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    LDAP Suggestions/help?

    I'm actually new to LDAP as well, I'm using a Windows Server 2016 LDAP & testing it now with pfsense authetication server & nextcloud. not sure what else. I want a simple user database with a GUI, MS Server is a bit over complicated but I use it also for my network connected PCs authentication & GPO management.

    Domain Connection Issues

    thats odd, i have a server 2016 VM running on one of my unraid server & I managed to easily join the other unraid to the domain, in my case its always a DNS issue. are you using a firewall or any other dns management service? also did u manage to join any windows pc to the domain?

    Unraid OS version 6.6.7 available

    I upgraded, then started questioning my sanity...

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    I confirm the issue has been resolved in RC4, thanks for the tip.

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    I noticed in all 6.7 RC1, RC2, & RC4 didn't try RC3, on both my servers the transfer rates are extremely slow around 15MB/s both servers have encrypted Arrays. both servers are running multiple intel cards to a single managed switch (Vlans) & managed by a pfsense with a quad port intel i350 card. I had to revert to 6.6.6

    [Plugin] Linuxserver.io - Unraid Nvidia

    I followed the instruction, very easy and simple to setup. Thanks to everyone who worked on or contributed to this project, amazing work.







    Recommended Maintenance/Cleaning

    This is where I part from most "Youtube cleaning methods" I clean the dust filters at least twice a month if not more, then I use a 700 WATT leaf blower once every month or two as I live in a city surrounded by two deserts "Riyadh, Saudi Arabia" So I use the air blower & after I'm done I use a smooth 1 inch wide paint brush to clean the fans and the PCIe cards, then use a smaller more smoother brush "coffee machine cleaning brush" for the delicate stuff on the board. externally I use a glass cleaner, cant go wrong with that as I keep one next to the servers.

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    So, I have decided to Encrypt my array in this release but to my surprise while trying to move data from HDD to another the speeds wont surpass 15-16MB/s I tried moving files internally via "Krusader", then tried a VM with "FreeSync", then tried on my PC with "FreeSync", then resorted to "Unbalance". Non of the above options worked faster & I noticed the speed will fluctuate between 90MB/s to Flat 0MB/s & the system will be unresponsive for a couple of seconds befoor heading up slowly back to 90 (the unraid MAIN tab reads a stable 15-16MB/s). When I restored 6.6.6 back the copying with all the above was very fast, so I re-updated to make sure it is an issue with the new update & the copying was broke again. I re-downgraded back to 6.6.6 & probably will stick to it till I'm done copying. EDIT: Transfer to an unencrypted drive are at normal drive read/write speeds on 6.7RC1, the issue is only transferring to encrypted from an unencrypted.

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    updated & all is great, I love the new Dashboard. Great work guys.

    Pricing tiers are outdated.

    Honestly the price is low for a one time payment and & life time support, I have 2 licenses & thinking of a third as a support for this product < is this considered advertising or spam

    Do you use a VPN?

    Also I do not live in the US, my VPS where I host my VPN in located in romain & one of the reason I use it is they have "Allow IRC Servers, VPN, Torrents, Free DMCA" not to mention that the speeds are awesome where I can get my full 100mbps down without an issue & pay 2.5 USD for the service. I have tried many VPN providers through the years, the speeds are just lacking.

    RAM for Ryzen 7 [solved]

    You should check the motherboard manufacturer's website for best memory compatibility and do not gamble, the Ryzen is very selective when it comes to DDR. I got my Ryzen 1700x & Asus Prime X370 (capable off 3200MHz) about two years ago together with my first unraid, till I figured things out why the system was crashing a lot I was faced with memory comparability for the first time that I never saw in my 20 or so of years of building PCs. My memory is CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 3200 but with the latest bios & the help of reddit users it is currently clocked at 3000MHz but the timings are at 16, 16, 16, 16 36.

    [Request] Streama

    I just realized that as I'm new but I was thinking of moving it into a VM with a GPU passthough, but that will be for the future to decide. So far I'm loving the interface & ability to customize a lot of features but what I'm missing is a decent way to get subtitles. This is just ,y second day with Emby, I will figure things out.

    [Request] Streama

    Plex removing the plugin support is removing me from their support, I have switched to Emby today and I'm going to be testing it in the next couple of days. So far I love it specially the ability to transcode via GPU on a docker (I think) & I'm able to customize it.

    Do you use a VPN?

    I actually use the resolver 99% of the time , but sometimes I do forward some queries for home lab testing & experimenting.

    Do you use a VPN?

    VPN providers know you are using a VPN & can manipulate your data, log your DNS queries & retain it as long as they wish, as on a VPS you can utilize it as a multifunctional server & one of these services installed is a VPS with the option of hardening the security. In addition you almost never get the full speed your ISP modem is capable of with any reputable VPN provider & the encryption set to a minimal as the higher the encryption the more CPU usage will be. On my server I utilize DNSCrypt in conjunction with Unbound & with unbound you have multiple option of hardening your DNS, that VPN link is connected to my pfSense & here I have all my DNS queries sent over HTTPS (CloudFlare, QuadDNS, OpenDNS), my encryption algo is set to AES-256 there are more options on the pfSense box that will be lengthy to mention. The VPS I use has a (Allow IRC Servers, VPN, Torrents, Free DMCA) policy.

    Do you use a VPN?

    I use a VPN, but I do not trust any commercial or private company. I build my own VPN servers on a VPS & as always if compared to the highly priced low quality commercial providers mine are very fast & reliable. The VPS I'm using has gigabit uplink, 2GB ram & 2 cores for the high price of 2.5 USD a month, while connected though my pfsense I also forward some ports.

    Unraid OS version 6.6.6 available

    I get the flash in the banner, but only noticed it when you mentioned it

    Secondary NIC DNS Option

    I have a pfSense with a VPN connection, unraid has 5 NICs 4 in 802.3ad for the LAN and the other NIC is used for VPN. My network is segmented as follows: LAN: WLAN: VPN LAN: < all the above are setup to access VPNLAN but it cannot access them back. My problem is under network for any other than the main NIC or Bonding I can't set the DNS & I need to have some dockers and VMs on the VPNLan, to solve this I have to use an external DNS i.e which is not a favorable option as I'd rather have everything passes through the firewall. VMs work fine without an issue but dockers are my main problem here, I manually tried adding a dns server under /boot/config/network.cfg but some dockers will not function properly. This could be a future request but as the NIC can already get an IP though DHCP, why not the DNS as well.

    RFS or XFS or BTRFS

    Some changes are coming with the next kernel update to BTRFS https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&amp;px=Btrfs-Speed-Boost-4.20

    X399 motherboard it87 driver for temps

    @testdasi modprobe it87 force_id=0x8620 this works for my Asus prime x370 AM4 socket, but with the new update i no longer need to use it, perhaps the devs can add the driver by the neext update for the x399

    X399 motherboard it87 driver for temps

    The new build of unRAID already has it87 drivers built in, I no longer have to input the command in CLI anymore to get Dynamix System Temp to work.