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  1. I never would have even thought to think that... thank you very much.
  2. Old thread but still relevant. I'm on 6.5.0. Randomly saw the other day that there was an update for cache_dirs available, which I thought was strange since it didn't look like there was really an update. Update log still showed the last change at "2018.12.04 - Merged updates from Alex R. Berg" Never the less, I clicked up date, and now I've started also getting the etc/cron/daily email error with the following: cron for user root /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.daily 1> /dev/null error: Ignoring cache_dirs because of bad file mode - must be 0644 or 0444.
  3. Yeah that's definitely way more than I'm trying to attempt to get this running, but I appreciate the info. I'll just stick with trakt for sync watched and deal with fast forwarding or whatever if I switch NUC's in different rooms when watching something mid-way.
  4. Is this still the only method (whether it's working or not?) of having a headless sql database on unraid? I dont believe I ever got this fully setup months ago, and had a headache of a time trying to. I'd still love to get my 2 NUC's linked together with a mysql rather than just trakt watched status sync across. I remember trying to put this together with the advancedsettings and sources xml files, along with maraidb and this docker, kodi displayed as headless off unraid, but I could never get anything to properly sync to the other NAS. Is there a better method of headless these
  5. Just want to say, thank you enormously for that well-written overview. I am starting this mysql database from scratch, and having never used mariadb or the headless docker before, I'm sure this description you gave will be very help, so I really greatly appreciate you explaining what needs to be done! Cheers!
  6. I have been wanting to finally give this headless idea a go, and have read through this thread multiple times - regardless of user error, issues with the docker that seemed to occur around when 17 and 18.0 started to come about - is this docker currently functioning? I've never messed with any mysql database stuff before, but I'd like to start although it seems daunting at first. I do have 2 instances of kodi running, 1 on a main htpc that is used the most often, and another that isn't used more than 5x a month, so this seems like the best option rather than keeping that instance
  7. I've put the host names back into the spin up group sections, with each drive having its own name. Out of all that has been brought up with this issue, my issue seems to occur with the following, and only the following: - Movies (once the download finishes, and Radarr/CP/whatever sees said files and begins to import them to the array via cache drive symlink, as soon as the files finish moving, immediately drives spin up. All of them. There isn't a notification for anything going anywhere, all Radarr is doing is just importing said movie into the list. TV does not have this issue and
  8. Update: Spin-up groups enabled, all groups are blank named, across all disks. TV episodes, no issue whatsoever, download as many, import into sonarr, kodi gets updated, no spin ups. Movies however, there's clearly a problem (which again this may go back to the issue of memory, things being pushed out of memory cache) As soon as the movie finishes unpacking and Radarr picks it up, that initial move where the file is filename.partial as it moves into /mnt/cache/Movies.... all drives spin up. Across the board, the second that movie begins its initial copy as the symlink. 6gb file for
  9. My experience, it's rare when I've seen it not spin up all drives upon mover initiating. I can think of times when it hasn't, but you're right, it shouldn't technically be spinning all drives as it is just rsync and pointing specifically to certain drives. I've removed the spin-up group names for now, will report back with anything else I see.
  10. Mover will always spin up all drives, regardless of there being files going to only 1 drive or not. I'll take a closer look into spinup groups, I've heard enough back and forth about them, the positive and negative, but assumed they were just a part of unraid almost no one uses anymore.
  11. Interesting turn of events. Ok so if I'm to understand, you now have groups enabled? Or you enabled them, set shares to groups (also cleared out the group names from each disk (how did you do this? editing disk.cfg?) and then disabled groups to make sure they flushed? I didnt even know there was a recycle bin plugin, I'll have to look into that. As I mentioned in the previous posts, I do have the issue with kodi essentially spinning up drives to capture new movies (not tv, but that more than likely has to do with sonarr's specific folder update, rather than radarr which only has the f
  12. I also have hosts next to the disks that exist: diskSpinupGroup.1="host1" diskSpinupGroup.2="host5" diskSpinupGroup.3="host2"
  13. All I can say is this is not how my system behaved before I started seeing these issues months ago. If I wrote something to unRAID using a cache drive no other drive spun up - ever. Now apparently something is pushing directory information out of the cache. I am ordering additional memory. I'll report any difference it makes. I'm also ordering ram, but as a side note, I did decide to turn off the plex docker, and sure enough, nothing spun, for an episode downloading and importing as well as! a movie downloading and importing to radarr.... honestly never would have thought thi
  14. There is nothing cache_dirs can do. Understood, but if it were a memory issue, which I would gladly expand if it was really necessary, wouldn't I be seeing a much higher percentage of ram used up if that were the case? And again, why is this an all of a sudden case, or the last few weeks for me. Just seemed like it came completely out of no where... and if I'm running into this issue at 8gb of ram, and a total of 1600 folders that are being cached, what kinda of case would people need with twice as many folders, or an even larger amount of included folders in cache_dirs?
  15. You also mentioned you had significantly more folders contained with your media. As for the change in behavior, the day I upgraded to 6.3.1 from 6.3.0, is the one day I saw no spin ups occur that weren't unnecessary ones, so for a moment there, it was all working as it properly should. I'm not saying cache_dirs isn't functioning, because it definitely does as I can essentially browse all of my media in various ways (MC, ftp, etc) without any spin ups (Explorer excluded), in and out of dirs. But when it comes to these slight changes that are apparently occurring and kicking a folder ou