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  1. Finished the rebuild and everything looks to be in order again. If it happens again I'll be switching out the cables. Thanks for the help!
  2. I shut the server down, checked the cables and started it again. The SMART data attributes look good, i think, and it says SMART overall-health:Passed. I also got a notification saying "array turned good" and it now shows 0 errors in the main tab. What do i do now? With the array started the disk is still disabled, do i have to initiate a rebuild to get the data back? Or should i start a "Check" as seen in the second image?
  3. Long story short i had some problems with my cache drive, so now my appdata folder has been copied to the array and the cache drive is formatted. I am trying to restore the appdata from the disk back on to the cache but it says "No Backup Sets Found" which i assume is because the appdata folder has been copied and not created with the plugin. What do i need to do to be able to restore it? Do i have to create a backup with the tool using the appdata folder on the disk as source?
  4. I have now copied the appdata folder (some files got errors in midnight commander so they didn't get copied over) to the array. The nvme is formatted and i restarted the system. But when i go into the restore appdata tab it says "No Backup Sets Found". Do i have to create a backup with the tool using the appdata folder on the disk as source?
  5. Running mount -o degraded,usebackuproot,ro /dev/nvme1n1p1 /x in the terminal seems to have done the trick! The nvme drive now shows about as much free space as it did before. With the array started it still says "Unmountable: not mounted" but in mc the x folder shows up and everything seems to be there. What do i do now? Is there any way to use mc to just change directory from x to mnt/user/cache or whatever it is supposed to be? Or do i have to copy everything to the array and then restore from there somehow? I really appreciate the help!
  6. With the first option i get this with the array stopped: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/nvme1n1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. What about these options? :
  7. Should i assign the nvme drive to the pool and start the array first?
  9. I have just installed a new hard drive which is currently running a preclear operation and a second samsung 970 evo plus 2tb nvme for extra nvme space. So i added the new nvme drive to my cache pool and realised it was set to raid1 when i did that. I stopped the array and removed the the new nvme drive from the cache pool and restarted the array with the new nvme drive unassigned. Then i started getting error messages about the docker.img file, stopped the array and changed the number of devices in the pool back to 1, started array again and now docker won't start. When array is running the original nvme drive now says: cache Unmountable: not mounted. I have tried clicking on mount but it doesn't seem to help when array is stopped. Assigning the drive and starting array made no difference. What should i do?
  10. Oh i see. I may have another go at 6.10 -rc2 in a few days then to give it another shot and see if the bug persists, assuming it doesn't show up on 6.9.2 as well. Could you send a link to the bug report so that i can check in if there are any developments?
  11. It seems then that i have no other option than to wait for 6.10 to be fixed? If the system stops becoming inaccessible now that i have downgraded to 6.9.2 that is
  12. It says it the directory doesn't exist. iGPU was selected as primary graphics adapter last time i was in bios and hw transcoding worked before this issue started so that shouldn't be the problem. I don't have the intel gpu top plugin installed. The i915.conf file is created. Could it be because i have an 11th gen intel cpu (11500k)? The whole reason i moved to 6.10 -rc2 was to get hardware transcoding to work.