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  1. can you try this: In the appdata directory/dsnmasq.d/02-custom-LAN.conf file, it refers to adding hosts to appdata directory/pihole/custom-LAN.list file. You will need to create it if not there..... Let me know...
  2. Do you mean persistance? Take a look in the config file and edit the following to suit: persistence false persistence_file mosquitto.db persistence_location /config/data/
  3. ... Or I could just rename the template as V2 and mark the original as depreciated? What works best do you think?
  4. Ok, useful feedback but that wasn't my experience. I changed the repository line and applied.
  5. yes - you should change to this new repository. Unfortunately when I updated the template, this does not roll down to existing users
  6. You can check the Docker release versions here: The latest official "release" was delivered 2 months ago. You can try the dev_amd64 or dev releases if you wish.
  7. I used to do the same - and had a similar problem. Does this solve it for you too? ( add this to the extra parameters in template: --device=/dev/ttyUSB1 --user=root ) or other user.....
  8. see here: Edit the template and set Repository to nodered/node-red-docker:v8 it was mentioned here in the github link you sent:
  9. yes, use the unraid scripts plugin to automate that once a day. It is what I used to set the password before it was exposed to the template
  10. I understand and agree - I guess that in future I should just do a v2 template
  11. np, I'm not sure why it doesn't replicate to everyone.
  12. Click on icon and choose edit - you will see the repository
  13. I believe that there is a way of forcing the traffic and dns through openvpn - but its not something I am experienced with. May be best to ask in the OpenVPN topic.
  14. I wrote the template that pulls in the Official Docker Container from PiHole. I swapped over from my unofficial one a long time ago that that a fully supported version could be distributed. Make sure that your repository for pihole is = pihole/pihole:latest and not the old diginc repository. If you use the latest tag, you should have v 4.0.0-1. The release tags are here: The last update to the docker image was 12 days ago. Apparently you should not do an update within the docker image (that was what diginc said - although that may have changed) If you have a problem with the docker image, you should ask about it here: - or on the github here:-
  15. Hi - I'm stupid!. I made a silly mistake on the changes to the docker template. It should start working soon. Reply here and let me know if the changes happen in the next day or so. If not, change the repository to pihole/pihole:latest
  16. Hi @Squid ==== please ignore. I'm stupid. I left some extra xml tags in the template which confused it ==== For some reason my pihole template doesn't show the changes I made two weeks ago. Is it something that I have done wrong on the template?. cheers Tony
  17. I use the same repo without issues... Is your nodeRed port open to the world?. edit: Add more info from the entry on the NodeRed mailing list that Stupifier created: .... I think that he had left the port 1880 open on his firewall: Be careful out there!
  18. I changed the template 2 weeks ago but it would probably (and hopefully!) not update anyones existing settings.... Note that my system works perfectly on BR0 but I understand that others have problems
  19. not sure - I use it in bridge mode and forward port 1883
  20. Hi Semtex41 Thanks for the suggestions which I have now put into the master template (UID and change to eth0). I guess that many of us were not having issues due to running it before and manual tweaks etc. The changes to the template should update shortly.
  21. excellent bug reporting! Please can other people add their experiences if relevant.
  22. Hi Guys As mentioned, this is just a template for the docker image that is built here Please can you raise an issue on the github? cheers Tony
  23. The Template has been updated and pushed .... Check for updates in the next few hours. Welcome to v4! (if it didn't update for you, change the repository to: pihole/pihole:latest )