What is your default browser of choice?


What is your default browser of choice?  

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On 1/6/2022 at 1:44 AM, ChatNoir said:

Hum, it's complicated, so I did not vote.  :D


I generally use Chrome, but I access Unraid through Firefox so that I keep my general web-browsing and Unraid management separate. 

Very similar I use Opera normally and Firefox for unRAID and most of my internal sites.

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It's interesting to think back on why I had upgraded from one browser to the next...I wonder what's after Brave?


In reverse chronological order:

Brave - for privacy/security

Chrome - integration across devices

Firefox - because IE stunk

IE - because it's bundled

Netscape - can't remember why I switched

Mosaic - graphics based browsing rules

Lynx - text based browsing rules

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Well Chrome on all x86 devices so Steamdeck & unraid server & VMs.

But Safari main machine is arm m1 mac & I use safari as the password manager works much better than chrome it also syncs all across the devices. There is also an iCloud sync for chrome but weirdly it doesn't work on mac's OSX so only works on x86 chrome...

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