board. I know I need to disable secure boot but I can figure out how to do so. Also do I need to change any other settings in Bios? Thanks
  20. I currently have an old computer that I used to setup unraid on to test things out. I only really setup DuckDNS, Cloudflare, plex (no media) and krusader. Current drives 1 SSD 500GB and 1 4TB hard drive. I just built a new server for myself link below, that I plan and switching my unraid USB over too. My question is if I should just start from scratch since I don't have any media installed or should I just move everything over to my new server build? Thanks
  21. Finished purchasing all my parts, now its time to assembly.