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  1. So far I am loving it. I got it integrated into my Ultimate UNRAID dashboard. and it all seems to be running smoothly. Thanks for making it.
  2. I attempted to install this. During the install the influxdb username and password fields could not be left blank, they required information to be added, which caused my authentication with influxdb to fail. To complete the install I ended up deleting those two variables and recreating them, so they could be left blank.
  3. Well, the dashboard informed me of one thing I wasnt previously aware of. I have an older SSD thats been in my server for years. Its not doing much now, but its gone WAAAY beyond its expected life used. The manufacturer reports a TBW of 150TB
  4. For the SSD stats, I had to go in and tweak some of the settings. I have a Samsung SSD 860 EVO. In the SSD Life Used query, I determined that the query WHERE name = Data_Units_Written did not work because that data was not being reported. Instead, I had to change it to WHERE name = Total_LBAs_Written and then alter the math function.
  5. Finally finished extended self test. ended with no errors. So is disk 5 still hosed?
  6. Running extended test now. will repost diags once complete
  7. Overnight I got a bunch of warnings, Disk with read error. when I ran a smart short self-test the errors appeared again in the logs and the Raw read error rate had increased Is this drive toast? Diags attached
  8. By zooming out as far as the map would go so that the top caret was visible Then carefully mousing from the top until the mouse cursor changed to the move panel shape (looks like a + with arrows on each end. Then click once so the dropdown menu shows, then hit the e button on the keyboard.
  9. Check out At the very bottom is a section that talks about changing the default center. edit. You can change it by editing the panel. It was difficult to get the edit button to work, the hand wouldnt line up for me very well. And then scroll to the bottom of the right hand side panel configuration. There will be a section where you put in the center.
  10. I am also using Sensors. This is how I got them showing up. temps Power fan End Result
  11. Thanks so much for making this. I finally got it all set up and working the way I want it to. Figured out how to compensate for the non-server hardware without the api. A couple of issues I ran into along the way. Using the telegraf:latest, there were no instructions on adding lm_sensors. the apk add command doesnt work for it. But adding apt-get -y install lm-sensors did seem to work. Also, after setting up varken and the plex monitoring stuff, I noticed that two of the panel types were not included with grafana by default, so they showed an error. It was the pie
  12. Apparently I missed the note that backups were now automated. woke up this morning with the cache drive full. All fixed now though.
  13. I own foundry. How do I install the files for this docker? EDIT* Nevermind. it was as simple as downloading the linux version of the files, and copying them over to the appdata FoundryVTT\fvtt\ folder and restarting the docker. all running now. Thank you.