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  1. try this, it sets the password for the GUI as well (which seems to randomly reset itself) #!/bin/bash DOCKER_NAME=pihole PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin # Download any updates from the adlists docker exec $DOCKER_NAME pihole updateGravity > /dev/null # Pi-hole: Update the Web interface shortly after gravity runs # This should also update the version number if it is changed in the dashboard repo #docker exec $DOCKER_NAME pihole updateDashboard > /dev/null # Pi-hole: Parse the log file before it is flushed and save the stats to a database # This will be used for a historical view of your Pi-hole's performance #docker exec $DOCKER_NAME # note: this is outdated > /dev/null # Pi-hole: Flush the log daily at 11:58 so it doesn't get out of control # Stats will be viewable in the Web interface thanks to the cron job above docker exec $DOCKER_NAME pihole flush > /dev/null # updates password for docker gui docker exec $DOCKER_NAME pihole -a -p newpassword
  2. it isnt as straight forward as I first thought and ran out of time. I will have another look in a week when my time frees up a bit
  3. ok, mine has been very stable with lots of devices attached
  4. ok, I pushed 1.4.10 for you - see if that helps
  5. To be honest, I started playing with it but quickly gave up.... had more pressing things to do. It looks great though and would be interested in your progress
  6. @Zeron, sure - I will take a look. edit: will have to do a number of changes to get 1.4.11 running. Will 1.4.10 solve any issues that you have? (and what are they?)
  7. The new update for pihole allows for passwords for the front end. To remove or change the password: 1) ssh to your unraid tower 2) docker exec -ti pihole /bin/bash 3) sudo pihole -a -p newpassword (blank to remove)
  8. for Pihole? sorry, no. The reason is that DNS has to run on port 53
  9. Thanks! - I will make those changes now edit: the config directory in the docker is /usr/local/etc/couchdb ....
  10. Thanks for clarifying where this comes from, I will see if I can find a solution
  11. what dockers and plugins do you have installed?
  12. Just to answer your question, you can force a version to be downloaded, rather than just the latest, by adding the version tag to the end of the Respository data as shown below. (Check which versions available at:
  13. 0.16 seems really stable for me. One problem that I have is that serialport was removed and I use a usb/serial interface for some iot sensors. If I add the node-red-node-serial port back in to the container, it doesnt work. If I rebuild the dockerfile and add it in at build time - it works fine
  14. Hi - the pihole support is here This is mine, working: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="pihole" --net="bridge" -e TZ="Europe/London" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e "ServerIP"="" -e "DNS1"="" -e "DNS2"="" -e "IPv6"="False" -p 53:53/tcp -p 80:80/tcp -p 53:53/udp -v "/mnt/user/appdata/pihole/pihole.log":"/var/log/pihole.log":rw -v "/mnt/user/appdata/pihole/blacklist.txt":"/etc/pihole/blacklist.txt":rw -v "/mnt/user/appdata/pihole/whitelist.txt":"/etc/pihole/whitelist.txt":rw -v "/etc/localtime":"/etc/localtime":rw --cap-add=NET_ADMIN diginc/pi-hole:alpine e8948a0fe593ba75d65bf09d9be8ac6b044f89b0c821a65ec3bd5eb8cc79c17d The command finished successfully! Did you create the pihole folder and follow the instructions here:
  15. couchDB template for Apache Official docker added....
  16. Is there a way to run the pi hole on a different IP address that way I can keep unpaid's UI on port 80? I've tried changing the port to other numbers and get the same error: [b]Removing container: pihole[/b] Successfully removed container 'pihole' [b]Command: [/b]root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="pihole" --net="bridge" -e TZ="America/Los_Angeles" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e "ServerIP"="" -e "DNS1"="" -e "DNS2"="" -e "IPv6"="False" -p 53:53/tcp -p 53:53/udp -p [u][color=red]8111[/color][/u]:80/tcp -v "/mnt/user/appdata/pihole/pihole.log":"/var/log/pihole.log":rw -v "/mnt/user/appdata/pihole/blacklist.txt":"/etc/pihole/blacklist.txt":rw -v "/mnt/user/appdata/pihole/whitelist.txt":"/etc/pihole/whitelist.txt":rw --cap-add=NET_ADMIN diginc/pi-hole:alpine d4cea8212b5f7536bf61ecaa4b2cd218d8ebbdb121a7bd1546f490f21b5b1375 docker: Error response from daemon: failed to create endpoint pihole on network bridge: Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use. [b]The command failed.[/b] Unraid's IP is .25 and none of the other dockers are using port 8111. For 53, I get this: netstat -tulpn | grep --color :53 tcp 0 0* LISTEN 11799/dnsmasq udp 0 0* 1681/rpc.statd udp 0 0* 11799/dnsmasq udp 0 0* 8064/avahi-daemon: The ip address and port 80 have to be on the docker server that responds to the dns requests. If you had two network cards in and by some fiddling I guess that it could work. If you dont want to change the unraid web port (its easy), you could run pihole on a separate Pi
  17. I put that in there because I kept forgetting the settings :-) It takes so little space so dont worry about it. It doesn't get used for anything.
  18. placeholder for templates In Beta - not currently working
  19. Isn't it easier to use the app store plugin to install Docker's? Absolutely - use the app store plugin please!
  20. yes, add a new Path for /etc/localtime as shown below:
  21. No, I just tried it with my phone and my iMac but I get no websites loading and no queries on the docker either So the network settings on the imac and phone all point the dns to Tower?. Anything in logs?