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  1. This right there solved my issue with Sonarr. Actually, to be more precise, I did the change only in Sonarr and Radarr (delete the shares and only use one /mnt/ (and /mnt/ inside the docker), I didn't change my Transmission client. But I also within the Sonarr client added a Remote Path Mapping as follows: Host: (the IP of my server) Remote Path: /downloads/ (the default download location by my Transmission docker) Local Path: /mnt/user/MEDIA/downloads/ (the hard linked folder to the same download URL). Once I did that and restarted Sonarr, my downloads finally begun
  2. Thank you @Trurl I've run last night a Parity check and it fixed the 3 remaining errors. I've also changed the docker.img path to a particular disk (now it reads /mnt/disk1/docker.img). And I've also stopped the array and adjusted it's size on the settings web interface to 20GB so it matches its real size, so it should be ok now. Thank you again for your assistance with my issue
  3. Hi Trurl. Thanks for your answer. I'm not really sure what you mean, but I'll investigate. I had to resize years ago docker.img because I was running out of space (I think because of Plex, but I'm not sure). Something got messed up, I'll investigate it. I'm not sure why is that. I'll check that too. I don't have a cache drive, so I guess I should just point it to a specific drive and that would do it, right? Yes, I lost control of it and used the terminal (it was the only visible icon from the web interface) to reboot it, but it seems like it crashe
  4. Hi, It's not the first time that this happens to me and I don't know why is this: I have around 7 dockers installed, and today a couple disappeared (Plex and Duckdns). I have no clue about why this happens. Should I be worried? Normally just by reinstalling them, the appdata is still there so nothing is lost, but it's scary. Any help would be really appreciated.
  5. Hi everybody. I'm having a weird issue with my server: it has been working great for some months after I replaced the parity drive and I upgraded the RAM after testing it without issue. But on Friday and today again, after some hours being on, it was unresponsive: services like time machine backups couldn't connect, or any docker, but I could open the admin web interface, but only the top part was visible and the bottom part was blank for every tab. The console icon was visible so I used it to reboot but despite I used it, it triggered a new parity check. Can it be caused by some d
  6. Thank you Johnnie. I forgot to mention that I followed this guide step by step and saw no error during the process: But I suspect that the old damaged disk I replaced contained maybe those errors and so they were "transmitted" to the new replacement one. Anyway, I'll follow your advice and will do another parity check this evening and check if it returns 0. Thank you again
  7. Hi, After replacing the old parity disk (3TB) with a new one (4TB, precleared) and a data drive with smart issues replaced with the old parity disk following the official guide from the wiki (fantastic guide, by the way), I performed a parity check and 244188000 errors were detected and corrected (yes, 244 millions!). The parity status is Valid. Other than that error, the server is working great, no other issue anywhere. I also replaced some SATA cables with better ones as recommended by on another thread I opened when I begun having array writing issues, so eve
  8. I agree totally. I think that, when creating a native File Explorer it should be pointed really really clear that mixing /mnt/user/ with /mnt/diskN will corrupt data. Thinking about the interface, I think it should be warned at the first use, or pointed very clearly. Not everybody knows or understand Linux and even what "mounting" is. To avoid beginners mistakes I would create "safe" shortcuts to the recommended or safe places to go to manipulate files or folders. I'm thinking about the /mnt/user/ address specifically, I think it should be the default address, and if the user moves out of ther
  9. How can you be that sure? I just ask out of curiosity, to learn myself. Because I did the SMART extended test and it was ok and there's not a single error logged into it. Again, how did you found that out? Thank you in advance
  10. Thanks for your answer. But is it 100% sure it's the disk and not the cable? What do you mean with "Parity is failing"? As far as I know, parity is still ok and no error was corrected from parity:
  11. Hi everybody, A few months ago I came here asking for help to disable a supposedly damaged disk. I followed all the instructions but the last one: actually removing the disk from the array. I did it because summer holidays and such, I didn't want to hurry it or even risking to leave the array partially broken while on holidays with no access to the server. Well, now I'm back and last weekend I had an issue with a case fan which became noisy so I replaced it and rearranged the fans in another way because the cables were too tight. Well, after it, a new array test happened and n
  12. Thanks for your answer. I did, I run the docker safe permission script but the error kept popping so I'm copying instead of moving so I'm not left with half copied folders. Maybe the safest way to move data deleting it from the original source would be: copy everything, verify, and only then if 100% is copied and ok, then delete the source. Is is done like this?
  13. I have a suggestion for this awesome plugin: I've noticed that, before any operation there's a scan of each share, folder, disk or whatever will be moved to ensure a successful operation (which is great!), but in case of warnings or issues, it's very difficult to read them, because it's a popup that disappears by itself after a few seconds, and you have no time to read it all. I think that, in case of warnings or errors, this popup should be permanent with maybe a "Close" or "OK" button. In this way the user has time to read it all and do the corrections needed to continue. Here's a screenshot
  14. I agree with you. The only reason why I did that was because the "Fix Common Problems" recommended it to me. I had it as a user share but it told me it wasn't recommended