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  1. my server starts up fine on version 6.7.2 but when i plug in an ssd to set up as a cache drive the UI freezes and I get messages in the log. Any suggestions? jarvis-diagnostics-20190914-1226.zip
  2. my plex database corrupts at least once a week. running 6.7.2 tower-diagnostics-20190626-2323.zip
  3. I have the following server I bought from ebay but it is showing it's age (I stream 5-10 clients on my plex). Is there a mobo and cpu combo that will still work with the sata cards? I can't find any compatibility info online. I have 20 drives so I need both sata cards. Case: Supermicro SC846TQ-R900 Motherboard: Supermicro H8DME-2 CPUs: AMD Opteron 2419 SATA cards: Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 USB3 card: Highpoint RocketU 1144C Supermicro AOC-SIM1U remote management card
  4. Im getting the following error when i start up letsencrypt. nextcloud config.php
  5. ran the troubleshooting mode on fix common problems and attached them. ill disconnect all three sata cards and see it if will boot with just the 6 onboard drives. unraid-diagnostics-20180421-1845.zipFCPsyslog_tail.txt
  6. would the h310's from dell be compatible with my motherboard or should I be looking for a new mobo/cpu/ram combo upgrade? Also I'll try to downgrade to 6.4 and see if that helps. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Here is the ebay listing for the box, according to the seller it has sat2-mv8 cards in it. Funny because it's worked fine for a year up until yesterday. eBay listing.pdf
  8. I'm getting an "exited with preempt_count 1" error on my ipmi card. it will boot to the dashboard if I have it to not mount array on startup but as soon as I select to start the array I get the message. I am using an ssd for a cache drive. thanks.
  9. My plex seems to be on a loop and never loads the webui, I have included diagnostics for unraid and the logs from plex. unraid-diagnostics-20180222-1809.zip Plex Media Server.log
  10. I've been getting a "503 service unavailable" on my unraid plex server running the linuxserver docker after a few hours. I have included my pastebin log. https://pastebin.com/7uQsiuA7 unraid 6.3.5 and plex version Plex Media Server Logs_2017-10-31_03-28-18.zip
  11. chdir failed: root and webGui login account ftpuser is spammed in my logs, I have stopped all dockers and the message still appears every 60 seconds filling my log in a few days time. Is it a rogue plugin? Im using proftpd for my ftp server. Thanks. unraid-diagnostics-20170503-1820.zip
  12. sorry just checked this lol. i have it checking my imdb watchlist which is at 5,700 movies.
  13. i bought one off ebay, its a supermicro case with a dual socket amd motherboard with 24 bays.