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  1. This could be a nice air filtration system nevertheless a nice build with decent specs.
  2. This is the best rule but at least keep a minimal even if local offline backup of the most important data you have just in case of something going wrong. Good luck with the new build.
  3. I'm sorry you lost all your data, I know the feeling as something similar happened to me once. In my case I was hit by ransomware but I had a second unraid server with a copy of all my dataoffline. As geek & a data hoarder I like to keep a minimal of 1 extra backup offline of all my data
  4. Did you change this line bind_addresses: ['::1', ''] to as for the DNS records you can follow this guide, its really helpful when working with the matrix
  5. I'll manage as I have some other twisted setups. just needed a confirmation to go ahead and work my ways. @CorneliousJD ok might be a thing not sure of as I'm not sure it would work but is it possible to set a port range, I remeber it was doable but cant some some reason do it now.
  6. Do we need to add the ports to the docker it self as in range of ports?
  7. I once passed 30+ days mark, i love reboots
  8. i use the same command & would love to have it on dash, but i think this topic should be moved to
  9. What a beaaaaautiful machine, elegant & multi-functional.
  10. ops sorry im using unraid beta, ypu should go with the latest it will work also.
  11. I've been running pfsense for some time now & I found out there settings will always work for me, my current settings are Machine: i440fx-5.0 BIOS: OVMF. This woks on both my server Ryzen & Intel with NIC Passthough.
  12. @Nanobug Airsonic-Advanced for straming your music library to any device. Matix a decentralized encrypted chat & VOIP... a bit tricky to setup but worth it. can be connected via bridge to Whatsapp, telegram, discord & more. Nextcloud <- self explanatory Bitwarden a password manager server Xbackbone screen capture server that works with ShareX Youtube-dl-material Video Downloader. There are more but these are some of the good ones I use. One that is most essential is a reverse proxy I personally use Nginx Proxy Manager.
  13. I started something like you with a simple 2x2tb raid HDD setup in my PC more than 10 years ago but now i have 3 unraid server with lots of HDDs. I was also introduced to the docker through UNRAID & the possibilities of hosring your own servers & services are endless.
  14. Exactly the same issue I had or still have with 1 of my 4TB Seagate Ironwolf HDDs out of the box & the HDD is still functional till this day without an issue, although I trust it less to last. did a Preclear test on it and there wasn't any issues so I use it in my backup server.
  15. @GreenEyedMonster what database are you using, if the sqlite3 then it should look like this. database: name: sqlite3 args: database: /data/homeserver.db and if you want to use postgres then database: name: psycopg2 args: user: password: database: host: cp_min: 5 cp_max: 10