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  1. ok, thats a shame. If you did not have any extra rules setup then it is easy to reinstall. I couldn't operate without it now!.
  2. Unrelated to any problems for the official pihole docker (my template has no tweaks, its just vanilla), @testdasi has produced a nice version with DOT/DOH baked in. It is worth a try for more security & piece of mind.
  3. @Unraiding Both of my Piholes are running ok (sorry, but I know that doesn't help you!). There seems to be a number of people using pihole that have had similar messages in the past with pihole. Most just reinstall. I guess the easiest way is to use the SETTINGS/teleporter function to save your settings, stop pihole, delete files in the data directory, reinstall and load settings back in using teleporter. The docker is the official one from Pihole with no changes - so you can also post on their github page. (there does seem to be similar messages there
  4. A couple of people were looking at the app so I thought that it would be worthwhile helping with a template. I have just used it to scan 10,000 photos and it will index them by date etc. Looks ok to browse through your collection but doesnt seem to have photo recognition.
  5. I've just published a Photostructure template for you to try... @Gog @casperse
  6. ****** Please use the Official Template for Photostructure instead of this one ******* A template for the official Photostructure docker. (let me know if it needs any tweaks) On the settings - pay attention to the option to leave photos in original location or to copy them to the new library location.
  7. There seems to have been a problem with a template not updating to Github. I have changed the template with the correct url and added the Safe Mode parameter. It should roll out soon for new users.
  8. ok, you can start NodeRed in SAFE mode by enabling an option.. Please edit the settings to add the option below and set the option to true. They may be a faulty node loaded?. There are also cli commands that will check to see if nodes are outdated and repair them.
  9. Which file is that size? Can you post your mosquitto.conf file?
  10. The node red team changed their URL..... I changed the template but existing users of a template do not get automatically changed by community applications app to avoid overriding existing parameters
  11. Is your repository set to nodered/node-red? and docker hub to
  12. Its probably best just to update the when new versions arrive rather than updating inside the docker. The template just uses the official docker container .... so wait for an update notice in the unraid gui
  13. Thats the idea!. You can also spin up multiple dockers if you have more than one printer
  14. fyi, I had exactly this "problem" with the delugevpn container. It was because I screwed up and pointed downloads to a directory without permissions. A torrent would connect and then disconnect after a second or so because it could not write to the file. As Binhex says, check where the files are being downloaded to!
  15. Has anyone tried a restore to "bare metal" yet?. When I last tried some time ago, I couldn't restore because the recovery procedure on the Mac couldn't find the network share.
  16. When pihole docker team release it.... the template uses the official docker. You can try the beta by using the tags here:
  17. I believe that you need to run this inside the container itself
  18. I added a template recently: I am using two printers with two instances and it is working great!
  19. GUIDE: An easy way to pass through a specific Printer, when you are using multiple printers and multiple copies of this template On the template, select the printer using the /dev/serial/by-id/ directory only. Do not use ttyACM0 etc. In OctoPrint, 1) go to settings/serial connections and add /dev/serial/by-id/* to "Additional serial ports" 2) save 3) go to settings/serial connections and change AUTO in the serial port list to your device 4) save Go and print!
  20. New template, see ,.......... Old template ............... I have just published a template that uses the excellent Docker image by nunofgs. Please direct all non unRaid questions to This template was constructed with knowledge from a thread at this REDDIT post - thanks to Jacob_xATLx and @Tergi. Please see Tergi's post on doing camera passthrough: Discussion on Video support on unRaid (If you are not using a camera, remove the camera variables)
  21. Maybe go into appdata folder and chmod 777 nodered Or whatever the directory name is.... Maybe not good on a site that has internet connected!
  22. Just wanted to add a "me too". I am looking to send specific docker containers through a wireguard (plugin/or/docker) client but leave everything else as normal
  23. so - did you have a data directory there or did you rename it? (/mnt/user/appdata/nodered)