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  1. Its one of the Recommended Budget builds. I'm really happy with it as of now.


    Cooler Master 590 Case

    AMD 2.7ghz

    BioStar Mobo

    2gig ram

    Corsair 400watt PSU

    2TB WD Parity green

    1.5TB WD green

    1.5TB WD green

    500GB WD green

    500GB WD green


    I went with some locking Sata cables from Monoprice.com I decided to use all black for data, blue for cache and red for parity. Not shown in this photo is I removed the Cache drive and went with just all data.








    I tried to tuck everything and keep it as simple and clean as possible. I used the 3.5 drive mount at the top and brought it down low. I noticed that the temp went from 40degrees to around 30 just by moving it. I'm guessing its feeling the cooler air down low since Im not running additional fans other than what came with the unit. I plan on swaping out the 500's with a single 1.5TB or 2TB

  2. Joe L,


    That new machine looks pretty cool. I like it and a bargin to boot. I think the only thing I would do is put one of those wire grills over those fans unless you don't have kids like I do that see something spinning and have to shove their finger or whatever they can grab to see if they can in fact stop the spinning blades. ;)

  3. Sorry guys. Looks like I'm an idiot. It was plugged in and it looks like I had a bad splitter. I was snug enough to read at first and then started giving me errors. Ran through fine after a reboot.


    Looks like these two IDE's I'm messing with our Dinosaurs anyways I'm guessing one might even be a 5400RPM LOL. Sata ripped through the preclear around 40-49MB, but these things are taking forever around 19MB. Like you said Joe L these drives are probably not even worth the effort, but at least I get to tinker with your script some which works pretty well and get lost in the settings for a bit until my other hardware arrives.

  4. Of course I just tried to run fdisk and well it says it can't read the disk. OH boy......


    root@Tower:/boot# fdisk /dev/hda
    Unable to read /dev/hda


    Sorry for clogging up what seems like a great thread and I know this is trival since its a tiny drive and all and maybe its just a bad drive, but I could of sworn this ran fine the last time I pulled it out. As soon as my preclear of the other drive I have running finishes I'll give the machine a reboot and take another look.

  5. Ok, I ran this on an IDE drive at the same time a Sata drive was running. I noticed the heat spiked on the Sata Drive so I grabbed 80MM fan and placed it right in front of the SATA drive. Shortly afterwords I could of sworn the IDE drive was making a clicking sound, but I wasn't sure if the drive decided to die of it was my stupidity of messing with things while it was running. I stopped the pre-clear on the IDE and then decided to give it another run. This is what I see when I try it.

    =                unRAID server Pre-Clear disk /dev/hda
    =                       cycle 1 of 1
    = Disk Pre-Read in progress: % complete
    = (   bytes of    read )
    Elapsed Time:  0:00:00
    ./preclear_disk.sh: line 550: 1+(  580059647)%() : syntax error: operand expected (error token is ") ")
    == Disk /dev/hda has been successfully precleared


    I know that isn't right since it really hadn't had much time to run. It is only a 12gig disk, but I was using it as a test gineau pig just so I can do some parity stuff and see what damage I could do to the array. I figured I'd beat up a 120 Sata, 12gig IDE and a 40gig IDE. Well that was the plan at least.


    My 120gig disk seems to be still going strong.

  6. As I'm piecing my unRAID server together since I just stumbled upon this site I currently use and will be retiring a couple of toaster style NAS's for my.


    * Media collection.

    - DVD Rips

    - Music Rips

    - Home Videos

    - Tons and Tons of Photographs


    * Personal files

    - Tax information, wife owns a little side business

    - Applications I download for one reason or another and I realize I don't want to half to download them again.

    - Backup's of drivers for various computers we have laying around the house

    - Website file backup. I have a website and I often backup and store files for emergency restore


    Most of the time I use my setup to stream to a Linux based XBMC install in my living room and sometimes I watch XBMC in my home office on a XP machine. Might as well since all the files are centrally based on a server huh? ;)

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