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  1. 1. which results i should see? i can delete the appdata share, right now i have only 2 application. 2. by saying "ideally the appdata and system shares should exist only on cache" means that when i create Appdata share - in the setting "Include disks" - need to be empty? how i make it exist only on the cache? by "Use cache disk - only" ? 3. i dont have System share 🤔maybe its because the os installed on Disk on Key? 4. in the Shares Tab, in User Shares : appdata and Download, and in DIsk Shares: cache, its indicate that "Some or all files are on unprotected storage" with the orange warning sign. what can i do? Thank you all for the patience, i really appreciate your help
  2. Thank you, going in the weekend read it and follow by your instructions. one more question that i found several diffrenet answers, that not link to this subject, but i dont want to open a new thread for this: before 2 weeks i installled first time cache drive (Samsung SSD 840 120GB - not big). i have Download share (its only 1 disk in the array). i have the Appdata folder that i configure in the same disk. i followed this awsome guy Youtube video , and for the AppData settings did "Use cache disk: Prefer". i had problems after, with Transmission app, that after i did reset to the server, some torrents disappear from transmission/web/ but still in the Incomplete or complete folders of the app -->i need again to add this torrents to transmission, and then they recheck. i need to delete the Appdata folder, set it to Cache drive, some places said that i need to change :"Use cache disk: Prefer" ----> "Use cache disk: Only". what is the right way? i also read already the Wiki about cache drive. because when Transmission app is working, Disk 3 (download share) and Parity disk are spin up, and the cache drive is sometimes spun-down or spin up. Thank you
  3. and what happens to data in this disk, when i remove him that and he part of the share Media? (in share of 3 diffrent disk)
  4. did it, when i wrote 0 errors, its after the changing parity disk. now i mean - how i change disk from the array, with the old parity disk?
  5. @trurl so, the parity check completed Duration: 15 hours, 31 minutes, 32 seconds. Average speed: 71.6 MB/sec what now?
  6. connection problems - need to buy new cables? before i wanted to change disk 3 (its 1Tara) but now - i assume that i need to change disk 2, from what you wrote. the parity check still running (57%,speed - 72.5 MB/sec) , i do every saterday, so last check 6 days ago - everything was ok, i assume it will be now also.
  7. first, i attached the diagnostics zip file. i dont have disable disk. for the Smart warning: Disk 3 - 199 - UDMA CRC error count (Raw Value 11725) Disk 1 - 199 - UDMA CRC error count (Raw Value 3) Disk 2 - 5 - Reallocated sector count (Raw Value 1320) - 187 - Reported uncorrect (Raw Value 11) Disk 4 - 199 - UDMA CRC error count (Raw Value 59795) Thank you @trurl homenas-diagnostics-20190111-2009.zip
  8. if i don't have 0 errors? what do i need to do? id everything going well, how i do the swap with the old parity disk with one of the array disks? @trurl - thank you!
  9. want to upgrade my Parity disk. what is the best way to change it? all my disk after preclear already, dont have free slot to connect to new disk. can i do this? 1. Perform parity check 2. Shutdown server 3. Remove current parity drive and connect the new one 4. Turn system back on 5. System will indicate an error in that the parity disk is not connected, so I assign the new 6TB drive as the parity drive 6. do pre-clear to the new disk 7. Start the array and allow it to rebuild parity ?
  10. thank you i did the option 1 that u wrote and its working. problem solved
  11. ok, so if i use the option of "cut" from network, from windows OS, i cut it from the folders from the disk3, direct to where? i cant move it to direct to the "Media" share, so how i do it?
  12. another option to Krusader? can i move it manually?