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  1. I have 6 drives attached to the SATA ports on the motherboard and then 6 drives are attached to a PCI SAS card. I have disabled the onboard SAS in the BIOS. Do you have a link to what that person said? Would like to read more up on it. I could take 2 drives off of the SATA ports on the motherboard and plug them into the SAS card but just seems odd that everything was working great and now it isn't.
  2. Update: I decided to pull out all my drives(thank god for Rosewill's hot swap server chassis) and just boot up. Now I can boot the USB drive. I am thinking it might be a PSU issue but have a question. Could I be drawing too much power from the drives? I have 12 drives in the server and it was running fine before. It is as barebones as I can get it. 12 drives and 1 SAS card and a USB keyboard and USB thumb stick connected to a monitor using the onboard VGA port.
  3. Okay cleared CMOS and set Legacy USB Support to Auto(it was enabled) and still won't boot from any USB. I feel like this is a complete loss and need to buy a new mobo/cpu/memory. Is there anything else to try?
  4. So I messed something up in changing all the BIOS settings and locked myself out of the BIOS because I am using a USB keyboard. I am going to clear CMOS tonight which should reset all the BIOS settings and hopefully get myself back into the BIOS. Once that is done I will go through and see if the settings you said to check are correct.
  5. Yes I see the devices in the boot options. I haven't tried resetting the BIOS to defaults yet. I just am confused as to how it was working and everything was great to not working now.
  6. I have checked the BIOS and did all the recommended things that were in the documentation. I even selected it through the boot menu on the BIOS and it still won't boot from any of the USB devices.
  7. Unraid Version: 6.8.3 Motherboard: SuperMicro X8DTL-3F rev2.01 CPUs: Dual XEON L5640 Hi, I hope someone can help me with my issue. So today I was noticing that my server was running the fans a bit more than normal and when I went to the Dashboard I noticed that most of the threads were running all over the place which is unusual for my server. I checked top and saw that containerd and dockerd were using 100% of the CPU. I shut down docker and then just to be safe I shut down the server. When I powered it back on I now get this message that it can't find the
  8. Would it be possible to add sshpass into the nerdpack? I am wanting to use it with UserScripts to reboot my wireless ap weekly.
  9. Okay maybe that is over my head. I was just wanting to be able to copy files internally while something was downloading or uploading without one something suffering(I usually max out my connection when downloading something). I will unplug the 2nd nic and then delete/rename the network.cfg and network-rules.cfg
  10. So I have 2 nics and decided to plug in the 2nd one so I can use one for copying stuff locally while the 1st one can handle all my dockers and VM. I shutdown the server and then plugged them in and the first boot up it was fine and showed the IP when the server came to a login prompt. Then I tried to enable the 2nd nic within the webui and it locked up. Couldn't hit the webui anymore so I rebooted. Now it won't show the IP at the login prompt but I can ping the IP of both nics(I have them statically configured on my router) and I am able to get to the webui and login. I feel th
  11. I am unsure what is going on. Every so often one of my cache drives just goes offline. Then I have to shutdown unraid and bring it back up and life if fine for a bit. I am not sure if the drive itself is going bad or something else. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. I have attached the logs
  12. Thanks binhex, Updated right now and it is all working again.
  13. It was this docker container. I also used the other one that was on community apps. I haven't tried to use one natively. I prefer the docker over making a VM and trying it that way.
  14. Hi, I am the one that wrote that on makemkv forums. I never did find a resolution. Version 1.12.0 doesn't have the problem and when I upgrade to any version after 1.12.0 it takes hours to convert the audio. I just started leaving the tracks in the original format and then use handbrake to convert.
  15. For the repository box input this. jlesage/makemkv:v1.7.1 That will change it to the 1.12.0 version