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  1. Well I'm not sure if I can help here, I don't have any experience with the tunneling of Cloudflare, can u do port forwarding on your ISP router? If yes then you have to Create dynamic DNS on pfSense and connect it to a subdomain on your Cloudflare, under Services click on Dynamic DNS Portfoward port 25 from ISP router to your pfSense instance IP In pfSense under the tab Firewall go to NAT and add the port 25 and forward it to your email server IP address I guess you can find YouTube videos on any of the things required to complete the setup
  2. I host my email server with 4 domains, need help maybe? its a bit complicated to keep secure. Checkout mailcow as a start EDIT: for testing you mail domain
  3. You could stream to an android or Apple device with Airsonic docker. this is the simplest method to use, i stream my music to my car andoid head unit and to my laptop or android device while im traveling.
  4. Well, I see you went through all the troubleshooting methods. Maybe unplug, remove plugin, delete the sensors config, reboot & test as a last resort. Other than that, I got no clue. Maybe someone else has a similar issue with ha different solution.
  5. For simple file sharing it works nicely, also you can map a drive to Nextcloud docker and within Nextcloud itself you can enable "external storage" and map the drive for access anywhere or sharing files.
  6. Remove this line below from your config, or delete the config file completely and run sensors from the command line again. Hopefully this solves it.
  7. @augot it was the corsair PSU plugin, once removed all back to normal. seems u have the same
  8. I use a windows VM and FreeFileSync to maintain my folder organization, I opted for the easy way. There is a docker for FreeFileSync, but I haunt got to it yet, as I backup once a month or so.
  9. i know this is old, but this is an amazing CPU unfortunatly the motherboard i have is dying and cant find a decent replacement for a decent price.... so had to go for a complete new system..... do not throw away this server... one of the most stable CPUs I have ever came accross.
  10. I got a corsair PSU & the plugin shows on idle when HDDs are spun down, I'm running at 100 WATTS approx, my Ryzen 1700x is also OC to 3.8Ghz. In addition to a pfSense box, 24 port switch and the overhead of the UPS my power meter shows around 200 WATTS My second Unraid server is almost always offline & only used for weekly or monthly backups, but also runs under 100 watts when powered on. Thankfully, power where I live is pretty cheap at 0.05/kWh
  11. Again, I want to thank all the DEVs & community members for all the hard work and support of UNRAID...
  12. I found this CADDY v2 { reverse_proxy /_matrix/* localhost:8008 reverse_proxy /_synapse/client/* localhost:8008 } { reverse_proxy localhost:8008 } Delegation example: { header /.well-known/matrix/* Content-Type application/json header /.well-known/matrix/* Access-Control-Allow-Origin * respond /.well-known/matrix/server `{"m.server": ""}` respond /.well-known/matrix/client `{"m.homeserver":{"base_url":""},"m.identity_server":{"base_url":""}}` } { reverse_proxy /_matrix/* localhost:8008 reverse_proxy /_synapse/client/* localhost:8008 }
  13. for other types of config for any additional help, I'm always available. you can join me on Matrix or add me
  14. I still cant get the temps for my system, all firleds are blank & if i type "sensors" output: Error: File /etc/sensors.d/sensors.conf, line 3: Undeclared bus id referenced sensors_init: Can't parse bus name if i delete the file the sensors will come up but if i hit detect save, apply all will disappear, been having this issue for a while now & its so annoying.