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  1. Djoss - Firstly, thank you for this docker! I use it several times a week and it saves me a lot of time being able to download directly to my Unraid server. Unfortunately, after the recent update, I've been experiencing problems. In essence, after it starts the download process, the docker just stops. Checking the log, I continue to get the following error: invalid source position for vertical gradient. Edit: I did a bit of testing after uninstalling the docker and reinstalling. It only seems to hangup when I'm processing multiple files for download. If it's only
  2. Sorry for the potentially stupid question, but if I am connected to my VPN from my Unraid server, does it route all of the traffic from my server through said VPN including docker traffic? I see a lot of discussion around reverse proxy setups and I was just wondering what was the necessity to do that if a VPN connection was constantly maintained from Unraid. Thanks.
  3. This app just saved my bacon! Complete end user error on my part. I just wanted to say thank you for the development and distribution!
  4. Upgraded this morning. Completely flawless and took all of 5 minutes. My compliments!
  5. OK. I can certainly try USB2. Still looking for clarification on if the "device" field needs to be completed. And if so, how I identify/map what that designation might be... Thanks!
  6. Sorry. You are correct. I selected Smart and APCSmart for cable and type. I have not tried swapping out the USB port. Only because when I run "lsusb" it identifies the UPS. Does the 'Device' field need to have a value?
  7. APC BR1000G. I lost the original cable, so ended up purchasing a replacement off of Amazon.
  8. Trying to setup the APCUPSD. I have an APC UPS connected to my Unraid server with a smart usb to RJ cable. It recognizes the UPS in the UPS details bottom section, however, continually gives me a "lost communication" error. I have set it as USB: Smart and Cable: APCSmart. I am a bit of a linux novice, so did not set the device field up (left it as default). Predominately because I do not know how to map the connection to the appropriate TTY (if that is correct). I travel extensively for work, so would sleep better at night knowing that if I do have a power outage th
  9. Disregard my previous issue. I figured it out. As I suspected, it was something stupid: rclone was not installed correctly on my remote machine.
  10. Rclone authorize “dropbox” Edit: I've tried both connecting via the 127.x.x.x:53682/auth as well as pluging in my Unraid server's address with same port.
  11. Forgive the newbie question: Having a bit of trouble rclone setup and specifically authorizing dropbox. I am working on a remote machine, select the option during the setup, login to the terminal on my remote machine but can not authorize dropbox. It does not direct my browser and the address just times out. I'm sure this is simple, but would appreciate some assistance. Thanks.
  12. Thank you for the prompt response! Creating the "openvpn" folder in /root did not work, however, putting it in /boot/openvpn did. Thanks!
  13. Same deal; it will not let me choose a file. Seems very straightforward other than that. Can someone advise?
  14. this might be a stupid question, but I couldn't find it in my search so I just wanted to confirm: can you only have one cache disk at a time? when I initially setup my unraid box, I had a spare 150gb (SSD), so I used it for my cache disk. Now I find myself occasionally running out of space on it (and then I have to manually execute the mover) and would like to upgrade. I have a 1TB drive that I could replace it with, but I'm concerned about mucking up my Plex package (I have all of my metadata stored on the cache disk). If I can't add two cache disks, is it as simple as just MCin