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  1. wedge22

    MineOS local server help

    I figured out the issue, I had purchased the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft thinking it was the full game, I have now found out its the Pocket Edition and I cannot login to the MineOS server I created on it, I purchased the game directly from Mojang and can see my server and login with no issues. I now have to try and get a refund from Microsoft.
  2. wedge22

    MineOS local server help

    I have installed MineOS docker and I am able to login and create a new server but any IP and port combination I try to use fails. If I set to the default port with no IP then the server works but I cannot access it. I have forwarded the port in my router to the IP of my unraid server. I am not sure what it is that I am missing but I am sure it's something simple.
  3. wedge22

    Sab and Sonar Docker Settings

    Ok I have been trying to get Sonarr to rename and sort my TV Shows but I am having issues with the root folders, how do I set these up in Sonarr so they can be found? My unRAID server has a /mnt/user/Media/TV Shows directory where all of my TV Shows are stored, I cannot set this as a root folder within Sonarr, therefore nothing is being moved from the /downloads folder that was setup previously. I have everything working now, all files are automated via Sonar and renamed via Sonar, thanks for the assistance earlier.
  4. wedge22

    Sab and Sonar Docker Settings

    Yes that does work, thanks for the advice. One other question, I believe it is possible for both Sonar and CP to rename and sort the files, in the past I have used SAB to do this with but I have read that this is no longer required, just making sure this is correct?
  5. wedge22

    Sab and Sonar Docker Settings

    I was actually referring to your post that you linked to prior to creating this thread, I just missed the container path option while filling it all out, I have fixed that and in doing so it resolved my issue with the SAB settings and the temp and completed download folders. I have included screenshots below of the settings now.
  6. wedge22

    Sab and Sonar Docker Settings

    I thought that the mapping I have setup in the container settings was correct for the downloads, mnt/cache/appdata/downloads. I believe my issue is related to the folder settings in SAB itself, what am I supposed to use for Temporary Download Folder and Completed Download Folder? Am I missing another setting somewhere in the SAB container?
  7. I know this must have been asked many times before but I am going to pull my hair out soon in frustration. I have recently setup SAB and Sonar and used the advised settings for the Dockers as per Squids post, so that they are both looking for downloads in the following location, mnt/cache/appdata/downloads/ I am having issues with the folder settings in SAB itself as it also requires folders to be setup for downloads. I have included screenshots of my settings below.
  8. Well thats good too hear, I think it is all resolved with the BIOS update.
  9. So I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version and this has resolved the issue for some reason, I do not understand why but many thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Many thanks for the digging, not sure what the unRAID driver removed error is all about either, like you said, probably not good. The other issue with the CPU is of more concern, I will have to dig a little deeper into it, I guess a BIOS update is the easiest thing to try first.
  11. I am only running 1 VM at a time and I have allocated 8GB out of total of 16GB in the server to a VM. I have a Intel 5930k cpu. What do you mean by machine type? I have added a screenshot from system stats tool, the area marked in the blue square indicates the time Youtube is running very poorly on the VM and the VM has over 90% CPU usage in Task Manager.
  12. I am bumping this back to the front page as I urgently require assistance with this issue. I cannot think of anything else to try.
  13. I have been having issues lately with both high disk and CPU usage in any VM, this makes the VM unusable, to try and resolve my issues I have done the following troubleshooting. TRIM SSD's which were used for cache pool Gone back to 1 SSD cache and 1 as Unmounted device, tested with vdisk on either drive Created a new vdisk for Windows 10 VM and Ubuntu VM, no change in performance on either SSD Ran 3 passes of Memtest, no errors Followed all CPU pinning guides on this forum, isolated Cores for VM use only, pinned other cores to Dockers and unRAID VM cores 4,5,10,11 unRAID 0,6 PLEX 3,9 Sonarr 2 CouchPotato 3 Sab 1,7 I have attached my diagnostics file along with screenshots of various troubleshooting steps, any and all help appreciated. wedge_server-diagnostics-20170220-2051.zip
  14. wedge22

    Reducing Cache Pool To 1 SSD

    They both have space available. The vdisk is 100GB with a fresh windows 10 install. The SSD is 240GB and has room to spare.
  15. wedge22

    Reducing Cache Pool To 1 SSD

    Do you mean the vdisk that I created or the SSD itself?