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  1. GUIDE: An easy way to pass through a specific Printer, when you are using multiple printers and multiple copies of this template On the template, select the printer using the /dev/serial/by-id/ directory only. Do not use ttyACM0 etc. In OctoPrint, 1) go to settings/serial connections and add /dev/serial/by-id/* to "Additional serial ports" 2) save 3) go to settings/serial connections and change AUTO in the serial port list to your device 4) save Go and print!
  2. I have just published a template that uses the excellent Docker image by nunofgs. Please direct all non unRaid questions to This template was constructed with knowledge from a thread at this REDDIT post - thanks to Jacob_xATLx and @Tergi. Please see Tergi's post on doing camera passthrough: Discussion on Video support on unRaid (If you are not using a camera, remove the camera variables)
  3. Maybe go into appdata folder and chmod 777 nodered Or whatever the directory name is.... Maybe not good on a site that has internet connected!
  4. Just wanted to add a "me too". I am looking to send specific docker containers through a wireguard (plugin/or/docker) client but leave everything else as normal
  5. so - did you have a data directory there or did you rename it? (/mnt/user/appdata/nodered)
  6. I think that the node red team changed the user permissions inside their docker that conflicts with recent changes on unraid. I have seen this on several containers. I think that I just chmod 777 (container app directory) as a quick fix on mine. I maybe able to change it with extra params for user.... Edit: fix here:
  7. Check the real-time logging to see what sites are being blocked that affects Nest.... And whitelist them
  8. Fix your network settings for unraid to use or another DNS - not using pihole
  9. Thanks for the info - I have fixed it. Strange that it has only just come to light, that hasn't changed for years!
  10. I tested Mosquitto 1.6.8 and Alpine Linux 3.11 today but had to revert to 1.48 and linux 3.3 as bug found, sorry
  11. My MQTT one is mosquitto but has a nifty way of adding users and passwords. I have been using it for ages with thousands of connections a day and it has never let me down. (Thats why I haven't updated it!). It's easy to try stuff with unraid, so try them both!
  12. (sorry for the thread hijack, but I need to do this myself.... can you ping me any links etc - ta)
  13. @JohnSracic the best place for this question is but if you can export that part of your flow (just the bit with your timers) and PM it me, I will sort it out for you.
  14. I decided to scrap the DNS323 and use a PI with SSH/SFTP connection with rclone instead. If the connection fails for any reason, it shouldn't then affect my server.
  15. same here - was during an rsync clone to a remote smb mounted connection. I think that the connection dropped but Unassigned devices still accepted the data (maybe caching in ram until it was full?)
  16. Sometimes my unit SMB server (I have an old DNS323 dlink unit with ALT-F firmware that supports larger drives) sleeps (or disconnects) and my rclone beta backup then seems to write to /mnt/disks/xxxxxx (or RAM?) causing my unraid to lock up. Not sure if its Unassigned devices or the external unit causing the problem. Can RClone talk to an SMB share with user/password?
  17. Your unraid DNS should be static and point to a real DNS server. If your router is sending out DNS requests that point to pihole and the docker is down, unraid will not get outside!
  18. Managed to get the disk mounted by running the xfs_repair with -L parameter. Lots of data in lost/found.... Will move the data off the disks and restore the important files from the backup.
  19. So I have noticed a disk problem just before it completely failed. I decided to do a Plan with unBalance (no writing to disks) to see if I could move the files from the emulated disk to real ones..... it started reading then the disk 7 disappeared completely... What is the best way to proceed without losing the data on the emulated disk? This is the log for the disk 7 error. I am now on 6.7.2 Nov 10 23:55:20 Tower kernel: XFS (md7): Mounting V4 Filesystem Nov 10 23:55:20 Tower kernel: XFS (md7): Starting recovery (logdev: internal) Nov 10 23:55:21 Tower kernel:
  20. That's not a pinhole template problem. I've seen it on several apps before and I think an update to unraid fixed it? ( Or was it a patch? )
  21. @BRiTGoogle drive does enforce the 1TB limit - I just hit it.... (using legacy google apps account)