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  1. Whops, I "ALWAYS" look things up, except for this time as thanks for pointing me lol
  2. it started with 6.11.0 RC1, I was hoping to get a response from the quiet ones from the community to see if we all or most have the same issue.
  3. Since I upgraded to the 6.11 RC I can no longer download or even see any plugins. All I get is "Please wait, retrieving plugin information ..." Any fix for this issue?
  4. @MaX93 I still got the same issue, this happened on both of my servers after the new update.
  5. All my onboard NICs & PCIe cards are intel, I have a couple of cheap single NIC PCIe cards from Realtek for experimentation 2x4 NIC cards are Intel i350 Dual NIC card is Intel 82576
  6. Anyone having issues with the plugin "system temp" after the update I can no longer get the plugin to display sensors on both servers. I posted under the plugin thread, but no one there.
  7. Cant live without it I had my first unraid installation a couple of years ago on a 64 GB drive while testing cause that's what I had on hand, works fine.
  8. Everything was working fine till the previous version of unraid 6.9, but with the last update I no longer can monitor my temps on both servers "specs in signature". EDIT: I found /etc/sensors.d/sensors.conf & removed old saved senors and fixed it but if i save the sensors via the unraid GUI the temps disapear again tried multiple times, if I clear the sensors.conf file & detect I see all temps, but once configured and I click on apply all the sensors disapear. untill i clear the seconsors.cof file again.
  9. did u set your network card mtu, also if you have a switch you need to enable mtu as well. Also there is an issue with setting it to 9000 my dockers become unaccessable via reverse proxy in the end i revered back to default.
  10. will be a nightmare trying to preclear or transfer a single 1mb file
  11. look at my name I have an offline backup so my main production server is my test server as well.
  12. this was quick "It's an issue we're aware of, it's been fixed in the upstream base image so the next build of the qbittorrent image will have the fix. In the meantime just roll back to the previous image release if you need the umask functionality."
  13. @Linguafoeda I had an issue with my unraid a couple of days ago & I thought it was the USB & after 12 hours of work and ivestigation a member noted that there might be an issue with the USB port I was useing... it was I had wiped all my system & restored it and finally the system was back online.... @ the same time qbittorrent updated & I messed up my system thinking it was something in my config eventually I realized it was the docker it self that changed 🙄 The PAIN. Thank you for the quick help.
  14. @Linguafoeda unfrotunatly I'm here for this issue, it's very annoying to set permissions for everydownload i need to change. How to do a rollback?
  15. Latest update broke permission on the torrent directory, I have to chmod the directory if i need to remove or do changes to downloaded files. "-e UMASK=000" or "UMASK 002" both no longer work I have tried everything to fix the permissions but nothing worked.
  16. Hmmm seems that did it, I'm confused now lol THANK you so much for your time & knowledge 🤔
  17. if it helps here are the diagnostics .............................. tried a clean install again, copied config dockers & VMs running but cant get network shares.
  18. This server hasnt got one, but i will finda solution soon
  19. @trurl First I tried a wipe with copying the config & then I wiped all and reinstalled without anything styill same issue presists.
  20. im kinda doing kung fu, things kind of work temporarly but here is how the GUI looks like. very strange, dockers & VMs work but shres are no existant or inaccicable. EDIT: I'n going to wipe the USB & reinstall from scratch as it might be a currput USB only (already hace a backup copy. EDIT: yup after a full wipe and reinstall of UNRAID on the same flash still got errors yes I installed the licence key as its not my first USB change, also server is on and running but cant access shares or use vms or dockers, its just online.
  21. As per the title I just replaced my old dying USB with another old temporary one, but now the temp one is dying I cant use anything on my server for the time being and its stuck on a parity check that i cant stop as its also starting services at the same time & ... yeah i need to replace the USB ASAP. Already got new usb drives but cant change the USB due to the 1 year change limitation. please advice.
  22. Based on the logs it seems the Turn server is not configured correctly, you can use the default port "listening-port=3478" without certs. But if you want to encrypt the voip communications you can use "tls-listening-port=5349" you need to have the certs. if you have "lets encrypt" or "nginx proxy manager" you can redirect your docker to look for the certs over there. The easy way is just delete the file turnserver.conf and use a free turn server on the internet, or download the coturn docker and configure it seperatly. If you need further help in matrix join my server & lets talk there you can create an account if as registration is simple.
  23. I never got LDAPs correctly cause of the certs, but its internal communication with the local LDAP server & im not opening external ports for it to work. I got no clue how to get LDAPs to work
  24. I like using their dockers but sometimes I have to revert to the official dockers to get better updates & functions, in our case LDAP was broken in all nextcloud dockers listed in the app store. what else do you have connected to your LDAP <--- off topic. I got airsonic advanced, matrix server, email server, nextcloud, & strangely pfsense for guest wifi via captive portal, so users can authenticate with their LDAP