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  1. Always same with Open Source stuff .... somebody deems that for security reasons changes have to be made but nobody cares that the non geeks are left in the cold
  2. THX.. waiting for the swap file one to be verified to upgrade to 6.1
  3. can we have this integrated in Unraid core asap? this plugin saved me a lot of times when automated moving and renaming screwed up.... i assume it will not work again with the changes made to 6.1 so the sooner we get this in unraid core the better for everybody
  4. Which is why I will NOT be upgrading to 6.1 unless this is made compatible or the features from this that I use are put into the unRAID GUI. We have the basic chicken vs. egg issue here. I do not typically upgrade my server to the latest version until it is out for a few days. Therefore, I have no way to test or make changes to unMENU. From what I've read, the /root/mdcmd shell command no longer exists. unMENU uses it to get the status of the array. /root/mdcmd was just a interface to /proc/mdcmd. You could try putting it back into place and see if everything starts w
  5. Can we please get this into unraid as a setting? it is so handy to have a recycle bin sometimes when most of my downloading and moving is automated... when the automation screws up i can still recover the files from the recycle bin If not anyone care to adapt the plugin ?
  6. Same question as my machines don't have that much ram so before i upgrade i want to be sure about this
  7. updated - added parameter and al working fine again Thx
  8. 60 TB drive in a windows desktop could be the end of unraid ..... no need for extra hardware .... all depends on the cost of that drive .... second one for backup and you have an array of 2 drives instead of 2 x 11 drives (if you count 6tb drives which are available now)+ 2 x sets of hardware less electricity... less heat in my office think i am going to buy a few more second hand 2tb drives to replace the 1tb 's is still have and hope these 60tb drive will not be too expensive was considering buying 2 x 4 TB drives for parity drives in my 2 servers and gradually replace
  9. did you put the UI file in the appdata/crashplan folder ? not in program files/ crashplan folder as then it won't work..... please rename first the current ui file in the appdata/crashplan folder as that one is the one for your windows session.....
  10. hi, you need to copy it to c:\ProgramData\CrashPlan\.ui_info there will be probably one there from your local windows..... rename that one first as you will need it when you want to connect to your local windows session .... and for some reason you now need to change the service host too here c:\Program Files\CrashPlan\conf\ serviceHost=192.168.x.x servicePort=4200 please use your own unraid ip original will probably be #serviceHost= servicePort=4200 like this i can connect to my unraid servers ... need to rename the every
  11. I pm'd him and he will have a look tomorrow.... so a little bit patience ... i can confirm that the trick above works for tunneling in ....
  12. don't worry too much about it .... it is just changing an url to the new 4.30 package in the crashplan install file of his docker in fact only needs to change a 2 to a 3 give him some time and he will do it .... did somebody PM him already ?
  13. well i had same issue with the windows version ... was also running 4.20 there upgraded the windows version to 4.30 and it works but only for the local windows one..... even with the port tunnel i only get the gui from the local windows machine so i wonder if we need to upgrade to 4.30 to get it to work again ?
  14. anybody else having issues accessing the crashplan gui's since this morning ? i tried with the old putty method and the mate gui... splash screen shows on both but doesn't go further
  15. NO GUI ? just a task running in the background ? how you gonna compare things ?
  16. did something change with the behavior to install packages in the extra folder ? i have a wake on lan package there that i need to auto wake up my other server and seems this is not installed automatically any more after the upgrade from b15 to rc4 ? do i need to add the install line again in the go file ?
  17. Due to both my unraid servers not being too powerfull did i need to run a third server which has a SA controller which is not supported by Unraid, so i choose to run Ubuntu on that one i installed docker on it and mounted more or less the same filestructure as my unraid machine this works well for all dockers we make in this community but i always need to start them with the whole line as we did in the beginning and it is a pita I was looking for other docker gui programs and am using dockerui for now but comparing that wih the docker gui from unraid is comparing apples with lemons
  18. works fine for me only one little thing i had issues with was that i needed to put localhost in headphones instead of the ip address.... headphones and musicbrainz running on the same docker server
  19. ok running the docker on my ubuntu server docker installation only question is what we need to put here for value ? <Environment> <Variable> <Name>BRAINZCODE</Name> <Value></Value> </Variable> </Environment> i started the docker like this docker run -d --name="musicbrainz" -v /mnt/cache/musicbrainz-docker/data:/data -v /mnt/cache/musicbrainz-docker/import:/import -v /mnt/cache/musicbrainz-docker/config:/config -p 5000:5000 --restart=always sparklyballs/musicbrainz and he is downloading the database dump now .. but i
  20. Plex is a great option for this.... they have a lot of apps for different tv's and a lot the little top boxes i myself have an Apple tv on one tv and on the other TV an android based top box where i installed the android plex client on all works great .... my parents live 600 km's away from me and on their samsung smart tv i just installed the plex app and they can watch tv eps from my server
  21. Their VMWare image is 40 GB big and they already put a warning there when turning the thing into a development box that it could run out of space so your 30gb vm might be too small
  22. anybody got this working ? there is a free mirror out there but still a lot of issues connecting to that one too so running our own server is still better
  23. works fine for me i have had no issues so far with this release everything works good
  24. this rutorrent works great ... better then deluge in my eyes