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  1. Finally resolved this and got NordLynx container working! Here are the steps I took: - To obtain my NordVPN Token, I followed the process outlined here. - Following the above, I obtained a Token - I then opened a console in UnRAID itself and entered the following command: docker run --rm --cap-add=NET_ADMIN -e USER='[email protected]' -e PASS='myNordVPNaccountpassword' -e TOKEN='thetokenfromNordVPN' bubuntux/nordvpn:get_private_key - This resulted in the following: Waiting for daemon to start up... Welcome to NordVPN! You can now connect to VPN by using 'nordvpn connect'. Technology is already set to 'NORDLYNX'. Connecting to Canada #1653 (ca1653.nordvpn.com) You are connected to Canada #1653 (ca1653.nordvpn.com)! ############################################################ IP: Private Key: REDACTED \(^O^)/ ############################################################ - I then used the "Private Key" value within the NordLynx container's PRIVATE_KEY variable parameter. - Once the container was installed and running, I bashed into the container and entered: curl ifconfig.io which returned - I copied that value and navigated to https://whatismyip.com and entered into the search field. - Searching that IP address returned a NordVPN server based in Canada. - To test it, I changed the filters\[country_id\]=38 within the NordLynx container to a value of 74 (France) and restarted the container. - Bashing into the container's console again, I executed a curl ifconfig.io and searched the resulting IP address https://whatismyip.com which returned a site in France. Based on the above, I believe that the container is now working. - I then added two port fields to the container which are the two ports that qBittorrent uses. - Then, within the advanced view of the qBittorrent parameters, I set the following: Extra Parameters: --net=container:nordlynx Network Type: None Finally, to test the obfuscation of my IP address, I navigated to https://torguard.net/checkmytorrentipaddress.php and copied the "Download Now" link and added a new torrent to qBittorrent using the copied link. On the torguard website, the address being broadcasted was that of the NordVPN server and NOT my actual WAN IP. So, success. Finally. Amen.
  2. I'm taking another run at the setup, installation and configuration of the bubuntux/nordlynx container. If I go to apps and select the NordLynx container then enter the following parameters: - Extra Parameters: --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark=1 --sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1 - Network Type: Bridge - QUERY: filters\[country_id\]=38 - NET_LOCAL: - DNS:, - Parameter - qBittorrent-6881: 6881 - Parameter - qBittorrent-8080: 8080 - PRIVATE_KEY: <- Here's where things fall apart. I went to my account at NordVPN and generated a token however if I use this value in the PRIVATE_KEY field, the log generates a - Key is not the correct length or format: `***********************REDACTED***********************' - Configuration parsing error Then it goes on to indicate: - [2023-04-10T15:22:38-04:00] Connecting... - [2023-04-10T15:22:38-04:00] Connected! \(ᵔᵕᵔ)/ However, the next problem I encounter is when I open a console into the container and try to use the "curl ifconfig.io" command to get the IP address that the container is using. The curl ifconfig.io command returns: curl: (28) Failed to connect to ifconfig.io port 80 after 261772 ms: Couldn't connect to server I'm opened to any ideas, suggestions, guidance or input that may help. I've seem where it just seems to work for some people and others eventually get it working but I've had no luck with this whatsoever.
  3. Resolved. The issue was my own ignorance. Original post removed to reduce noise...
  4. Update: I have rebooted the server a couple of times and the situation remains the same. I also noticed that the uptime indicator in the top right hasn't updated and on the bottom left of the screen, it is telling me that the Array is started and that it is "Starting services" but that message never finishes.
  5. To possibly add to the @Zappmax post, yesterday, I started having issues with the container for Krusader. I posted about that here. I navigated to SETTINGS | Docker and stopped the service and when I did, the Docker tab disappeared (as expected). When I tried to restart it, it spun for the longest time till I navigated to the SETTINGS tab and when I did, the Docker tab was visible. When I clicked it, the screen displayed "Docker Service failed to start.". When I navigate back to Settings | Docker, the Enable Docker setting is displaying Yes but the Status is indicating Stopped. The unRAID logs aren't displaying anything to indicate that there is an issue. I'm at a loss as to how to proceed. I'm running unRAID version 6.11.1 2022-10-06 and I've attached the docker.txt log output from the Diagnostics process. Any help would be very much appreciated. docker.txt
  6. Hi; This container has been working very well for over a year. Yesterday, when I tried to access it, I'm getting a "Failed to connect to server" error with "noVNC" and a "Connect" button being displayed. I've tried restarting the container and when I do, it spins for about 30 seconds then I get an "Execution error. Server error" and an OK button. When I click the OK button, the container remains in the started state. The same results are presented if I try to stop the container. When I try to remove it, it goes through the dialogs to remove a container but then throws the "Execution error. Server error" and returns to the started state. If I try to open a container console, it opens then immediately closes. The log seems to have ceased logging yesterday. Has anyone encountered this? Thank you!
