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  1. So I have an unassigned device that has some files with extremely long file names, long enough that path + filename can exceed the 255 character limit that most windows programs can deal with. I use a workaround where i create virtual shares(?) in smb-extra.conf that point to subdirectories several layers deep with a single character label. Example: [Q] path = /mnt/disks/Extra/Sync/Queue/Incoming/ browseable = yes public = yes writeable = yes In this case, "Extra" is the unassigned device, and "Q" is the resulting share that points to the path above. Doing this keeps path
  2. I have also been struggling with this. I'm tempted to try 6.8.1RC1 since that updates Samba to 4.11.4 Interesting, what's the performance like when you use IP address?
  3. None of my torrents start in deluge anymore, not sure exactly why. My main private tracker says I am not connectable. I have what should be the relevant ports forwarded from my router to my unraid IP address. I also have upnp and whatnot turned on. Despite that, nothing is downloading. I feel like somewhere along the way I may have broken something somewhere while tinkering. I do see this in the log: 12:08:42 [WARNING ][deluge.i18n.util :83 ] IOError when loading translations: [Errno 2] No translation file found for domain: 'deluge' 12:09:59 [WARNING ][delu
  4. I am not sure how long this has been going on, torrents are kinda secondary for me but now i realize that i am dead in the water. New torrents added to Deluge do not download. My main private tracker says I am not connectable. Deluge has been my main torrenting container for a while, but after some troubleshooting, I went ahead and installed a fresh instance of the LinuxServer QBitTorrent container, but it has the exact same issue. Unable to even begin a download. I have what should be the relevant ports forwarded from my router to my unraid IP address. I also have upnp and whatnot
  5. I just lost 2 months of files due to this. i just wasn't thinking and made error after error after ERROR!. OMG. I almost did backups first, but i decided to tackle the problem i was having with mover first. Obliterated hundreds of gigs of files on my cache. WTF was I thinking? FML.
  6. As with someone else, I would like to request some conf.sample files for the LinuxServer Ubooquity container. I am trying to set it up with DuckDNS validation and am utterly failing to make it work. I've tried everything that used to work for me, and that I have found in this topic and the Ubooquity topic that pertain to it.
  7. I've reached the point where the same thing is happening to me. I'm having no luck fixing it. Have you resolved this?
  8. Any idea why Mylar now shows "None (master)" as the version at the bottom?
  9. So I had this working until recently, but I moved and it seems that Cox blocks port 80 nowadays. I had been configured to use DuckDNS for my domain, with http verification. That no longer works at all, and my certs expired and now they can't renew. So I decided to try the DNS validation....Cloudflare doesn't seem to work with DuckDNS since my domain not a registered DNS. Is my only option to buy a domain name? Is there any way to make the DNS validation work with DuckDNS domains?
  10. So that would mean 0-7 are the first CCX, and 8-15 are the second, right? I assume that mixing and matching between the 2 CCXs would be bad. I'll likely give my VM sole access to a whole CCX, so 8-15, unless thats a bad idea for some reason.
  11. How should CPU pinning be handled on a ryzen chip? I assume the CCX makes it slightly more complicated. I guess the real question is, what is the layout of the CPU/Threads for 1-16?
  12. How should CPU pinning be handled on a ryzen chip? I assume the CCX makes it slightly more complicated. I guess the real question is, what is the layout of the CPU/Threads for 1-16?
  13. I built my current Windows 10 VM with virtio-win-0.1.126-2.iso, and I see now that there is a much newer stable version available. What would I need to do to update my VM with the newest VirtO? Do I need to do a full reinstall? Or is it simply just mounting the disk and then installing the handful of drivers I installed previously? I ask because I am getting some weird slowdowns and short lockups randomly, and I'm trying to rule out as many potential causes as possible. Thanks!
  14. I am also experiencing the CPU core issue. I assume that editing the XML manually will allow me to enable the other 3 cores that are greyed out to me, but I don't know exactly what that should look like. I have an i3-6500, so 2 cores, meaning 4 logical cpus. The XML file currently shows: <cputune> <vcpupin vcpu='0' cpuset='0'/> </cputune> Would I increment only the vcpu or both? Thanks.
  15. FWIW, the current fix is definitely usable, but it's still much less usable than it was a few versions ago. For example, I was just trying to delete things in picture mode, and had the detail window up in front of the results. I chose a few files to delete, and selected to delete them. Nothing happened, visually. I could not close the details window anymore, but I could still reduce the size of the results window. So I had to put the results window into window mode, and then move the detail window out of the way of the delete prompt so that I could choose to actually de
  16. I'm having an issue on the current build where after choosing to delete some duplicates, the results window gets lost behind the initial window, and there is no way to get it back. The height and width are set to 1600 and 900. I'm not sure if my usage of the details window while choosing the files is contributing to the issue.
  17. Oh, I saw the notes about the changes to updates and notification changes, and had already updated my notification settings to include the OS updates 4 times a day. As for the new page, I guess I was expecting the plugin page to have a new tab for OS updates, due to it saying "enhanced plugin manager" with separate sections for both. Thanks for the info, I see it now under tools. Does the lack of a button for checking for updates mean that it checks every time you access/refresh the page as well? Thanks guys.
  18. My plugin manager seems to be semi-broken now, after updating and rebooting. I have cleared my browser cache and tried the different themes. I don't see the new section for OS updates, and the entry for the OS isn't in the list at all The check for updates button is gone. I have a mysterious "retry" button at the top of the list.
  19. Thank you CHBMB! I had it like this before: location / { proxy_pass; proxy_max_temp_file_size 2048m; include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; } But that was not working. Now I can get to it. I didn't realize that the reverse proxy prefix needed to be part of the location, rather than simply as part of the server_name.
  20. I found on the ubooquity website, but I am not really sure how to make that work with docker containers. Anyone have any insight on how to possibly pull this off? Also, I see that Ubooquity now has a beta for version 2.0.2. Is there any way to set a flag to install this beta version?
  21. Have you or anyone managed to fix this issue? I'm trying to upload an 8GB ISO to mine and it is refusing to work.
  22. I installed the Linuxserver LetsEncrypt container for the first time last night, and the template I used via Community Applications set it up with bridge mode and 80 -> 80, 443 -> 443. I don't see anything at the github page that says to swap to host mode.
  23. How did you go about configuring this docker to work with LetsEncrypt? I'm using the LinuxServer LetsEncrypt docker container, and I have been having trouble getting it to work at all.
  24. I'm currently trying to get this working with the LinuxServer Ubooquity docker, but I am not having much luck yet. I think part of the problem is how Ubooquity is meant to work with HTTPS. The ubooquity settings request a keystore file (.jks) in order to enable HTTPS.