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  1. Running Unraid 6.8.3 I just upgraded my motherboard to a Supermicro X8DT6-F with builtin IPMI. Using the Dynamix Wireguard plugin for remote offsite access. Unraid is on .10 and my IPMI port is set to use .11 IP address. I can access anything on my network remotely without issue, but I can not see .11 (IPMI) If I ping .11 remotely I get a reply from .10 saying it's unreachable. If I ping .11 directly from unraid I get the same response. I can reach .11 from other machines on my local network just fine.. I've searched through all the unraid settings, but can't find
  2. Same thing started happening to me yesterday. Server has been running great for a LONG time.. nothing new installed.. Rebooted.. no web gui anymore.. it seems my dockers and shares are up, but can't connect to the GUI.. times out. I will post a diagnostic when I get home after work.. Should I start a new thread?
  3. I just updated and am getting this error
  4. I updated to Unraid 6.3.2 yesterday and all seems ok. Today I wanted to log into the Sickrage UI, and I am unable to connect. Unraid says the Sickrage docker is up and running, I rebooted, reinstalled Sickrage even changed ports.. Still can't get to the webinterface. This was running fine for months now.. Is there anything I can check inside the container? What is the command to start it from inside the container?
  5. I guess it could be possible, I wouldn't rule it out.. PICNIC - Problem in Chair, Not in Computer.. LOL But I'll still keep an eye on it..
  6. It also seems to miss a lot of files on my system on a regular basis.. Here is a wierd display issue.. I am running a manual build, but the icon's don't update see attached..
  7. Preclear finished fine, cold booted the box and all looks normal now.. Not sure what was going on there. But I will keep an eye on it
  8. I bought the 2 drives new, ran 2 preclear cycles and then added them to the array. Noticed the SMART strangeness and decided to take them out of the array and run another preclear on them. Once that is done and they pass, I will shutdown the server and then see if the SMART data goes back to normal..
  9. I will try that.. I'm just running another preclear on bot the drives right now..
  10. A couple of days ago I added 2 Toshiba DT01ACA300 (3TB) Drives. I ran 2 full cycles of preclear and they both passed just fine. After the 2 cycles the Power On Hours where around 43 hours which seems correct. A few days later I check again and the power on hours are around 2000 now??? I haven't done a cold reboot yet, but has anyone come across this before?
  11. This is not a problem ive seen, sickrage has been very stable for me, with no crashes in the UI for a long time. Same here.. I actually don't remember it ever crashing on me..
  12. Yup, default fans with 2 120mm extra fans for exhaust on the top. Xeon X3360. All other specs are in my signature..
  13. I filled up the box last night, it's been running a preclear for the last 12 hours and all my temps are the same as before..
  14. It should look something like this in Emby.. (see attached..)