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  1. Smooth update. No issues so far. Thank you.
  2. unfortunately the update rendered my usb device unbootable....
  3. DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: /home/nobody/ line 12: awk: command not found
  4. After an update I experienced the same issue. Deleting docker image and reinstalling does not correct the error.
  5. LOL . Thanks. As per the instructions it reads that the KEY should be bond0. That's how it's read imo. It's a little confusing. But all good. I finally got it to work.
  6. One would think so but this is the only way it works. I tried the method that was described here and it doesn't work. If in deed my setup is wrong then I would not be able to view the webgui, login to the web admin or successfully connect from any device. This will lead me to the conclusion that there is something amiss with the docker.
  7. My OpenVPN-AS setup to use Bond0: 1. Config Type: Variable 2. Name: Interface (I think you can name it whatever you like) 3. Key: INTERFACE 4. Value: bond0
  8. I haven't experienced this issue before either and no matter how many times I had restarted Plex or rebooted unRAID the issue persists. Though, the host to bridge to host change did make a difference for like two minutes. Now back to same issue as master.h
  9. Experiencing the same issues with OpenVPN-AS while testing bonded interfaces (bond0). Seems to be the only docker that is affected by bonding as far as I have experienced.
  10. Not wanting to hijack thread either, but with Binhex's delugevpn (or sabnzbdvpn) I don't see the need for this docker really. Even if you don't use Deluge, the OpenVPN server is fairly straightforward and Binhex fully supports his App. My two cents.
  11. I once had to give my ISP access to my modem (can't 100% remember why), and after they were done they started telling me that the admin passwords had to stay the exact same as what they set them to. Fine. ok. The minute they finished what they had to do I changed the password to an ultra hard password, then sat down and composed a very nasty email to them about that "policy" Yes this is common with some ISP's. Sadly people don't know the extent of their ISP's intentions, and some of these intentions are not for the users benefit. If the ISP has full access to modem/router: 1. Check if they updated your firmware? 2. Is your modem one of those affected by port 32764 being open? 3. Did you check for other user accounts on the router? 4. Look for any opened ports exposed to WAN side. Some interesting info to read: These are very nice indeed. Not sure how capable they are to handle multiple VPNs connections with pfSense but that wouldn't matter if OpenVPN Server plugin was installed on unRAID.