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  1. I used to have lots of crashes with the early launch of the Ryzen 1700x but mostly due to the ram incompatibility, eventually I looked at a similar ram in the compatibility table of the motherboard and set the clocks and speeds accordingly. I have the corsair LPX 3200 clocked at 3000 timings at 15-17-17-17-35 & been up for over a week since the last update, if the ram isnt listed you might want to do the same & get the best performance out of the CPU if needed. As @johnnie.black said, you can run without overclocking for a while to see if there are any other underlying factors that might have lead to the kernel panic.
  2. I too have a Diver's license & skills lol <-- sorry couldn't resist. @zspearmint welcome to the team.
  3. @FoxxMD noticed that this docker will shutdown if any of the firewall (pfSense) or ISP Router are rebooted & will not start until done manually. EDIT: I think it might have been fixed.
  4. sorry i was excited trying to install everything at once, but it didn't take me long to find it out as it was basic troubleshooting.
  5. Thanks for all the dockers. I have all the Shoginns installed & they are all working perfectly. although shoginn-flightradar24 wouldn't start with the MLAT enabled.
  6. The server used for the riot.im is called Matrix, I have it installed on an Ubuntu VM & I would love having it as a docker.
  7. I got a spare RTL-SDR installed on this docker. Its up & running but the question is what does it do or what is it for?
  8. @limetech I didn't want to open a new thread for this as its tiny issue, when trying to change the description of my server with the new update I cant use "&" the "&" and anything I type after will disappear.
  9. @FoxxMD There was a docker update this morning, any new changes? I checked the github & docker pages with no changes in the last 6 months.
  10. thanks for the tip, might come handy next time this happen, anyway found it as a good time to tune nextcloud & secure it also improving upon ldap integration.
  11. aha I had a temp win10 vm i dont use much, but once started all gone... thanks for the tip. Once I shutdown the extra VM they all came back.
  12. Just reporting the same bug, all VMs were working fine - VMs running are (FreeBSD & 2xWS2016) but once I started a win 10 VM all the VMs disappeared from the list but they are still accessible. I have sufficient memory to run them all. vidas-syslog-20191117-1019.zip
  13. This is not my first time uodating, I've been using nextcloud for years now. But this is the first time I encounter something like this. I'm trying to find the root cause of the problem but not sure where to look other than into the config. EDIT: I will delete Netcloud and the appdata & reinstall it again.
  14. there was the 17.0.1 released today, unfortunately I did the update then at the end when I clicked on web update I got a blank screen! I went into the config file & changed the maintenance from "False to True" & back, removed the docker & reinstalled it but nothing worked. I still get a blank screen. anyone with a similar situation?
  15. did something change with the latest update? for some reason my flight24 feed is down while flightaware is still working! I'm looking into the fr24feed.ini but not sure where the problem lies. Nevermind, the problem was in a VLAN I added & also added a DNS entry in the main LAN DNS that rendered half my server useless.