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  1. Hey guys, trying to figure this out. I have 2 500gb NVME drives in a ZFS cache pool that are saying 402gb used which doesn't give me much space left. when i go into Krusader and look whats there, it seems to only come up to 251gb. can anyone help shed some light on this for me?
  2. Hey guys quick question. I have a few things setup with Swag. Radarr, Sonarr, BitwardenRS, and Nextcloud. I moved Bitwarden back to them hosting it instead of me but i still have the docker on Unraid. Sometimes when i try to use Nextcloud, it says server is not available. To fix this, i fire up the Bitwarden docker and then Nextcloud works again. Anything i can look at? want to delete Bitwarden but for some strange reason, it is tied to Nextcloud.
  3. i just did this and it was super easy. docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar the highest it would go though is 19. something, no 20.
  4. thanks Cornelious, just tried that and it worked as you said. One thing i was wondering, i looked at the Nextcloud share and it was set to use cache drive, not sure if that is right or not. My cache drive was starting to fill up so i set it to not to use cache drive.
  5. hey guys, have Nextcloud up and running great after watching SpaceinvaderOnes video. Just wondering how i add my wife and kids and have their photos from their phones upload to their own home directory and not upload into my folders? any help would be appreciated.
  6. removed parity 1 from server and back up and running. doing a couple backups then trying warranty with Seagate. thanks again, still have never lost a file with Unraid.
  7. thanks so much, saved me some anxiety.
  8. and I would still be protected all be it from parity 2? I was thinking instead of spending 300 on a new drive, I would just send this one in for warranty. when it came back, I could go back to dual parity.
  9. what if I go from dual to single parity? do I just do a new config and add the drives back to the positions they were in? I have a few backup servers and don't really need the dual parity.
  10. do i just run it with a stale config while the new drive pre clears for the weekend? thanks again for your help.
  11. what would be the best way to replace? I have a missing parity disk, a new drive that needs clearing and parity that is invalid.. all the drives are encrypted, not sure if that matters. I will probably replace the a schucked 10tb with a Wd red 8tb internal.
  12. I went to check the server and that drive is making repetitive clicking noises so I shut it down. should I just go get a drive tomorrow and unplug the parity drive as I preclear the new drive?
  13. thanks so much! server-diagnostics-20200918-0102.zip
  14. hey guys, started getting read errors on a shucked Seagate parity drive. A couple hundred relocated sectors. I thought maybe i should do a parity check and this is the screen. Maybe i shouldn't do a parity check? Going to buy another drive tomorrow. Any ideas not to lose anything?
  15. any ideas what i am doing wrong?
  16. was able to SSH in and reboot, seems better now. it started a parity check, not sure if i need one. this is the rclone i was trying to run.. rclone -vv sync "/mnt/user/ServerBackups/" // and attached is a picture of my SMB mount of a freenas share at my folks house. it's weird that it says free 0
  17. hey guys having an issue with my server. i was trying to setup an rclone from my unraid server to my freenas server that are connected via VPN. I made a script that copied everything from my /ServerBackups to // which i mapped to a SMB share. the script started throwing up errors about running out of space which is weird as i have a ton of space on my Freenas server. Then i get the following screen trying to login. All my disks are not showing up, it looks like my config is totally gone. Hoping someone can help me recover.
  18. i use Duplicacy after being in the same situation. I have about 300gb of photos and videos. My backup is to USB and over to parents house. I also have a Freenas server there that i rclone to as well as duplicacy to. I also do a rsync and duplicacy to Onedrive.
  19. I tried and couldn't get it working. I know this isn't helpful but i just spun up an Ubuntu Server command line VM and it works perfectly.
  20. i was running 6.8.3 and still had the issue. It was weird because 18.04 loaded perfectly..
  21. found the fix after trying many things.. here is a link.. https://nezhar.com/blog/fix-ubuntu-19.10-stuck-on-splash-screen/
  22. hope this is the right forum for this. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 as a VM in Unraid and it worked perfect. If i install Ubuntu 19.10 or upgrade to 19.10 from 18.04 after the install i get stuck on the splash screen and cannot get it working. Anyone have any experience with this?
  23. i can't get this installed. I don't have the br0 network, a little confused. any help would be very much appreciated. Thinking about just spinning up a linux VM but would rather run a docker.
  24. thanks man. I just ran another parity check, didn't even know about a non correcting one. thanks for your help. been using unraid for many years and still learning new things about it.