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    lol demand unit that's would probably be the new currency here in the forums
  2. I think the more cores you use the more ram it requires. I installed Hyper-v on my windows 10 and installed a windows vm with BOINC I noticed when I limited the ram I started having issues as task failing and out of memory also the more cores I added the more memory it consumed. you can limit the number of cores if you dont want it to conume all the memory
  3. Never came to mind, its actually scary if it was being used for AI. At least if Skynet did happen the end user has the power to take their own PCs/Servers offline. EDIT: This virus might be called CoronaNet Extra 🤣
  4. Folding@Home Now More Powerful Than World's Seven Top Supercomputers Combined - Join TPU! https://www.techpowerup.com/265018/folding-home-now-more-powerful-than-worlds-seven-top-supercomputers-combined-join-tpu
  5. I bought a full license just to run a single docker & 2 VMs on a ingle M.2 drive, but the purchase wasn't for the purpose functionality rather to contribute more to the UNRAID development. I thought a reduced price with reduced functionality would be nice but in the end this is a one time payment for a lifetime support AFAIK.
  6. Folding@home reaches 470 petaflops in computing power primarily simulating COVID-19 proteins https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/foldinghome-reaches-470-petaflops-in-computing-power-primarily-simulating-covid-19-proteins.html
  7. try removing the docker & cleaning the appdata files & reinstall it again.
  8. @SeattleBandit I'm not really sure what your trying to achieve here, if your trying to access it locally just use the the IP assigned to the docker then you can access the admin interfaces & change the settings from there. I got mine up & running in minutes with a reverse proxy pointing to it, I also can access the admin panel from the internet. https://fr.sykorp.com/ https://fr.sykorp.com/VirtualRadar/WebAdmin/Index.html
  9. you mean you want to access the docker from the internet, You can setup a reverse proxy docker on port 80/443 and let it forward your traffic you what ever port you need. just setup the port forwarding in your ISP router.
  10. The Admin Interface can be accessed at http://IP:PORT/VirtualRadar/WebAdmin/Index.html did u try admin admin or admin password, cant remember if it was anything else.


    I doubt this would be made or imported into unraid dockers, if there is a demand it might happen.


    jitsi meet would be nice, Jitsi has multiple servers related to communications I think but never dug deep enough to know all. I'm mostly interested in secure VOIP & messaging platforms. I only use jitsi software for sip & XMPP with my FreePBX server. Although a FreePBX docker would be nice too
  13. @Hoopster I was about to hit join team when i heard the notification. thanks for the effort.
  14. installed Boinc & chose it. already picked up some work. how is it possible to assign a team account to it or related to the unraid team.
  15. I'm trying but folding@home is stuck on idle for 2 days so I'm giving boinc a try.... what choice to make when i install i mean which project?