  7. Final update (for now). I abandoned the NordLynx container (for now) and went with an older version of the NordVPN container. I am using the NordLynx TECHNOLOGY setting and I have confirmed that my torrent traffic is resolving back to a Nord IP address. The missing icon is a PITA but not important to the overall operation of the container. Just an annoyance.
  8. Very minor update from the nordlynx log a number of minutes after starting the container: [2023-03-21T07:46:00-04:00] Enabling connection to eth0 [2023-03-21T07:46:00-04:00] Enabling connection to secure interfaces [2023-03-21T07:46:00-04:00] No interface network6 detected [2023-03-21T07:46:00-04:00] Enabling connection to network [custom-init] No custom files found, skipping... [ls.io-init] done. [2023-03-21T07:46:00-04:00] Finding the best server... curl: (28) SSL connection timeout I've tried using the Private Key that I'm being supplied in my existing NordVPN container logs on my first UnRAID server. It didn't help. I've also tried a number of web-search suggestions including the one from @IMTheNachoMan a few pages back. Any insight or assistance would be appreciated as I'm really not sure what to try next.
  9. Greetings All; I have a NordVPN container installed on my first UnRAID server that is apparently now legacy although its been working flawlessly. When I look at the log, I see a message saying, Please migrate to the NordLynx container (https://github.com/bubuntux/nordlynx) Here is your private Key: REDACTED So, as I am starting the setup of a new/2nd UnRAID server, I went to APPS and installed the nordlynx container however I'm having a tough time getting it to work. When I look at the settings for the container, I see: PRIVATE_KEY QUERY NET_LOCAL I've set my network to (my use-case) and I've tried copying the private key from the log of my existing/working NordVPN install and entering that in the PRIVATE_KEY field however once started, it fails to connect to any servers. In the log, it sits at: Finding the best server... Another oddity. When I open a console on my existing and working NordVPN container and enter "nordvpn status" on the CLI, it returns information. When I open a consol on my new unRaid server's NordLynx container and enter "nordvpn status" or "nordlynx status" it returns a "sh: nordlynx: not found" error. Also, "curl ifconfig.io" returns a "sh: ifconfig.io: not found". I also see a missing icon for the container and the version in the Docker tab indicates "not available" and the UPTIME entry indicates "Uptime: 3 minutes (health: starting)" then after a short period it changes to "unhealthy". Has anyone made this work and if so, what are the fields (existing or that need to be added) that I should be configuring? I'm certain I'll have to add the ports for any other containers that I want to be routed through the NordLynx container.
  10. Hi. I'm working with the phpBB container from your repo and am hitting two snags that I can't seem to clear despite research and Google-learning. 1) During the install, everything seems to work fine and I'm able to get it running and open the web_ui however the container switches to a stopped-state after a short period of time and the logs indicate: phpbb 14:23:12.70 INFO ==> ** Starting phpBB setup ** realpath: /bitnami/apache/conf: No such file or directory phpbb 14:23:12.87 INFO ==> Configuring Apache ServerTokens directive phpbb 14:23:12.90 INFO ==> Configuring PHP options phpbb 14:23:12.90 INFO ==> Setting PHP expose_php option phpbb 14:23:12.94 INFO ==> Setting PHP memory_limit option phpbb 14:23:12.96 INFO ==> Validating settings in MYSQL_CLIENT_* env vars phpbb 14:23:13.06 INFO ==> Ensuring phpBB directories exist phpbb 14:23:13.07 INFO ==> Trying to connect to the database server phpbb 14:23:13.11 INFO ==> Creating configuration file for installation phpbb 14:23:13.78 INFO ==> Starting apache in background [Thu Sep 08 14:23:13.842945 2022] [ssl:warn] [pid 144] AH01909: www.example.com:8443:0 server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name [Thu Sep 08 14:23:13.843341 2022] [ssl:warn] [pid 144] AH01909: www.example.com:443:0 server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name phpbb 14:23:18.87 INFO ==> apache started phpbb 14:23:18.87 INFO ==> Running installation wizard phpbb 14:28:19.72 ERROR ==> phpBB failed to install phpbb 14:28:19.73 INFO ==> Stopping apache phpbb 14:28:20.76 INFO ==> apache stopped phpbb 14:28:20.77 INFO ==> Persisting phpBB installation cp: cannot create directory '/bitnami/phpbb/store': Permission denied I've been searching and see some search result regarding bitnami and permissions but I have no idea how to apply that information unRAID and this container. 2) For the short time that it is running before (Item 1) stops the container, I am able to log in using the credentials I entered when installing the container however I get the message about deleting the install directory. I have opened a terminal into the container and I've been able to find (find / -type d -name *install*) a couple of install directories but when I delete one of them, I typically break the container. Here are the results of executing a find command from within the container console: $ find / -type d -name *install* find: '/sys/kernel/slab': Input/output error find: '/var/cache/ldconfig': Permission denied /opt/bitnami/php/lib/php/PEAR/Task/Postinstallscript /opt/bitnami/phpbb/cache/installer /opt/bitnami/phpbb/config/installer /opt/bitnami/phpbb/install /opt/bitnami/phpbb/phpbb/install /opt/bitnami/phpbb/phpbb/install/console/command/install /opt/bitnami/phpbb/phpbb/install/module/install_data /opt/bitnami/phpbb/phpbb/install/module/install_database /opt/bitnami/phpbb/phpbb/install/module/install_filesystem /opt/bitnami/phpbb/phpbb/install/module/install_finish find: '/proc/tty/driver': Permission denied find: '/root': Permission denied find: '/etc/ssl/private': Permission denied Where do I find the install directory that needs to be deleted? Also, here are my initial configuration settings (passwords redacted): PORT: 8083 APPDATA: /mnt/user/appdata/phpbb/ ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD: No PHPBB_DATABASE_HOST: PHPBB_DATABASE_PORT_NUMBER: 3306 PHPBB_DATABASE_USER: root PHPBB_DATABASE_PASSWORD: ****** PHPBB_DATABASE_NAME: phpBB PHPBB_USERNAME: phpBBadmin PHPBB_PASSWORD: ******* PHPBB_EMAIL: ********* PHPBB_FORUM_NAME: Our Forum Platform PHPBB_FORUM_DESCRIPTION: A forum for everyone I would really appreciate any assistance or insight into the above two items as A) it might help get this running on my unRAID 6.10.3 box and B) it might help me learn and understand more about unRAID, Docker and the inner working thereof.
