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  1. Hi, I have tvheadend installed on Unraid 6.3.5 - M/B: Supermicro - X10SLL-F CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1265L v3 @ 2.50GHz HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled Cache: 256 kB, 1024 kB, 8192 kB Memory: 16 GB (max. installable capacity 32 GB) Network: eth0: 1000 Mb/s, full duplex, mtu 1500 Kernel: Linux 4.9.30-unRAID x86_64 Tvheadend is attached to two hdhomerun network devices (first generation which produce mpeg-2 output) connected to an antenna for OTA content. I'm not using this much - but tried a few things and some work some don't (at least for me). I'd
  2. So... I went up in this thread, and apparently the answer might be to go back to unraid 6.2.4. Is this the official stance too?
  3. Hi, any update on this particular problem. I'm sort-of in "limbo" - not sure how to best resolve the issue. I started this procedure hoping I can undelete some files (pictures). But it turns out that there are bigger problems lurking in the background. fsck is not working reliably fsck is reporting strange filesystem problems, which a cursory monthly scan of parity doesn't reveal fsck is also modifying the image to the point that it is no longer mountable. (it was before running fsck). Probably crashing in the middle of the procedure did that. Here is
  4. Here are another two runs, on the dd image pulled from a 2TB HDD: root@Tower:~# dd if=/dev/sdg1 of=/mnt/hdd5-reiserfs.dd bs=4096 conv=noerror 488378638+0 records in 488378638+0 records out 2000398901248 bytes (2.0 TB, 1.8 TiB) copied, 23448.1 s, 85.3 MB/s root@Tower:~# reiserfsck --rebuild-tree --scan-whole-partition /mnt/hdd5-reiserfs.dd reiserfsck 3.6.25 ************************************************************* ** Do not run the program with --rebuild-tree unless ** ** something is broken and MAKE A BACKUP before using it. ** ** If you have bad sectors
  5. Hello; Thanks for making this docker available. I decided to experiment with it; simplicity is definitely a huge advantage over all the other media servers out there... Can you check if you have the same error message in your log and if not, suggest why is happening to me, and a possible solution: [2017/03/12 16:18:28] utils.c:279: warn: make_dir: cannot create directory '/var/run/minidlna' [2017/03/12 16:18:28] minidlna.c:400: error: Unable to create pidfile directory: /var/run/minidlna/minidlna.pid Further to that - I've got quite a few warnings about some issues
  6. Hi, Background: I upgraded yesterday to the new 6.3.2 version (and upgraded to a new motherboard - x10SLL-F-O - in the same time) apparently w/o issues (Thank you!). However, after a short time I started receiving plugin errors (missing files, and an endless loop from a tenacious plugin wanting to send statistics from my system). Reading also in your note: Limetech quote: Plugin Authors: as posted earlier, your plugin may not function properly depending how how POST requests are handled, see: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=55986.0
  7. Hello, Thank you for sharing this application with the unraid community. I recently added your plugin to my unraid server. I'm reporting a couple of issues, and I have a couple of questions. 1) false positives Ignored Errors & Warnings Suggested Fix Docker Application tvheadend is currently set up to run in host mode The template for this application specifies that the application should run in bridge mode. For your reference this link: https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/tvheadend/ "Host vs. Bridge If you use IPTV, SAT>IP or HDHomeRun, you need to create the contain
  8. Aha! got it now! Thanks so much! I didn't realized that the nerd pack was downloaded but not installed. I just turned on all the tools in the pack and inotify among them. Went back to checksum added one more directory in the configuration, and this time it didn't complain about inotifywait anymore. It just asked me to restart the monitor, and I did, and it appears that now it started: Monitor Status: Running Checksum Calculations Idle Verifier Status: Idle Now one last question: do I need to start a manual checksum first, or will it do it alone? - not finding any checksum (this is t
  9. That was fast! Thank you for your reply. Essentially that's what I did. But nothing happened with inotifywait config file. Again - steps I've taken: - already had the NerdPak installed, long time ago. It also was up-to-date. - today I just installed checksum suite. It complained about inotifywait not running right after installation. - I thought NerdPak doesn't have inotify tools, and added the plugin again, but nothing happened, since it was already installed. I could perhaps have uninstalled it, and reinstalled. - then I went to checsum (Create/Monitor settings) and started add
  10. Hello; I know this tool is not developed anymore /and all discussions dried out about 3-4 months ago - but those still using it, perhaps can assist with a setup question. I just installed checksum suite, and it complained of inotifywait not installed. After going back and forth several times (because I already had Nerdpack installed), i discovered that Inotify needed to be set to monitor directories. I configured it, but then none of those directories I've set in the confguration menu, made it into the config file. That stayed sample.conf, and if I deleted it, it got recreated a
  11. Thanks so much, Sparkly, for the quick reply and ... sorry for the trouble... The update didn't pick the new version up unfortunately, so I decided to delete container and image and re-download from the repository. Strange enough, even if your update is there in the template (I can see it), the version downloaded is still 5.0.1: From the log: ... INFO 16:28:42.306 [main] Starting Universal Media Server 5.0.1 As for the web plug-gin- I found it somewhere. I have to search it again (I'm not sure it is in fact web management interface), and try it. Thanks again. hg
  12. Hello Sparklyballs; You pointed me a while back to your version of dockerized UMS... and I'd like to try your ums template - can you please update it to point to the latest version (currently 5.1.4 http://sourceforge.net/projects/unimediaserver/files/Official%20Releases/Linux/) of the sw? https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/sparklyballs/universal-media-server/dockerfile/ As a matter of practicality, if you don't mind me suggesting this for easy maintenance ... you may want to declare a version variable at the top of your template, and use that, instead of hard coding the version fu