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  1. Non of your array or cache is formatted! you need to format your cache drive first, check the info down next to start and stop the array.
  2. try going to Tools, New Permission, User shares & select all. might fix your problem.
  3. I did join the active directory a couple of times & when I removed my server from active directory back to workgroup everything goes back to normal.

    Dashboard bug

    I just join one of my servers to Active Directory & the interface shrunk similarly lol, I will try leaving the and see if it changes. EDIT: Yup, leaving the AD returns it to normal.
  5. My Main unraid server is on its build 14.x.x & my other unraid server is on it build 6.x.x, I used multiple motherboards from AMD & Intel with different CPUs & Memory from different generations. I have switched parts & cards around, basically its not windows so I never go a BSOD I never had an issue moving the drives from one system to another, lets just say I'm a happy customer.
  6. I just went on amazon and bought an RTL-SDR just for your docker, very interesting. Back in the 90's I had a hand held illegal scanner lol thanks for the work.
  7. 1st pfSense box with physical LAN " and 2 VLANs "" "" 2nd pfSense box with 1 VPNLAN "" L2 Switch with 2 connected pfSense boxes and 3 VLANS in total. Server 1 has an intel i350 Quad GBe (Balance xor) "LAN" & a built in 1GBe "SLAN" Server 2 has 2 built in NICs "LAN & "SLAN" The issue mainly was a mis-configured VPNLAN port that was able to get into the routing table via br0
  8. I had the same issue on both servers, then i downgraded back to RC5. Eventually I upgraded both servers again to RC6 but I deleted the /boot/config/network.cfg file and rebooted the servers & after that all was working fine. There was a long list of troubleshooting including reseting my switch & fine tuning my pfsnese.
  9. I'm actually new to LDAP as well, I'm using a Windows Server 2016 LDAP & testing it now with pfsense authetication server & nextcloud. not sure what else. I want a simple user database with a GUI, MS Server is a bit over complicated but I use it also for my network connected PCs authentication & GPO management.
  10. thats odd, i have a server 2016 VM running on one of my unraid server & I managed to easily join the other unraid to the domain, in my case its always a DNS issue. are you using a firewall or any other dns management service? also did u manage to join any windows pc to the domain?
  11. I upgraded, then started questioning my sanity...
  12. I confirm the issue has been resolved in RC4, thanks for the tip.
  13. I noticed in all 6.7 RC1, RC2, & RC4 didn't try RC3, on both my servers the transfer rates are extremely slow around 15MB/s both servers have encrypted Arrays. both servers are running multiple intel cards to a single managed switch (Vlans) & managed by a pfsense with a quad port intel i350 card. I had to revert to 6.6.6
  14. I followed the instruction, very easy and simple to setup. Thanks to everyone who worked on or contributed to this project, amazing work.
  15. This is where I part from most "Youtube cleaning methods" I clean the dust filters at least twice a month if not more, then I use a 700 WATT leaf blower once every month or two as I live in a city surrounded by two deserts "Riyadh, Saudi Arabia" So I use the air blower & after I'm done I use a smooth 1 inch wide paint brush to clean the fans and the PCIe cards, then use a smaller more smoother brush "coffee machine cleaning brush" for the delicate stuff on the board. externally I use a glass cleaner, cant go wrong with that as I keep one next to the servers.