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  1. This is not my first time uodating, I've been using nextcloud for years now. But this is the first time I encounter something like this. I'm trying to find the root cause of the problem but not sure where to look other than into the config. EDIT: I will delete Netcloud and the appdata & reinstall it again.
  2. there was the 17.0.1 released today, unfortunately I did the update then at the end when I clicked on web update I got a blank screen! I went into the config file & changed the maintenance from "False to True" & back, removed the docker & reinstalled it but nothing worked. I still get a blank screen. anyone with a similar situation?
  3. did something change with the latest update? for some reason my flight24 feed is down while flightaware is still working! I'm looking into the fr24feed.ini but not sure where the problem lies. Nevermind, the problem was in a VLAN I added & also added a DNS entry in the main LAN DNS that rendered half my server useless.
  4. never mind, I hosted NPM docker on my other unraid server & it works.
  5. If you have either a pfsense router box or a pfsense VM or you can install pfblockerng package, if the packe is setup correctly it block different IPs from different country's by adding multiple lists to block suspicious or suspect IPs from connection or scanning your server. VPN does not make you safe, this is a misconception. VPN basically encrypts your connection through your ISP to another ISP (VPN provider) so you can bypass country restrictions or avoid being detected as a direct user for whatever activity you might be doing (downloading torments or accessing sensitive docs in your country)
  6. yes, it is in docker mode. I tried every possible variation from docker mode, host mode, different ips & last night I wiped my pfsense & reinstalled fresh copy & spent a couple of hours re-configuring to find out i still get bad gateway. I think the problem is somewhere in the docker configuration or network on the unraid server it self but I cant find it.
  7. I'm pretty sure this has been discussed somewhere on the forums, but let me explain my not so complicated yet unsolvable "Bad Gateway" problem. The network is as follows Lan SLAN WLAN VPLAN1 VPLAN2 Vidas: has 3 networks: - - I changed unraid default ports from 443 to 9989 and 80 to 8182, NPM is on bridge on ports 443 and port 80 all configured will I can access services on the VM either locally or from the inter, but when trying to access Docker services I get bad gateway!!! to solve this is issue I have setup NPM on another unraid server. I need the NPM to be on port 443 for my local serveries to be accessible via lan
  8. barely used the cable, I upgraded the PSU to something that has more sata connectors.
  9. I try to avoid anything molex all together when i can, I used to use a sata Splitter I got from Amazon, seen too much horror on youtube.
  10. Thank you so much for this docker, it is exactly what I was looking for to assess my network & server setup
  11. As the title suggests, when I checked in the forums today I noticed the duplication for some reason. Tested on Firefox 67.0.3 & Edge
  12. i switched back to the Ryzen. the main problem was as always the incompatible memory... I have the Corsair LPX 3200 (Clocked 2933 - 15-17-17-35). I took a look at its closest compatible module from corsair which is the 3000mhz that was clocked at 2933 according to their memory QVL and set the memory to automatic and changed the voltage and timings manually to the timings matching the listed one. Since then I have never seen a crash yet I'm still in a bit of a worry if it might crash at any given point but managed to get 4 days before I manually restarted to add some cards & drives. This used to happen a lot before disabling the c-state, is it disabled in your case? Under windows when u install AMD chipset drivers AMD also installs their own power profile to keep the CPU from idling and crashing.
  13. the app has been updated, I love the new GUI. very sleek new look.
  14. I've been on a Ryzen 1700X for over two years & last night I switched it with a 6700K. Unfortunately The first & second Ryzen gen have memory comparability issues & my server wasn't stable enough. Just make sure you choose the correct memory that is compatibly with your motherboard of choice.
  15. Thanks for the continuous effort UNRAID team & devs, both servers upgraded & running smooth.