  11. Hi @alturismo Thank you for the response and insight. So, if I redirect ports 80 and 443 to the unRAID server ( and then within NPM setup a Host Proxy titled mail.mydomain.com with a redirect to my mail server ( that may work? The question then is how do I deal with the redirection of both port 80 and 443? I tried creating a Host Proxy titled "mail.mydomain.com" for HTTP pointed to port 80 and when I tried to create a second Host Proxy "mail.mydomain.com" for HTTPS to port 443 (with a Lets Encrypt SSL), it threw an error of "mail.mydomain.com is already in use". Or, should I use a Redirection Host or a Stream? I'm so newb...
  12. Let me preface the following by stating that I am woefully limited in my knowledge of the inner workings of SSL certificates. I've read some basic tutorials and have a very rudimentary understanding. Having said that, I have a somewhat convoluted setup and I'm hitting walls with everything I try. I'm suspecting I may be unable to actually establish a working infrastructure. My company website is hosted on HostGator where I have established a subdomain (transfer.mydomain.com) with an HTML meta redirect that points to a specific port (4443) on my fixed WAN IP. At the WAN IP there is a firewall that manages my incoming traffic with numerous and various port mappings. Inside our firewall is an existing mail server that lives at that MUST use ports 80 and 443 and as such, I MUST redirect all incoming WAN port 80 and 443 traffic to that mail server LAN IP ( where it is managed by the mail server. I am running an unRAID server on another box within the LAN at IP ( and I have NPM running in a docker container on a separate network (called "proxynet" - shoutout to SpaveInvaderOne!) on that unRAID server. I also run an instance of NextCloud on the same unRAID "proxynet" network. On my firewall, I have established a port forward so that any traffic coming from the HostGator redirect to the specific port (4443) is mapped to the unRAID server at The issue I have is that I can't establish a Lets Encrypt SSL cert via NPM due to the appropriation of WAN ports 80 and 443 by the mail server. Further, because 80 and 443 are used by the mail server, I can't use NPM for any Docker containers. I could - as a last resort - just forward the HostGator redirect from the firewall to port 444 where the NextCloud docker lives but again, I don't think I can authenticate an SSL cert against that due to the re-direction from HostGator. HostGator does NOT allow for masked redirection like (I think!) CloudFlare does. Basically, because HTTP and HTTP are being redirect to the mail server, there will be no way to use NPM or get SSL certificates for any of my docker containers.
  13. The My Servers dashboard still shows that it is offline but it is accessible. On all screens except the Management Access screen, the top-left continues to revert to "Sign In" within about 3 seconds. The Management Access settings screen now refreshes every ~2 seconds. When it refreshes, it displays my user name then immediately revers to "Sign In" then immediately refreshes.
  14. This was what was happening to me when I first set it up. I finally logged into my Nord account and changed my password then changed it back to what it was originally and it started working. I don't know if the Nord Unraid container issue was/is related to the Nord password change or if it was a coincidence but it did help my situation. YMMV. Good Luck!
  15. Hi. Running UnRaid 6.9.2 with Linuxserver.io's qBittorrent container running on it. Things are working just fine as it relates to downloading and playing nice with Sonarr, Radarr and torrents in general. The issue I've got is that it keeps stopping, seemingly by itself. I'll check the server a couple of times a day and I keep finding that the qBittorrent is in a stopped state. I start it and everything seems to work just fine again. I've looked through the config and the settings within qBittorrent itself and can't see anything that would be causing this. I've tried searching the forum for "stopping" and "stopped" but I'm not finding anything that seems to relate to this. Edit: I've looked at the logs and there's nothing that appears to indicate a failure. It's more looking like it's getting a shutdown signal from somewhere. This is a pull from the logs showing the shutdown event: Any ideas? Thanks!