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  1. That did seem to work... but I honestly want the server to be pointing towards my pi-hole. This wasn't an issue before, only cropped up in the recent weeks.
  2. I have the docker patch, and also went and manually changed the line in the file. However, for the last week or so, it's deciding to try and update my docker containers _every single day_. The updates have gone through correctly, from what I can tell, but unraid still thinks that they're all on an old version.
  3. I can wait. Mostly wanted to work on parallelization/docker restart mechanics, like what's been discussed in the thread.
  4. Is there a github link anywhere? I'm down to look and help make some improvements.
  5. Hi, For the past couple of days, my Unraid server has been acting a bit weirdly. The CPU usage has been very high on what should be an idling system, and there's a lot of ethernet usage. Previously, with the current stuff, it had been idling at very low CPU percentages, like 1-3% The system isn't downloading/uploading anything in any of my docker images that it shouldn't be - and even so, the speeds that they're uploading/downloading at are well below the stated ethernet usage (350 KiB/s down, which is also... less than expected.) My general CPU usage has been kinda persistently pinned at 25%, but I can't see anything in htop that would make it so high. I tried rebooting, I tried updating to 6.11.3, issue still persists. I tried installing ClamAV and having it point to my appdata dir, but it hasn't shown anything. Is there a chance that one of the docker images that I was using infected the system? I removed all of the "new" docker images that I hadn't been using for a while. Is there a way to fix this other than just like, backing up what I "know" should be safe and reinstalling unraid? Thanks.
  6. I don't. I don't think that I had that enabled before. Would that speed things up? I can try enabling it for the next run. Also, +1 on the treat the dockers the same way that unraid does. It's definitely not as efficient - you do lose some parallelization that might be possible otherwise, but it definitely seems like the easiest way to enable this feature and minimize downtime.
  7. I didn't have an exclusion list before, so I'm not sure what could be causing the increase in time. Very useful feedback, I know ^_^;
  8. Hi, Thanks for the work keeping this updated. Since the update to V3, however, I've noticed that it takes a _significantly_ longer amount of time to do the backups. It's a total of about 200GB (mostly b/c of plex), but it used to only take about 3 hours to perform the backup + verifications. Now it takes 5 hours to perform the backup and another 3+ or so to verify it. Is there a way of speeding this up? Thanks.
  9. I did not have an EFI- folder in there. It was one of the things that I checked before posting.
  10. Had a flash drive, week old, working fine on RC2 - upgraded it to RC3, flash drive still recognized by windows and everything but the unraid will not boot from it. I literally cracked open the casing on a new USB drive, used the flash backup that I'd created before (in RC2), plugged it in and it booted. I then bought the UNRAID key for it (since I was on the trial before, thought it might have been the issue), downloaded another flash, then upgraded to RC3 and... again, windows and every system will recognize the device but the system refuses to boot UNRAID off of it. It doesn't even just put me into the BIOS screen, like it does if you have a UEFI booting system and you forgot to enable EUFI. Also ran the make_bootable.bat as admin again, just to make sure, still doesn't work. The only way that I was able to start using it again was by completely reformatting the drive, unplugging and replugging it in again, then reflashing the RC2 backup onto it. No matter how I try to upgrade it to RC3, it effectively renders the drive unusable by UNRAID until it's wiped. The steps taken were updating when the prompt came up, waiting for plugins to finish updating, and then reboot when the notification said that I could.
  11. I ended up just changing it to NFS, which is a bit more of a hassle but no issue. Thanks anyways! Love the plugin.
  12. Hello, I seem to be having an issue with remote SMB shares randomly timing out when trying to read data off of them. Specifically, the attachment shows what happens when I try to play a video through plex, where the video is located on the remote share - I start getting `Error... took longer than 5 seconds`, and the display up top starts showing the size as 0 bytes (the screenshot doesn't show the //COCOON_Plex one as being down, but it did go down at the same time as the error message popup, just a skew as to when I took the screenshots) I know that the remote share is online throughout this - I can still access it through my windows machine, and I have another (non-unraid) server on the network that has been playing plex videos through a remote mount on the same device without any problems, it's only on this new unraid server with these remote mounts that there seems to be this disconnect problem. Is there something that I misconfigured, or some way to fix this? Most of the reason that I bought this new machine was to have it host plex, but due to the size of the library I have the actual files on the synology NAS instead of on the local machine. Thanks, -MrTyton