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  1. Sorry tr0910, i forgot to mention the original hero that started it all, thanks man!! I will get this working.
  2. for sure it does. I appreciate you guys taking the time to teach people. Family first for sure Hoopster!
  3. thanks Hoopster, i will follow your advice.. i am going to try again this weekend as I have kids activities all week. It's a little confusing jumping around pages trying to get it to work. You and Ken-ji are heros
  4. thanks ken-ji. i got most of it working, just didn't survive a re-boot.. thanks for helping me, i want to get this Freenas out of my house and over to my parents as soon as possible in case of a fire or anything else. Don't want to move it until I got this figured out. I have been working on computers for 30 years but this stuff is fairly complicated. Even getting the key file from one computer to the other was a pain in the ass Going to read through the thread again to see if i missed anything. One other thing i was thinking of, if I want to sync from my unraid server to the Freenas, should i generate all the keys and such on the freenas server? i will only be doing one way syncs from my unraid server over to the Freenas.
  5. once i got to this step: # Copy files back to /root/.ssh folder and set permissions for key files and known_hosts and authorized_keys cd /root/.ssh cp /boot/config/sshroot/* /root/.ssh/ chmod 600 * I rebooted my Unraid and got this.. Everything was working until i rebooted Unraid. I think the Freenas side is ok still. I was reading and was able to fix the 500 server error by commenting those lines in my go file and ssh into the box and typing chmod +x /sbin/init. Not sure what is going on, thought i had it beat.
  6. thanks man, must have missed that.. had family over this weekend.
  7. this is the screen i get.. this is my unraid box. When i run the command, it asks for passphrase then proceeds to copy the files to my freenas box.
  8. ran those commands on Freenas and it is asking me for my passphrase when i try to run an rsync test, but i got no errors.
  9. thanks dude I will try that. you guys are much friendlier than the freenas guys. I tried to setup an openVPN client in freenas to connect to my unraid server and they weren't very helpful.
  10. thanks hoopster.. ken-ji, i have no idea how to do that.. i am like hoopster, pretty good at following instructions. unfortunately, freebsd it greek to me..
  11. hey, i was trying this on my FreeNas box since i will be backing up unraid to it. I copied and pasted the exact command on unraid and it seems to work. Wonder why the exact same syntax doesn't work on Freenas.
  12. hey thanks pal, will give it a try.. hoopster, i copied and pasted your command, same error, am i missing something?
  13. hey guys, i got to the if [ ! -d .ssh ]; then mkdir .ssh ; chmod 700 .ssh ; fi and it says if: Expression Syntax. then: Command not found. fi: Command not found. any ideas?
  14. yup, i VPN in but i have PFsense as a router. VPN isn't all that easy to setup.
  15. I think you can add them to the go file on flash drive
  16. good luck.. i only had about 10 tb and it was a nightmare.
  17. figured it out, sorry, didn't know i needed to go into the media folder to find my disks, i was looking for mnt..
  18. here is a screen shot of where I end up.
  19. hey guys, got this installed but cannot see my disks. under host path 2, i put /mnt/ but cannot find my disks anywhere. am trying to use this instead of MC, need some help please.
  20. hey quick question. is there any way to pass through the Intel GPU to use for my VM to record blueiris? I want it to just run a window in the background. not boot up like it's a bare metal machine.
  21. hey Jonathanm, i just stopped the parity and decided to copy the files over. I didn't want to wait the 10 hours, just to then copy the files over, then do the parity again. did I screw it up? or am i just unprotected until the copying and parity is done?
  22. I was able to Telnet into the server and use midnight commander. I browsed to disks, then the Seagate disk. I then copied 1 directory back to /mnt/disk3, I hope this is right
  23. decided to stop the parity. is there an easy way to mount the drive and copy the files?