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  1. Thanks, let's 'pretend' I'm an idiot here... what is an '-n flag' and how does one go about removing it? And why was it added/only recently become a problem...?
  2. Seem to be having a problem with mounting my external drives (caused a hell of a problem with Crashplan!) a couple weeks ago when I updated all my apps/dockers. Here's what it's telling me: What does that all mean and why won't my drives mount all of a sudden? lol
  3. I tried clearing Chrome's browser cache and it still has the same "Execution Error" when I try to start CP. Is there another step? Do I need to restart Docker after or something? Is there a way to perhaps revert to the previous version, pre-update, before I started having issues? Just tried re-installing and I'm getting this error: Looks like my external drives aren't mounting and that's maybe causing the issue. Now I need to figure out why they're not mounting... Deleted them from my CP settings and now CP's loaded fine...don't know how/why my external drives won't mount but at least I can backup to cloud now.
  4. So I did the latest CP update last weekend (been busy hence why only getting on now) and ever since, I get "Execution Error - Server Errror" when I try to start the service. It just will not run. I tried restarting Docker. I tried removing and re-adding Crashplan. I tried deleting my docker.img file and reloading everything. I tried force update. Nothing has worked. Any help?
  5. That did it, thanks Squid. Can't believe I didn't notice cache drive missing...*palmface*
  6. Thanks Squid. Appreciated as always. tower-diagnostics-20181004-2013.zip
  7. Not sure what happened here...was doing a large backup to CrashPlan cloud...not sure if that had anything to do with it but then Docker stopped working and won't reload. I've tried rebooting the system, disabling Docker and erasing the img file and restarting it but no luck. Here's what the log says: Any help?
  8. Thanks, done that now. What do I put in 'Container Path'? I still can't seem to see the drives in CP.
  9. Well on a good note, the cloud backup appears to be doing things! However, I'v tried adding the root location of the external drives (/mnt/disks), the individual drives (/mnt/disks/2TB Backup 01) and the folders on the drives (/mnt/disks/2TB Backup 01/Backup 01/) as new 'paths' and Crashplan can't seem to see any of them as an available backup location. Not sure what I'm missing there?
  10. Thanks, so 'Storage' I need to switch to mnt/user and then add a 'path' for my external drives... Will attempt when I get home.
  11. Yeah, under mnt/user etc. Am I to gather that 'Storage' is not the path for the backup storage locations but the data I want backed up? (That's not very intuitive if so...) How do I go about adding my external drives as alternate backup paths then?
  12. I'm so lost on this. I did the migration to CP for SB months ago and it said it successfully uploaded 300+GB to the cloud (and had the internet usage to prove it, it would seem). I thought everything was running fine as I kept getting green check mark backup reports until I noticed the fine print of 0MB's being backed up... >:[ (it's been a VERY busy year). Crashplan can't seem to actually see some unraid folders for some back up sets and I can only 'see' ~40GB of the supposed 300+ that were uploaded to the cloud. Like where's the rest of my stuff...? How come I can see some UR server folders in some back up sets but not others? How come although I can see some folders in some backup sets, Crasphplan can't actually seem to see them/back them up? I tried contacting Crashplan and got this: I tried adding a container path named 'User' ( /mnt/user/ ) under 'Add another path, port, variable or device' with full read/write access but all that accomplished was making CP unable to load. So I deleted that obviously. Please help Let me know if there's any other screen captures, logs or any other info that would be useful.
  13. No it wouldn't even 'enable' until I re-pointed it to the img file. Anyway, I digress... Did that just not clear now if I should re-install old version of Crashplan before I migrate to this one or just install your new version?
  14. Thanks! Working for Plex, not showing Transmission (not a big deal) but if I'm migrating to the new version of Crashplan...should I re-install the old one or? NVM, Djoss say's I can just install new one and follow instructions to migrate.
  15. Well that's interesting.... re-pointed UN to the docker img location and now Docker is loading but without any of my existing containers...
  16. Well that's interesting.... re-pointed UN to the docker img location and now Docker is loading but without any of my existing containers...
  17. I was attempting to, yes. But now Docker isn't even loading.
  18. I was trying to migrate from the Gfjardim Crashplan container to the new Djoss one and having issues. Noticed I had some updates including one for unRAID. did those and now my Docker is failing to load. Help please (should have known better than to do this while recovering from flu...ugh) tower-diagnostics-20180121-1637.zip tower-syslog-20180121-1640.zip
  19. Trying to migrate from Gfjardim container to this one and I can't even seem to add the App. It's been a while so I'm rusty but if I recall, you click on 'Add' then check the directories and click 'Create', no? I do that and nothing happens.... Uggghhh now I tried updating UN and Docker isn't working at all FML.
  20. Haven't rebooted yet as I wanted to make sure all was running and backing up and it's doing a large'ish backup now. I'm running the gfjardim version. Can confirm, so far it's been seamless. Might have to wait until next week to confirm reboot. Interesting. I'll have to try to keep on this if/when I ever need a fresh install.
  21. Just upgraded. Have to log on to uR server when I get home and confirm everything's working as it should but thanks again
  22. Interesting. So if we update our CP accounts everything continues o work tickety-boo on uR (minus the multiple PC's)? That's good news! Thanks for being the guinea pig!