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  1. Update from rc4 went fine. Apologies wasn't able to get diagnostic for issue I had with RC5 (array not starting) but it is not an issue with RC6.
  2. Array wont start, reverted to RC4 and working fine again.
  3. Open as in still downloading or also those that may be seeding? Can't believe the answer could have been so easy, although I feel in the past when I had this setup mover was still completing except for files currently downloading.
  4. I had a share that I previously had set to use cache disk only and now want this share to utilize the array. Figured I could change use cache disk to yes and mover would start its magic. However when I invoke mover it runs / completes nearly instantly without moving anything and gives below in the log. I checked and fixed anything pointing to /mnt/cache/Torrents to /mnt/user/Torrents but I still can't seem to get mover running correctly. Jan 23 18:19:38 Tower root: move_object: /mnt/cache/Torrents/incomplete: Directory not empty Jan 23 18:19:38 Tower root: move_object: /mnt/
  5. When will or is there a change that can be made to update this to latest version of Plexpy (now Tautulli? Thanks,
  6. While I was able to resolve this issue last time it was through reinstalling everything and starting fresh. However it appears the issue has returned, same message in log as before. Anything you suggest? Seems like it was an issue earlier on in this thread but didn't see the resolution other than it appears an update corrected it. Thanks Going back through I completed the below step and it appears to have corrected issue and allowed rtorrent to start again rename /config/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc to /config/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc.old and reboot the container
  7. After most recent update unable to start. Also have received
  8. Enable DHT Network and Peer Exchange (under settings, bittorrent) keep re-enabling is there something I am missing to keep these turned off? (seems to stay off for a period of time but always comes back not sure on interval) Also under Downloads/other the Check Has After Download wont allow it to be turned off (it will let you uncheck but is always back when you check settings)
  9. How can I change the default password and do I need to change .htpasswd or is that not required since this is a docker? Also on topic of docker how do they handle resources? Whatever the server has they can utilize or can more resources be allocated? While rTorrent has fixed my speeds issues I was having with deluge it seems to get very unresponsive with only a handful of torrents active (20) whereas deluge I've had over 100 without any such issues. (both were docker images)
  10. I figured out that if you use it will hang at the above message, once I switched to nl or ca pia servers working fine.
  11. well dont I feel like an idiot I'll keep looking was hoping someone else had already run into similar problem and resolved it
  12. checked spaceinvader on deluge-vpn but doesnt seem to address this issue, not sure who YT is?
  13. 2017-05-31 15:44:48,733 DEBG 'deluge-script' stdout output: [info] Deluge not running [info] Deluge listening interface IP and VPN provider IP x.x.x.x different, marking for reconfigur Just trying to setup deluge-vpn and having the above issue/error (at least from what I can tell; also unable to access webui however I think that may be because of the error above.
  14. Having same issue, also using Deluge(not VPN) both dockers from Linux Server Deluge shows Traceback (most recent call last):File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/deluge/ui/web/", line 307, in renderd = self._on_json_request(request)File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/deluge/ui/web/", line 267, in _on_json_requestraise JSONException(message)JSONException: Invalid JSON request content-type: None[ERROR ] 21:19:32 json_api:285 Invalid JSON request content-type: None Sickrage shows AA ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded AA raise requests_e
  15. also seeing a few of these errors in the log as well