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  1. I got a corsair PSU & the plugin shows on idle when HDDs are spun down, I'm running at 100 WATTS approx, my Ryzen 1700x is also OC to 3.8Ghz. In addition to a pfSense box, 24 port switch and the overhead of the UPS my power meter shows around 200 WATTS My second Unraid server is almost always offline & only used for weekly or monthly backups, but also runs under 100 watts when powered on. Thankfully, power where I live is pretty cheap at 0.05/kWh
  2. Again, I want to thank all the DEVs & community members for all the hard work and support of UNRAID...
  3. I found this CADDY v2 { reverse_proxy /_matrix/* localhost:8008 reverse_proxy /_synapse/client/* localhost:8008 } { reverse_proxy localhost:8008 } Delegation example: { header /.well-known/matrix/* Content-Type application/json header /.well-known/matrix/* Access-Control-Allow-Origin * respond /.well-known/matrix/server `{"m.server": ""}` respond /.well-known/matrix/client `{"m.homeserver":{"base_url":""},"m.identity_server":{"base_url":""}}` } { reverse_proxy /_matrix/* localhost:8008 reverse_proxy /_synapse/client/* localhost:8008 }
  4. for other types of config for any additional help, I'm always available. you can join me on Matrix or add me
  5. I still cant get the temps for my system, all firleds are blank & if i type "sensors" output: Error: File /etc/sensors.d/sensors.conf, line 3: Undeclared bus id referenced sensors_init: Can't parse bus name if i delete the file the sensors will come up but if i hit detect save, apply all will disappear, been having this issue for a while now & its so annoying.
  6. I got a WS19 VM managing my AD across all my home network & there are many things that I could ask around for help to fix or i can provide some modest help with, in short yes I think we need an AD section. I'm actually surprised it was even mentioned here, I thought AD is frowned upon in the IT community. I do not work in the IT field, its just a hobby.
  7. @ich777 Swapped the GPU slot from the first to the second GPU slot on the motherboard, started the system & now normally the driver will crash in less than an hour but now seems to be working fine. I even tried transcoding more than 8 streams of HEVC 4K on Plex without any failures. I restarted Plex docker multiple times trying to initiate any failures, but it seems that all is working great. As I expected, it must be the motherboard dying. Conclusion: nothing wrong with nvidia driver plugin yay.
  8. I have been having issues on the system anyway from system temps, to strange behaviour in shares conflicting with the LDAP & some other issues I was noticing and can't figure where to start fixing them, so I just wiped my system clean. I'm restoring the VMs & Dockers but need to reinstall everything else & configure my system correctly. My system was installed i think mid 2017 and many changes have been made with lots of hardware configs, this will show if I got motherboard issues or otherwise. will update once im done, which will take some time 😅 EDIT: reset the bios, removed any extra usb devices, same issue aaaaaah... I'll probably rey placing in a different pcie slot or switching the GPU for another. EDIT: I think changing the GPU from PCIe slot 1 to the second one may have fixed the issue. I will update this post if anything changes.
  9. @ich777 I have the bios page of all motherboards I own in bookmarks, bios is always fresh & I must test the system stability specially for the servers. I reverted the system back to the stable unraid build 6.10.3 & I will try to figure out what wrong. could be a motherboard dying or motherboard related issue. nvidia-persistenced: nvidia-persistenced failed to initialize. Check syslog for more details. anyway thanks for plugin and all the work you put in.
  10. Rebooted the system & enabled above 4G decoding, the driver loaded fine and everything works without an issue, less than an hour later this is the result here is the diagnostics copy
  11. C-state is disabled, 4G Decoding is disabled by default but will enable it later today. I had the plugin installed since it was release long time ago but I tried removing the plugin and driver several times & reinstalling it with multiple reboots. nvidia-smi shows "No devices were found", The message changed from the previous message as the post above now it just shows No devices were found.
  12. @ich777 forgot about that, also the whole system froze & had to do a hard reset.
  13. Same issue here on the since installing 6.11.0-RCx
  14. I think this will be fixed once you update the app via console
  15. Just a note, The app hasn't been updated for a while so if you check your logs you will find 2 lines of command, you can execute using the console to update it. yarn add --dev [email protected] yarn add @prisma/[email protected] I would like to thank @SmartPhoneLover for bringing the docker to unraid, can't live without it now