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  1. is this with a new blank appdata/pihole directory? try a different name name to make sure (I had issues with permissions from an old installation). Is already in use elsewhere? ... thats all I can think of at the moment
  2. I updated it a few days ago - let me know if it doesnt work for you. I tested it on a new adddata directory to be sure. I have not added "env. variable 'DNSMASQ_USER' with value = 'root'" in a couple of posts up as this is a temporary docker issue.
  3. I will add the keys to the pihole template .... btw, the template is not official but it uses the official docker image
  4. try setting the permissions of the appdata directory for node red chmod 755 /mnt/appdata/node-red (or whatever you have called it)
  5. Edited the pihole template which now uses the new DNS variables. The old variables had been deprecated.
  6. The template just uses the official PiHole docker - it seems that there is a discussion here that may help . You could also change the docker tag to load a specific version: see here I do not use PiHole now as I have adguard installed on my firewall so I cannot test.... But just to repeat - this is the offical docker image and not related to the template itself.
  7. Does the octoprint backup/restore not work for you?
  8. This actually uses the official container - I just updated the template and researched how to get the video drivers working. Glad it is working for you. If you use the CA backup application, make sure that it does not turn off the docker (adv settings) or you will lose a long print!
  9. I have created a new docker template for Octoprint using the official docker images and supporting webcam streaming. You need video drivers installed on unRaid for the kernel to see a camera. (on Version: 6.10.0-rc1) - install DVB Drivers in Community Apps and select LibreELEC This will need a reboot after installation plug in your camera, you should see /dev/video0 appear in a terminal session on unRaid Install OctoPrint-Spants add the following: variables: ENABLE_MJPG_STREAMER true CAMERA_DEV /dev/video0 MJPG_STREAMER_INPUT -y -n -r 640x480 (can change to suit) port: webcam container port 80 host port 5003 snapshot container port 8080 host port 5004 In octoprint's webcam settings set the stream url to http://IPADDRESS:5003/webcam/?action=stream and test - it should work set the snapshot url to http://IPADDRESS:5004/?action=snapshot and test IPADDRESS is your unraid server address if you used bridge networking
  10. I see that nunofgs hasnt updated his docker - I will try and use a different base docker - stay tuned!. (I stopped using the docker after a long print was ruined by the backup routine tuning off the docker after 8 hours of printing!. My fault - I should have excluded that docker from switching off. I will investigate a solution) @Mizz141 *** I see that Mearman already has a template using the official docker - have you tried that? ***
  11. ****** Please use the Official Template for Photostructure instead of this one ******* You have an offical template now folks - my beta template will be retired.
  12. I am working with Matthew on updating the templates..... stay tuned.
  13. I didn't have notifications on... Sorry that I didn't see all of the comments
  14. Sure, no problem at all. All I did was a quick template as a favour... Happy if you want to release another and I can remove mine.
  15. 1) You can try it from the console in the nodered template (I think that you did) 2) or do it on the unraid console and substitute "/data" to "/mnt/user/appdata/nodered" or whatever you used.... Let me know how you get on
  16. Usually I set my DHCP range quite high up - maybe starting at - so that nothing gets allocated in the ranges for my fixed IP. Some of the routers firmwares stop you allocating static addresses outside of this range. So you can either, set the static address on the device itself (set to manual not dhcp on the device) and not worry about it on the router or have the large range on the router, set the pihole address and restart any device that may have claimed that IP address already. Always set a DNS record manually ( / or similar) for Unraid in the networking settings on unraid - dont let it use the DHCP dns as it will need DNS before the docker pihole as started (or if pihole is stopped)
  17. I was just looking at the whitelist website - did it work for you?
  18. Hi Bob I originally made this for my home automation system which works well and found no need to update (one of the later updates broke it). I will probably change to a Hive AMQP with MQTT plugin as it allows web based user management - would that suit you too?
  19. There is a section on the readme that will help. 0) If you dont have python3 on your unRaid, install it via the nerdtools plugin. 1) find the path for /etc/pihole/ - for me it is /mnt/user/appdata/pihole/pihole/ 2) ssh to your unraid and cd to that directory 3) git clone 4) cd whitelist/scripts 5) ./ --dir /mnt/user/appdata/pihole/pihole/ --docker 6) ./ --dir /mnt/user/appdata/pihole/pihole/ --docker 7) restart pihole
  20. Unfortunately the author of the docker has not updated it for sometime. I will see if I can use the octoprint/octoprint version.
  21. Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use. Are you sure nothing is on that IP?
  22. For ther NodeRedv2 Beta docker -= please change the repositiory tag to nodered/node-red-dev:v2.0.0-beta.2 to get the latest. The NodeRed team have just changed their build process and it is not using the beta tag.