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  1. Could it be due to the seagate firmware bug? Just a thought Tony
  2. I didn't solve mine either. In the end I just set up a cron job to delete everything after a day from BIN. It solves the problem that I had of accidentally deleting something from a share
  3. I have the same problem.... intermittently.
  4. I am having a few problems with "failed" downloads..... I'm using the latest 2.0 dependencies and if I manually use the PAR2 and associated PARS I can repair it successfully. Any ideas on how to solve? (using newshosting) rgds Spants
  5. I use crashplan to backup my critical files on my pcs to the server and to backup server stuff that I never want to lose to a friends server (about 20gb). Seems to work great!
  6. I have just done the upgrade from 052 to 053 - I had to delete the old .py files to make it work
  7. has anyone tried to update from SABnzbd-0.5.2 to SABnzbd-0.5.3? It now supports .gz files that come from bin-req Tony
  8. ... I tried using the alpha3 linux version, the ffmpeg pre-compiled version and still had issues, so I gave up and used the windows version which worked straight away:) (but I must learn linux!) Tony
  9. I have used Joe's method to move all packages from flash to /mnt/cache/.custom/flash/packages and it works brilliantly! Thanks for sharing Tony
  10. Thanks Brit - will try tomorrow as I am off to a BBQ! cheers Tony
  11. definitely failed to build ffmpeg.... no rush! Thanks, Tony
  12. I cant get this working I have tried the manual way and from unraid menu. I can see the server and navigate the directories but when I choose a film, it waits at Loading. I think that it is a similar problem to another poster ie the mp3lame option is not reconised and therefore ffmpeg is not built - I cannot find an executable for it.... Any hints? (I have c compilers and java installed & using 4.5.6) Tony
  13. to close the thread..... I think the answer is here Tony
  14. Hi I think that my flash drive is becoming full. As a linux newbie, what would be the syntax for booting from USB and then transferring the pkg installations etc from a hidden "." directory on the cache drive?. Are there any gotchas? I would hate to lose my data! cheers Tony My go script is: #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & /boot/unmenu/uu & # determine if cache drive online, retry upto 7 times for i in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 do if [ ! -d /mnt/cache ] then sleep 10 fi done /boot/cache_dirs -w -e "BIN" & cd /boot/packages && find . -name '*.auto_install' -type f -print | sort | xargs -n1 sh -c cp --preserve=timestamps /boot/custom/etc/ssh/ssh*key* /etc/ssh chmod 600 /etc/ssh/ssh*key* /etc/rc.d/rc.sshd start # install crashplan tar -C / -xvf /boot/packages/crashplan.tar /usr/local/crashplan/bin/CrashPlanEngine start # If Cache drive is online, start SABNzbd if [ -d /mnt/cache ]; then # Start SABnzbd and sickbeard installpkg /boot/custom/SABnzbdDependencies-1.3-i486-unRAID.tgz python /mnt/cache/.custom/sabnzbd/ -d -s nohup python /mnt/cache/.custom/sickbeard/ & fi # setup delete of BIN files older than 1 or 2 days daily crontab -l >/tmp/crontab echo "# delete 2 day old files:" >>/tmp/crontab echo "35 6 * * * root find /mnt/user/BIN -mtime +1 -print -exec rm -rf {} \;" >>/tmp/crontab crontab /tmp/crontab
  15. I am pretty sure that the path parameter allows you to do this. I think that I have solved my problem with exclude not working - I didn't have a /tmp directory and therefore as the first parameter, it caused the other parameters not to be read. Will test further...
  16. Thanks for the suggestion but it is still putting them in the BIN (tried doing the changes and then a reboot) Is my syntax correct? regards Spants
  17. this is working well in that it creates a copy in BIN for me to retrieve.... however, I cant get it to exclude my download directories. Can anyone see what I have done wrong? regards Spants [bIN] path = /mnt/user/BIN read only = No [global] vfs objects = recycle recycle:repository = /mnt/user/BIN/%m recycle:keeptree = Yes recycle:touch = Yes recycle:versions = Yes recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.tib recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp | /mnt/user/Spants/1.5tb/downloads2 | /mnt/user/Spants/1.5tb/downloads | /mnt/user/downloads recycle:noversions = *.doc *.xls *.ppt