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  1. Almost a year later, large artwork still seems to crash it 😥 I tried to build it in a Ubuntu VM, but that’s turning out to be pretty hard..
  2. This guide was super useful, I have my Mojave VM up and running. The only problem is that can’t figure out how to pass through my iPad via usb. When it’s plugged in, I can pass it through to my Win10 VM, but everything I tried to get it to show up in Mojave has failed. Any ideas on how to get it to work?
  3. That was speedy, thank you very much! Hopefully this helps with all the annoying illumination change recordings..
  4. Is there any way to get the beta version updated to beta3, up from the current beta1? I would love to enable the new motion algorithm. “The instructions to enable the algo in 3.10 beta1 were the same but in beta3 they added it to the GUI and the camera firmware is newer.” https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Video/How-is-this-is-motion-detection-feature-in-2018/td-p/2601915
  5. I’m pretty sure it’s the Oppo, yeah. I’m just looking for a workaround or somebody who has some idea as to why this would be the case.
  6. This one confuses me, but I’ve finally narrowed down the conditions that cause it and I need some help. I’ve had this weird problem with my Oppo. When I browse a share, it asks for my user/password. I use guest and no password and it allows me to browse. If I then browse that share again a bit later, guest no longer works and I have to login as something else (anything works as long as it’s not what was used last time.) So it seemed random at first, but after hours of playing with it I’ve found out there is a pattern to it. The browsing of the shares works perfectly when the drive/share is under 4TB. When I try to browse through my 8TB drives/shares, that weird behavior of only logging in once and needing to choose a different user name to browse problem pops up. What in the heck is going on? Any thoughts on a workaround?
  7. It’s still broken for me, what is everybody else seeing?
  8. It looks like he merged a fix into the code, hopefully that works with the docker *fingers crossed*
  9. Quick bump, ejurgensen needs your help over at the github page Sparklyballs.
  10. I updated my docker and I’m also getting the crashing. It looks like ejurgensen just posted something new to try. https://github.com/ejurgensen/forked-daapd/issues/502
  11. I’ve found the box and it still has the original foam, so I’m willing to ship. It’s 30 lbs, 24 high x 21 wide x 12.5 deep. It’s shipping from 67208 and I’ve found that FedEx is typically the cheapest for bigger boxes like this but I can use UPS if you prefer, you only pay actual shipping charges.
  12. I missed these posts from earlier, sorry! It does have all the goodies! 15 SATA cables, screws for 15 hard drives, etc. I’ll have to see if I still have the box, I have no idea how much shipping would be..