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  1. install 6.6rc3 again. reboot. delete (or rename) /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.plg. reboot.
  2. Hi, CHBMB Can you think of any reason why LE 6.5.2-rc2 works on my Hauppauge 950q, but 6.5.2 doesn't? With 6.5.2, the driver is loaded, the adapter is detected, but I get no signal when trying to tune a channel. Only thing I see is that the filesize of bzfirmware is 11M with 6.5.2-rc2 and 4.5M with 6.5.2.
  3. LibreELEC with a USB hauppauge 950q tuner.
  4. Updated the plugin, removed the line from my go file, rebooted and it works. Thanks!
  5. As mentioned above, I had to add chmod -R 777 /dev/dvb to my go file for these v6.5rcX builds for the tuner to appear in tvh. I didn't need that previously. It might be worth a mention in the first post or release notes/change log when v6.5 final comes out.
  6. It uses version 1.57 of WG++ and doesn't work with some of the newer sites.ini
  7. FYI, my 950q is working again with rc10b. Thanks!
  8. You probably missed the part in the first post on adding --device=/dev/dvb/ to the Extra Parameters section of the TV docker you are using.
  9. Tried that new version with my 950q and it didn't work for me. On my first reboot, I had the tuner plugged into the same bus that my flash drive is plugged into and unRaid was almost unusable. It took forever to get the GUI up. Rebooted with the tuner in a different USB port but the tuner still wasn't recognized. I ran out of time last night and had to get a working system back up, so I didn't investigate further.
  10. The output for 6.3.5 is empty too. Is that command correct? I did notice the directories in that path appear to have a bunch of files in the format like dvbname.ko.gz. In 6.4rc6, I thought the filenames were like dvbname.ko.xz, but am not 100% sure. Does the compression type matter?
  11. Sure. The output for 6.4rc6 is empty. I'll have to get you the output for 6.3.5 later tonight or tomorrow.