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  1. Just wanted to says thanks for posting this. I followed it (except 8 - I wouldn't know what to look for!) and didn't seem to have any problems except my Windows VM took two goes to boot but other than that all is good and my cache is now back to normal.
  2. Thank you so much, I'm very glad you returned and did this! It helped me out
  3. Ah thank you! For some reason I had misunderstood that lower section as "definitely mixing down" due to the DPL box. I'll give it a go tonight
  4. Hi, I'm struggling with my audio default. I've been looking for a while and can't figure it out. I just want the audio to be untouched with only the video compressed. I set all "Auto passthru behaviour" to checked but when I look at the GUI it always shows that it is going to convert it to AAC (which it does to the file in the output folder) I exported the preset file and it shows as: "AlignAVStart": false, "AudioCopyMask": [ "copy:aac", "copy:ac3", "copy:dtshd", "copy:dts", "copy:mp3", "copy:truehd", "copy:flac"
  5. Hi, I have a couple of simple questions, I hope you can help or point me in the right direction. For Christmas I received an internet radio/Media player (John Lewis Cello - with Frontier Silicon innards). I installed the MiniDLNA docker and it all mostly works! [Thank you binhex] But some issues I'm not sure about: 1) Any album I want to listen to lists the tracks in alphabetical order. Can MiniDLNA sort in track number order? These are tagged so it seems to make sense to use them. The Cello has no option to choose how files are sorted so the only other option is to change the i
  6. I am finally getting somewhere. As the media would not see ANY samba shares I had to move everything over to nfs. I could point to the YAMJ folder easily using the media player's browser but finding out how to get YAMJ to follow a path was the problem. I ended up using: nfs://192.168.0.XXX/mnt/user/Movies/Movie.mkv Thanks for the help. No doubt I'll be back here when trying to add a new disc.
  7. Yes, as I said my windows PC (and my linux laptop) will read and write to the unraid server. The only issue now is that, with V6, my media player will not play any media that it was happy to play under V5.
  8. Yes, all my shares AND all the discs (just in case) are Public in SMB and NFS. It used to be fine accessing YAMJ and the media via smb using smb://[root=]/TOWER/Movies/movie.mkv Now I can only access YAMJ via nfs and can I can browse the media using nfs but cannot select them from YAMJ.
  9. Do you mean passwords? I have no passwords set for unraid, yet I cannot access the shared folders on V6 that I can access on V5. I guess I don't need to worry as my windows PC can read and write happily to the unraid folders. This didn't seem to make any difference. Is there a way of comparing the properties of these shared folders against the old ones to see why the media player will see one but not the other?
  10. Thanks Trurl, I'm afraid I don't understand a lot of this. . . ok, so this is the thing that's changed since my V5. Can I change it so it works like it used to? ok, I can live with that. Ouch, I understand none of this, do you mean accessing the tower via a windows computer or plugging the USB into a pc? Will this allow the popbox media player to access the media files via route, as before? ok I can give this a go, can you explain "in charge" in this context, please? If I can't change the settings to use root again then I imagine I need to change all my YAMJ links (currently s
  11. That sounds promising. Unfortunately I don't understand how to get what you asked to check. If I click User I get just user 'root' settings with no password. I noticed when I telnet in I enter "root" and it asks for a password. V5 doesn't ask for a password. I tried adding another user with or without a password but cannot telnet in at all, only as root. btw I can (sometimes) access my Data share but not my Movies share
  12. I've got Enable SMB: Yes (Workgroup) Workgroup: workgroup Local master: No All my user shares (Data, Movies etc) have SMB set to Public and those two also have NFS set to Public. If this sounds right could it be a 64 bit thing? Or could the access to root be different somehow?
  13. Thanks for the help. I am not at the system at the moment but when it doesn't see a file it gives the message (along the lines of): Unable to establish a connection to the file smb:/[root=]/TOWER/Movies/movie.mkv So I think it's using Samba which is enabled (Samba, NFS and AFP are all enabled). I have access to the V5 USB stick which is still fine but I have no idea where to look.
  14. As far as I know I don't have any plug ins. There were none in the config folder I copied. There were two (dynamix) in the V6 config/plugins folder which I have tried with it removed and it's the same.