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  1. Thank you Squid.... I was hoping something like simply executing the script by putting I am on 6.8+ but I don't have any authentication.... just root without password. THanks, H.,
  2. Hi Guys, This may be a weird request. I created a personal web site that I run locally - in the LetsEncrypt docker. I have coded the web site in php. I would like to create a button on the page that executes one or more of my UserScripts. Is this possible? I looked at the html code for the button and it shows: <input type="button" value="Run Script" class="runningNZBGetUIEdits" id="foregroundNZBGetUIEdits" onclick="runScript("/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/My script Here/script");"> What can I do to make this executable from my web page? Thank you! H.
  3. I had never noticed this....! I think I am too used to my Putty... or a terminal app on my iPad.... Thanks! H.
  4. Thank you guys. Following Itimpi's advice, I added the following to my go file. cp /boot/menu /usr/local/bin cp /boot/dock /usr/local/bin chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/menu chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/dock My two script files are called "menu" and "dock". I use these scripts for several commands that I can easily execute as needed from the command line. The "dock" script allows me to open the command line of each docker installed. This solution worked perfectly. Thank you again. H.
  5. Hi, Since custom scripts stored on flash drive now do not execute, what is the suggested method to be able to use them? I had my scripts executing within any directory. How can it be configured so the script location is on the “path”? Thank you. H.
  6. Did you download the latest version of the Docker...? In unRAID GUI go to Dockers, click Advanced View, and under NZBGet, click "Force Update".
  7. Thank you CHBMB! To summarize, in NZBGet go to: Settings > Extensions Scripts. In the field labeled ShellOverride enter the following: .py=/usr/bin/python3 This worked perfectly. Thank you my friend... and Happy New Year. H.
  8. Hi Gang, I am now getting Post Processing errors when using NZBtoSickbeard. This was properly working before. The error I am getting is: Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO Executing post-process-script nzbToSickBeard.py for Messiah.2020.S01E02.MULTi.1080p.WEBRip.x264.1-S0CKET-Obfuscated Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO nzbToSickBeard: Please use a newer version of Python. Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO nzbToSickBeard: Python End-of-Life for current versions: Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO nzbToSickBeard: v3.5 in 254 days Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO nzbToSickBeard: v3.6 in 720 days Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO nzbToSickBeard: v3.7 in 1271 days Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO nzbToSickBeard: v3.8 in 1746 days Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO nzbToSickBeard: Python 2.7 is no longer supported. Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 ERROR Post-process-script nzbToSickBeard.py for Messiah.2020.S01E02.MULTi.1080p.WEBRip.x264.1-S0CKET-Obfuscated failed (terminated with unknown status) Fri Jan 03 2020 12:57:47 INFO Collection Messiah.2020.S01E02.MULTi.1080p.WEBRip.x264.1-S0CKET-Obfuscated added to history I can see that NZBGet is using Python 2.7... but it wants a new version. I am not sure if this will solve my issue. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks, H. UPDATE: So It is the fault of Python being an older version. I tried the following commands inside the docker container: apk update && apk add --no-cache python3 rm /usr/bin/python ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python python --version I can certainly certainly a script that runs the above... But shouldn't the Docker be updated for this? Thanks, H.
  9. Do give Usenet a try. You don’t have to bother w/ upload ratios on trackers, rules, etc. one missing piece above is that you need accounts on NZB indexers.... which are the equivalent of torrent trackers. You need to google around for decent ones. once you get over the learning curve of nzbget and getting yourself into a couple indexers, it truly becomes a set it and forget it. Look at SpaceInvaderOne’s awesome videos.
  10. I use aptalca’s Calibre Docker and linuxserverio calibre-web docker. not sure why you would try to do in Nextcloud.
  11. I use Firefox browser on my IPad and it works perfectly. H
  12. Hi, I would love this... can you please clarify ‘Thanks, H.
  13. Hi guys, im dying to know. Are you guys using a dedicated bare-metal video card pass-though to the VM? Does anyone have a setup where it’s a screen share only, without Needing a Catalina compatible video card? thanks, h.
  14. Do you like this for an icon? I think its appropriate.
  15. Holy crappola.... With the VM, do I need a dedicated Mojave+ compatible video card? Or something that will give high quality desktop connection - video performance. Thank you Ed!
  16. Sorry, I was just about to edit my post to correct.
  17. Hi Guys, If this has been deprecated, is there a newer method of configuring the order of Dockers that start up? I have been relying on this baby for a long time. I still have it installed and shows up in my Version: 6.7.2. Thank you, H.
  18. What about using a terminal application like putty. It will let you customize terminal font sizes.
  19. Can anyone add new shows? It started doing this recently. It adds them, creates folder, and after a while, I refresh home screen and the show is not there. i tried tvmaze, thetvdb. W/ same results. thanks. h
  20. Never heard of either... googling how to setup static ip should yield something.
  21. What OS are you running in your HA VM? Setting static is really simple depending on the OS.
  22. Hi... I did read that. I was hoping a nice built in server blacklist rather than having to add lists upon lists of domains. i just read that there is AdGuard DNS service, listed as free. You plug in their server IPs in your router’s DNS settings, and it blocks stuff. I did a brief test and it seems to have worked on ads, but not on porn sites. I need that stuff blocked as well. is this a real viable substitute to both Pihole and AdGuard Home? thx h.