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  1. Thanks for the advice. Looks like I'm back in action now.
  2. Hate to be a nuisance, but is anyone able to take a look at this? Thanks!
  3. I recently updated my SAB docker after a few weeks of ignoring it and now the webUI won't load. I've attached my log file, anyone have any ideas? log.txt
  4. Wow. I had this spiderweb of incorrect docker setups that actually made everything work. Sonarr was never setup to see the SAB downloads properly, but because SAB was applying categories to everything sonarr pushed into it (from the indexers), SAB moved it into a place sonarr could find it, completely on accident, and then sonarr was renaming and moving it. Thanks for the clarification! I have seen the light.
  5. Thanks jonathanm. So forgive me if I'm missing something, but Host Path 2 for radar is "container path: /downloads" and that's where it should look for the completed downloads. In the sonarr config (according to the config overview), the "/data" folder is where it should look for the downloads folder. Both the "container path: /downloads" and the "/data" folders are pointing to the same path "/mnt/cache/Media/" What's even weirder is that "/mnt/cache/Dockers/SAB/Downloads/complete" is where SAB actually puts the completed downloads...Somehow sonarr is still able to pickup the files and move them though even though that directory is not mapped.
  6. So, I’m getting the “No files found are eligible for import in /config/Downloads/complete/“ message for everything Radarr is trying to rename & move from SAB. I’m sure its my hosts and paths but I can’t seem to figure it out.. What’s funny is that Sonarr is setup the exact same way and it works fine. Here are screen shots of my setup for Radarr, SAB, and Sonarr, does anyone mind taking a look? Thanks!
  7. Somehow the preferences file got corrupt. Just deleted it and recreated anew one on startup and all is well. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Thanks I'll try that...its asking if I want to remove the image also, is that a no? Sorry I don't remember getting asked that last time I did this...
  9. Ugh. Thanks - also, I seem to have messed something else up. While troubleshooting, I checked the privileged box to see if that would fix it (it didn't), and then I unchecked it. Now that I unchecked it, my server won't even show up. Browser and devices won't pull it up at all. Any clue as to what may have happened?
  10. Here are screenshots. The one just called 'plex' is the new linuxserver.io version.
  11. I just migrated from the 'official' lime tech plex docker to this one and flex is now having trouble playing/finding my media. I copied my old plex application support folder to the new instance and it pulled all my metadata and settings over, which is great, but when I try to play a movie its telling me the media is not available. My docker setting are: PUID 99 PGID 100 VERSION: public media: /mnt/user/Media/ (Same as before) Any idea why its not working?
  12. So is it pretty much safe to say this Plex docker is no longer being supported?
  13. Awesome, thanks! I created a new share and pretty much mimicked your settings and it finally worked. Not sure which setting it was, but whatever. I did find that you can't have a backslash after the directory\routerLogs ...
  14. Still no luck...I'm only using the root share folder.