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  1. Thanks. I found it. I have mcelog installed now. I've done a dump... but, i'm not noticing anything obviously different. ( like i don't see an mcelog file in it). I'll upload the diagnostic.
  2. Ah, thanks. I see it. I have Nerd Tools but not this piece. So, i guess at this point there are no forensics because i needed to have had mcelog installed when the failure was detected? Or is there a way to run something now?
  3. My system was DOA on monday. I had to press the reset button to get back in. I'm running 6.9 beta 30. The system has been running without issues since the event. But i just noticed that i have a "Machine Check Evens" error logged in Fix Common Problems. It suggested that i install mcelog, but cant find that. But i was able to go to diagnostics and get a dump. Any... suggestions?
  4. I just had my 6.9 beta 30 server hard lock as well. I couldn't SSH, all VM's were gone. Couldn't get to the web console etc. Resetting the box got me back in. VM and Dockers look to be back. I've never had unraid hard freeze... that i can even remember. Maybe in the 5x days. This particular system was setup with 6.9 beta 25, then upgraded to 29, and then 30 about a week ago. Now that i'm back in, is there any forensic data that i can pull from the system?
  5. Is there a currently supported solution for this problem? I have a website running in docker and i need the DB to be up and running before the web server container starts.
  6. Wow. that is interesting. Thanks. I rebooted and i'm watching the log. ( after closing a bunch of old webgui tabs and... so far so good.
  7. Not sure if this was the correct place to put this but i'm having some issue with a log being filled. My first hint of trouble was an email saying: error: error setting owner of /var/log/nginx/error.log to uid 0 and gid 0: Operation not permitted I ssh'd in and ran a couple of commands and see this: root@TheBronze:~# df -h /var/log Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on tmpfs 128M 128M 0 100% /var/log root@TheBronze:~# du -sm /var/log/* 1 /var/log/ 0 /var/log/btmp 0 /var/log/cron 0 /var/log/debug 1 /var/log/dmesg 0 /var/log/docker
  8. Updated from Beta 25 to Beta 29. 0 issues so far. System continues to be stable. Four VM's (2 VNC, 2 dedicated GPU). Maybe a dozen docker containers ranging from Tomcat, SQL Server, Letsencrypt, and a number of others. The only issue so far impacting me is the lack of daily email. I saw that there was a hot fix for that, but I haven't applied it yet. Wanted to make sure that things were running well first.
  9. Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge in this thread. I've been curious about getting a SQL Server Docker image working for some time but never dabbled until today. I was losing faith when I saw that the official container was not supported anymore but this thread got me up and running. I'm not very strong with Linux, or Docker.... but this thread made it very easy. What i did: I started with Merrrp's config on GitHub. I went to the Dockerman folder (on my the unraid flash drive) and created an xml file with the contents of Meerp's config. Re
  10. Ok, yeah that worked like a charm. Glad i asked, I was half way down the road to reading up on the dd command for creating these from the command line in linux. Didn't look that hard, but it was much nicer to be able to create it from the GUI.
  11. Interesting. So i was over thinking this. I'll give that a shot, thanks.
  12. I've got an UnRAID host with a VM running ( two actually ), and i'm running the 6.9 Beta 25 build with it's epic multi cache disk setup. What i'd like to do is have the OS vdisk on one drive, and the photoshop scratch disk on a different drive. Problem is Photoshop won't let me make a mapped drive the scratch disk. So... i was thinking that maybe i could make a second vdisk, (which lives on a different ssd) and map that in the xml. Question is, can i create a blank vdisk... from the command line? Is that the best way to do this in UnRAID? ( Very open to alternative solutions t
  13. Hm, I didn’t try that. Maybe I’m over thinking this issue. It’s probably quite the edge case that I need to delete something that she’s created, and vice versa. And when that happens I can ssh and chown. It just took me by surprise that since I was logged in as me when I migrated her data over that she couldn’t delete files. I didn’t think of it at the time.
  14. Sorry, i didn't have notifications turned on for this post. ( wish it did that by default, rookie mistake on my part ) Your test results don't match mine. When I mount the a Secure drive via a specific user from windows, if you ssh into Unraid you can see that the file is owned by that user. And from Windows I can not delete files that the other person created. I mounted the shares via 'net use' My goal for user accounts was so that each person could read/write anything ( no matter the owner ) on shares where they have read/write permissions. But not be able to delet
  15. My wife and I are part time photographers and can generate lots of data. I use unraid to house the terabytes of images that we have. In order to mitigate risk, i would like for each of us to have our own user account but be able to read/write to some of the same shares. Problem is even if we both have read/write access, if she creates files as her self, i cant delete them. And vice versa. Is there not a way to have a readwrite share create the files as 'nobody' so that we can both manage them? Seems the only solution is to share an account. Windows is no help since we cant have