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    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    I noticed in all 6.7 RC1, RC2, & RC4 didn't try RC3, on both my servers the transfer rates are extremely slow around 15MB/s both servers have encrypted Arrays. both servers are running multiple intel cards to a single managed switch (Vlans) & managed by a pfsense with a quad port intel i350 card. I had to revert to 6.6.6

    [Plugin] Linuxserver.io - Unraid Nvidia

    I followed the instruction, very easy and simple to setup. Thanks to everyone who worked on or contributed to this project, amazing work.

    Recommended Maintenance/Cleaning

    This is where I part from most "Youtube cleaning methods" I clean the dust filters at least twice a month if not more, then I use a 700 WATT leaf blower once every month or two as I live in a city surrounded by two deserts "Riyadh, Saudi Arabia" So I use the air blower & after I'm done I use a smooth 1 inch wide paint brush to clean the fans and the PCIe cards, then use a smaller more smoother brush "coffee machine cleaning brush" for the delicate stuff on the board. externally I use a glass cleaner, cant go wrong with that as I keep one next to the servers.

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    So, I have decided to Encrypt my array in this release but to my surprise while trying to move data from HDD to another the speeds wont surpass 15-16MB/s I tried moving files internally via "Krusader", then tried a VM with "FreeSync", then tried on my PC with "FreeSync", then resorted to "Unbalance". Non of the above options worked faster & I noticed the speed will fluctuate between 90MB/s to Flat 0MB/s & the system will be unresponsive for a couple of seconds befoor heading up slowly back to 90 (the unraid MAIN tab reads a stable 15-16MB/s). When I restored 6.6.6 back the copying with all the above was very fast, so I re-updated to make sure it is an issue with the new update & the copying was broke again. I re-downgraded back to 6.6.6 & probably will stick to it till I'm done copying. EDIT: Transfer to an unencrypted drive are at normal drive read/write speeds on 6.7RC1, the issue is only transferring to encrypted from an unencrypted.

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    updated & all is great, I love the new Dashboard. Great work guys.

    Pricing tiers are outdated.

    Honestly the price is low for a one time payment and & life time support, I have 2 licenses & thinking of a third as a support for this product < is this considered advertising or spam

    Do you use a VPN?

    Also I do not live in the US, my VPS where I host my VPN in located in romain & one of the reason I use it is they have "Allow IRC Servers, VPN, Torrents, Free DMCA" not to mention that the speeds are awesome where I can get my full 100mbps down without an issue & pay 2.5 USD for the service. I have tried many VPN providers through the years, the speeds are just lacking.

    RAM for Ryzen 7 [solved]

    You should check the motherboard manufacturer's website for best memory compatibility and do not gamble, the Ryzen is very selective when it comes to DDR. I got my Ryzen 1700x & Asus Prime X370 (capable off 3200MHz) about two years ago together with my first unraid, till I figured things out why the system was crashing a lot I was faced with memory comparability for the first time that I never saw in my 20 or so of years of building PCs. My memory is CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 3200 but with the latest bios & the help of reddit users it is currently clocked at 3000MHz but the timings are at 16, 16, 16, 16 36.

    [Request] Streama

    I just realized that as I'm new but I was thinking of moving it into a VM with a GPU passthough, but that will be for the future to decide. So far I'm loving the interface & ability to customize a lot of features but what I'm missing is a decent way to get subtitles. This is just ,y second day with Emby, I will figure things out.

    [Request] Streama

    Plex removing the plugin support is removing me from their support, I have switched to Emby today and I'm going to be testing it in the next couple of days. So far I love it specially the ability to transcode via GPU on a docker (I think) & I'm able to customize it.

    Do you use a VPN?

    I actually use the resolver 99% of the time , but sometimes I do forward some queries for home lab testing & experimenting.

    Do you use a VPN?

    VPN providers know you are using a VPN & can manipulate your data, log your DNS queries & retain it as long as they wish, as on a VPS you can utilize it as a multifunctional server & one of these services installed is a VPS with the option of hardening the security. In addition you almost never get the full speed your ISP modem is capable of with any reputable VPN provider & the encryption set to a minimal as the higher the encryption the more CPU usage will be. On my server I utilize DNSCrypt in conjunction with Unbound & with unbound you have multiple option of hardening your DNS, that VPN link is connected to my pfSense & here I have all my DNS queries sent over HTTPS (CloudFlare, QuadDNS, OpenDNS), my encryption algo is set to AES-256 there are more options on the pfSense box that will be lengthy to mention. The VPS I use has a (Allow IRC Servers, VPN, Torrents, Free DMCA) policy.

    Do you use a VPN?

    I use a VPN, but I do not trust any commercial or private company. I build my own VPN servers on a VPS & as always if compared to the highly priced low quality commercial providers mine are very fast & reliable. The VPS I'm using has gigabit uplink, 2GB ram & 2 cores for the high price of 2.5 USD a month, while connected though my pfsense I also forward some ports.

    Unraid OS version 6.6.6 available

    I get the flash in the banner, but only noticed it when you mentioned it

    Secondary NIC DNS Option

    I have a pfSense with a VPN connection, unraid has 5 NICs 4 in 802.3ad for the LAN and the other NIC is used for VPN. My network is segmented as follows: LAN: WLAN: VPN LAN: < all the above are setup to access VPNLAN but it cannot access them back. My problem is under network for any other than the main NIC or Bonding I can't set the DNS & I need to have some dockers and VMs on the VPNLan, to solve this I have to use an external DNS i.e which is not a favorable option as I'd rather have everything passes through the firewall. VMs work fine without an issue but dockers are my main problem here, I manually tried adding a dns server under /boot/config/network.cfg but some dockers will not function properly. This could be a future request but as the NIC can already get an IP though DHCP, why not the DNS as well.