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  1. OK. Lets take the TV share for example: TV\Bob\Season 1 TV\Bob\Season 2 TV\Fred\Season 1 TV\Fred\Season 2 I would expect the TV show 'BOB' and subsequent seasons/subfolders to be on Disk1, and the TV show 'FRED' to be on another disk.
  2. Split-level is set to split the top level as required.
  3. unRAID 6.9.0b35 Parity - 4TB Disk 1 - 796GB Free, 4TB Disk 2 - 826GB Free, 4TB Disk 3 - 1.23TB Free, 4TB Disk 4 - 1.76TB Free, 4TB Disk 5 - 1.72TB Free, 4TB Cache Pool - 2x 250GB My understanding is based on the fact that I am running drives in the array of equal size, the high water level for a 4TB would be: 2TB, 1TB, 500GB, 250GB etc.. However as you can see; drives 1 and 2 seem to be continuously being written to; moreso than the other drives. All my shares include all disks; no disk exclusions etc so im at a loss as to why this is happening.
  4. Bear in mind for those with SAS2008 HBAs that want to downgrade to P16; its not a straightforward sas2flsh.exe -o -f 2118it.bin. These are the requirements I've found but the list is by no means exhaustive: You will need to clear the SBR and the Flash using megarec first. Make sure you note your SAS address prior to doing so! If running a PERC card (H200 in my case) you will need to flash a suitable Perc Firmware file THEN reboot THEN flash the P16 firmware file. Make sure you have a suitable version of sas2flsh that supports downgrades as well as IR to IT changes if you require this. I've found version 5 to work for me but YMMV. Above all else; do not rush this. It takes one mistake / reboot to brick your card. My H200 is now running P16 on 6.80rc6 with two Samsung 860 EVOs as mirror'd cache drives. Trim works wonderfully and confirmed via: root@Tower:~# fstrim -v /mnt/cache /mnt/cache: 359.1 GiB (385629904896 bytes) trimmed
  5. @digiblur The UNMS docker is no longer maintained. oznu (the docker maintainer) has announced it on his github. You will not be able to get any release past 0.13.3 (latest at the moment is 0.14.1) FYI. If you are on the 2.x Edgemax branch; I would not upgrade either edgemax or unms if it is working already as there were some changes introduced in the 2.x branch that requires the newer UNMS releases.
  6. How can I amend the dockerfile this UNMS container installs? It stills links to 0.13.3 and we are already on 1.0.0-beta / 0.14-rc
  7. Resolved - Template sets network type as 'none' by default. Corrected this to 'host' and its fixed. @rix Having a weird resolution error on initial startup of dnscrypt.
  8. How can I check to see if SAS2 works under 6.7?
  9. Not sure if this helps matters; but both my SSD drives correctly list TRIM: hdparm -I /dev/sdg | grep TRIM * Data Set Management TRIM supported (limit 8 blocks) * Deterministic read ZEROs after TRIM These are 2x 860 EVO drives in a RAID1 configuration as my cache drive. Running the latest 6.7RC3
  10. Bit of a pickle. Got an LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i card. Downloaded the P11 MegaRAID package and followed the steps; however when attempting to flash using 5IT it spits out that there are no SAS adapters. Edit - 9260 is not a SAS2008 chipset thats why Its SAS2108 so no IT mode.
  11. I've gone through each option and I've made sure to disable any and all references to virtualization. The only one I could find was SVM which I've disabled. Syslog:
  12. Its an HP Microserver N54L. I've flashed TheBay's BIOS ROM to enable AHCI and full-speed SATA. I've made sure SVM is disabled in BIOS. Checking the logs last night; I saw alot of segfaults pertaining to nzbget. (This is running in a docker container)
  13. Hi, I'm wondering if IOMMU can be disabled in unRAID? I've got a Marvel 9230 SATA card which has issues in unRAID 6. (Due to IOMMU support) Now I dont run KVM etc.. only Docker. In prior occasions, I would recall seeing DMA errors and segfaults in the logs. My parity and 3 data drives currently live off the onboard SATA connections thus are not affected by this however my two cache drives and unused 4TB 2.5" data drive (no data currently housed on this drive due to the aforementioned issues - however it is part of the array). I'll get some diagnostic logs of the faults I seem to experience tonight; but just thought I'd put the question out there. Thanks!
  14. I'm experiencing similar issues, and wonder if this is due to me having a marvel controller. I purchased a Startech PEXSAT34SFF PCI-E to Mini-SAS controller (I've got a HP N54L microserver and I wanted to run mini-SAS rather than several SATA cables due to space constraints etc..) I've switched off SVM in the BIOS but I'm still having issues with drives. Bear in mind smart reports for both SSD's and 1x 4TB connected to this controller report no issues; as these drives are less than a month old and have hardly seen any usage due to the above mentioned issue. Can I disable virtualization within unRAID altogether? I only use Docker; dont plan on using KVM etc.. Drives all show up fine and register fine on the array; its only when activity occurs (writes etc..) when things start playing up.
  15. Might be a naff mini-SAS to SATA breakout cable. I'll get a replacement and report back.