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  1. Hi quick question and sorry it is regarding versioning. Just wanting to make sure I have this correct. I am currently on :5.9, If i change to :Latest does this deploy a new image or does it replace the current? (or is that me choosing to go over the top of the current folder?) And it I want to revert it just have a unifi backup ready and blow the image away and redeploy with :5.9 again Thanks
  2. Pros: Been an awesome system and have been using for many years now, started out as pure storage and morphed from there. Enjoyed seeing it grow to a more rounded solution with dockers and such. Cons: So called awesome community? People keep creating more and more things to do with unRaid, my original system feels inadequate :P. I keep reading the cool things people are doping with unRaid and feel like i am falling behind. Keep up the good work!
  3. Yeah cool nuhll will give it a few days and see if I can get anything from previous recommendation but sounds good.
  4. Will do the htop thanks. It normally takes days between occurrences. emails are health checks, can drop the frequency if it is too excessive.
  5. Hi team, Hoping to get some assistance with my server. My server will hit 100% cpu and memory usage when there is no user activity. This usual requires a reboot to sort out, unless it has happened when I have not been home and self healed. Attached is a diagnostics and I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience and or path of trouble shooting. Cheers, Michael tower-diagnostics-20190427-1113.zip
  6. Yeah will do, was just hoping someone in this side might of seen the same issue. thanks
  7. Hi, just looking for some advice. Sorry but this isn’t necessarily docker related but related to UniFi and unRaid so thought someone here might be able to shed some light. I added a USG into my setup and all is working though everything within unRaid can no longer resolve websites; 2019-03-26 19:44:21,890::INFO::[rss:309] Failed to retrieve RSS from https://dognzb.cr/rss.cfm?r=e#s#s#ssss#s#s=9000: <urlopen error [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution> Gmail smtp no longer works for notifications sab server test; [Errno 99] Address not available Check for internet or DNS problems thanks
  8. Ok so I just ended up powering down. In the end I needed to disable docker in order for it to release the hold on the cache drive. Copying files from old to new parity now. Hopefully no more hiccups. Thanks
  9. Mar 1 18:41:20 Tower nginx: 2019/03/01 18:41:20 [error] 1808#1808: *3949889 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading upstream, client: MYPCIP, server: , request: "POST /update.htm HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://unix:/var/run/emhttpd.socket:/update.htm", host: "tower", referrer: "http://tower/Main" if this sheds anymore light?
  10. only dockers use the cache and since the array is 'stopping' the dockers aren't showing as running.
  11. managed to get this: (repeated over and over) Mar 1 19:43:37 Tower root: umount: /mnt/cache: target is busy. Mar 1 19:43:37 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (67326): exit status: 32 Mar 1 19:43:37 Tower emhttpd: Retry unmounting disk share(s)... Mar 1 19:43:42 Tower emhttpd: Unmounting disks... Mar 1 19:43:42 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (67327): umount /mnt/cache Mar 1 19:43:42 Tower root: umount: /mnt/cache: target is busy. Mar 1 19:43:42 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (67327): exit status: 32 Mar 1 19:43:42 Tower emhttpd: Retry unmounting disk share(s)...
  12. No console sessions open. Not being used apart from me watching the main screen
  13. Hi, Had a quick search and couldn't find anything, but i am currently in the process of the parity swap procedure (https://wiki.unraid.net/The_parity_swap_procedure) I am at step 4 and my array is just not stopping. It is displaying 'Retry unmounting disk shares(s)' at the bottom and has been so for the last 15 minutes. I can't get see the log as it just sits waiting for tower. Is it safe for me to just power down and proceed? The help is appreciated Cheers, Michael
  14. Never mind, working now. biiiink not sure what your network type is set to but mine was 'Host' so i changed to 'Bridge' that didn't work so i changed back to 'Host' and my server was then found. Not sure what was going on but might be worth a try. I managed to get mine starting, now in the same boat as biiiink though, can't find server and being told to download plex media server. Help is much appreciated. Oh and just an FYI, my original issue was from pointing to an invalid location for my Trans_code file. Needed to set it to /config/transcode not mnt/cache/appdata/...
  15. Last crash reports if this helps. 368881bb-b4f2-0b87-64f81817-7a38c255.dmp
  16. Hi, Quick little question; I just updated the docker and now i am unable to access the webUI. Just get this sit can't be reached. Was using it just before I updated. Any trouble shooting suggestions? (already restarted twice with no change.) Cheers
  17. Hi have i understood correctly; if I upgrade to 6.4 and enable SSL and use the HTTPS address, can i access my webGUI outside of my network? I would assume i can create a login?
  18. Ok thanks, Made the change and I think it is looking good. Just retesting to confirm. So i feel it makes sense now(Sonarr needed to match SAB and not be the same as Sickbeard), but why are these not the same /mnt/cache/Downloads/complete != /mnt/cache/Downloads/complete (when SAB IS putting the completed file here?) Thanks again.
  19. Hi, I have looked all over but I am still stuck. Sonarr will not import any files from SAB. Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /Downloads/complete/American.Dad.S09E19.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-iT00NZ-RP I am pretty sure everything is as it should, I have only transitioned from SB and so they are both using the same mappings and yet SB works Sonarr doesn't. Attached is my mappings and when i go to manual import in Sonarr and select the drive it can see the files. Sorry for a repeated topic but your help is appreciated, I just feel i am going in circles.
  20. Thanks, shows you how much I paid attention. Good to know things should still work.
  21. Hi, Just wanting to get some more ideas together before I try migrate from plugin to docker. I have given it an initial go and seems ok, still have to get my head around some things. I want to run Sickbeard, sab and CP and so from what I gather I need to make 2 new shares for these to work (Appdata & Downloads). My question, can I make these new shares hidden (. DOT before name) so that they don't show up as a normal share? Or if anyone can think of a negative side to this? Cheers, Michael
  22. And happening again. Haven't changed any settings at all. Still open for suggestions if anyone has some new ideas.
  23. Gave up on this and checked this morning to see how much needed to be moved. Everything is working as normal again. Strange! Thanks for everyone's assistance, hopefully it doesn't happen again.