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  1. @ich777 Swapped the GPU slot from the first to the second GPU slot on the motherboard, started the system & now normally the driver will crash in less than an hour but now seems to be working fine. I even tried transcoding more than 8 streams of HEVC 4K on Plex without any failures. I restarted Plex docker multiple times trying to initiate any failures, but it seems that all is working great. As I expected, it must be the motherboard dying. Conclusion: nothing wrong with nvidia driver plugin yay.
  2. I have been having issues on the system anyway from system temps, to strange behaviour in shares conflicting with the LDAP & some other issues I was noticing and can't figure where to start fixing them, so I just wiped my system clean. I'm restoring the VMs & Dockers but need to reinstall everything else & configure my system correctly. My system was installed i think mid 2017 and many changes have been made with lots of hardware configs, this will show if I got motherboard issues or otherwise. will update once im done, which will take some time 😅 EDIT: reset the bios, removed any extra usb devices, same issue aaaaaah... I'll probably rey placing in a different pcie slot or switching the GPU for another. EDIT: I think changing the GPU from PCIe slot 1 to the second one may have fixed the issue. I will update this post if anything changes.
  3. @ich777 I have the bios page of all motherboards I own in bookmarks, bios is always fresh & I must test the system stability specially for the servers. I reverted the system back to the stable unraid build 6.10.3 & I will try to figure out what wrong. could be a motherboard dying or motherboard related issue. nvidia-persistenced: nvidia-persistenced failed to initialize. Check syslog for more details. anyway thanks for plugin and all the work you put in.
  4. Rebooted the system & enabled above 4G decoding, the driver loaded fine and everything works without an issue, less than an hour later this is the result here is the diagnostics copy
  5. C-state is disabled, 4G Decoding is disabled by default but will enable it later today. I had the plugin installed since it was release long time ago but I tried removing the plugin and driver several times & reinstalling it with multiple reboots. nvidia-smi shows "No devices were found", The message changed from the previous message as the post above now it just shows No devices were found.
  6. @ich777 forgot about that, also the whole system froze & had to do a hard reset.
  7. Same issue here on the since installing 6.11.0-RCx
  8. I think this will be fixed once you update the app via console
  9. Just a note, The app hasn't been updated for a while so if you check your logs you will find 2 lines of command, you can execute using the console to update it. yarn add --dev prisma@latest yarn add @prisma/client@latest I would like to thank @SmartPhoneLover for bringing the docker to unraid, can't live without it now
  10. For any further server customization you need to look at the official default homeserver.yaml config file where you can choose what you want to change from the default setting included in the generated homeserver.yaml file.
  11. Whops, I "ALWAYS" look things up, except for this time as thanks for pointing me lol
  12. it started with 6.11.0 RC1, I was hoping to get a response from the quiet ones from the community to see if we all or most have the same issue.
  13. Since I upgraded to the 6.11 RC I can no longer download or even see any plugins. All I get is "Please wait, retrieving plugin information ..." Any fix for this issue?
  14. @MaX93 I still got the same issue, this happened on both of my servers after the new update.
  15. All my onboard NICs & PCIe cards are intel, I have a couple of cheap single NIC PCIe cards from Realtek for experimentation 2x4 NIC cards are Intel i350 Dual NIC card is Intel 82576